Odawa Casino Resort Will Complete Your Vacation in Petoskey, Michigan

Odawa Casino Petoskey Logo and Casino Images

Odawa Casino Resort is located in Resort Township near Petoskey, Michigan. The Little Transverse Bay of Odawa Indians own and operate the casino and as with many Michigan-based casinos, expect a plethora of options.

Sure, you have your usual casino gaming. But you are also in for multiple restaurants, retail outlets, the Ovation Hall Concert Venue, plus Rendezvous, which is a circular lounge conveniently located right in the middle of the casino floor.

Does it not seem that Michigan is the home to the nation’s best casinos in regions not named Vegas and Atlantic City?

I’m sure you are ready to go into the casino to see what one of America’s and Northern Michigan’s premier casinos is all about.

Let’s begin with a history of this Michigan casino, then we will go into the casino and cover everything from gaming to dining to stellar accommodations.

Odawa Casino Resort Overview

They found Odawa Casino Resort on June 20th, 2007 to replace the old Victories Casino, which operated as the Little Transverse Bay of Odawa Indians’ initial casino.

Unlike many casino resorts both inside and outside the State of Michigan, Odawa is open to guests of all ages. So if you’re planning a vacation with your family, head on over to Odawa as everyone is welcome. However, you must be of age to enter the casino gaming floor.

But everywhere else in this casino is free rein. Something the kids will probably enjoy.

And as mentioned in the intro, the casino has since expanded to include 50,000 square feet of gaming space, 1,200 real money slot machines, 36 tables, and a 137-room hotel.

Now that you have an overview of Odawa Casino Resort, let’s go into the casino and discover the fun stuff, the casino gaming.

Odawa Casino Resort Gaming

Odawa Casino Resort’s casino gaming includes slot machines that include your favorite classics and the hottest modern themes. And you’re also looking at denominations that range from pennies all the way up to $100 machines.

So hop on onto the casino floor, find your favorite theme and denomination, and try your luck at the slots.

If you’re not up for the slots, see what you can find over at the tables. There, you will find popular games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, Three Card Poker 6 Bonus, Double Deck Blackjack, and more.

Odawa Casino Petoskey Casino Floor

Up for some sports betting?

Head over to the Odawa Casino Sportsbook and place a wager on your favorite teams. Bet on sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, you name it, the Odawa Casino Sportsbook has it. And for ultimate convenience, place your bet at one of the strategically located self-service kiosks.

Then sit back and cheer your team on for the win, and maybe you will leave the sportsbook a few bucks richer than you were when you entered it.

Odawa Casino Resort Dining

Odawa Casino Resort’s dining options include gourmet dining at Sage and the conveniently located Copper Cafe.

If you are looking for the most memorable dining experience in Northern Michigan, Sage is the hottest spot in the area. Treat yourself to an extraordinary and sophisticated atmosphere featuring rich entrees and even richer desserts.

And if you are a wine enthusiast, you will find the finest wines in the area at Sage.

Oh, and take full advantage of those specials and events that occur all the time at Sage. The most prominent specials include $19 All You Can Eat Ribs and Wings, Thursday Prime Rib Specials, $25 Crab Boil Fridays, Half Off Wine every Friday, and $34 Surf and Turf.

Odawa Sage Surf and Turf

Now, if you need a quick in and out before heading back onto the casino floor for some more intense gaming, then Copper Cafe is the best option.

Find the best convenient comfort foods in the region. From spicy soups to the finest breakfast and lunch sandwiches to grilled favorites, and so much more. Copper Cafe is where you will also find the richest ice cream, milkshakes, malts, sundaes, and more.

So if you are looking for a quick fill before returning to the casino floor for a few more hours of gaming, Copper Cafe is your number one option at the resort.

Odawa Casino Resort Promotions and Entertainment

Odawa Casino Resort’s promotions are some of the most exciting in the area. What is the best way to reap promotional benefits? Join the Odawa Casino Resort’s Pure Rewards Program, where you will earn perks and benefits from playing your favorite casino slot and table games.

So, what benefits will you expect to earn from the Pure Rewards Program?

For every $2 played at the slots, you will earn one point. If you are up for video poker, you will earn an additional point for every $8 played. Points vary at the tables, based on your average bet and length of play.

The more you play, the more rewards and casino comps you will accumulate. And those points add up. With up to 2,000 points, you can earn benefits like five percent retail and dining discounts. And if you game often and earn top-tier points, expect preferred parking, points for cash, Elite Lounge Access, and more.

Ongoing promotions include the Odawa Series, Super Senior Days, and more. Seasonal promos include Santas Grab Bag, Veterans Day, the Quill Closeout Sale, and the Black Friday Bonus Game.

Odawa Casino Petowskey Table Games

After a long, hard day on the casino gaming floor, you’ve earned a few hours of relaxation and entertainment. Especially with the very best the area has to offer.

Rendezvous Lounge is where you can people watch and catch the big sports game on the multiple big screens located around the area.

And did I mention you will find the area’s finest cocktails, including fine wines and the most exceptional craft beers in the area?

Yep, it is all at Rendezvous Lounge at Odawa Casino Resort.

Odawa Casino Resort Accommodations

The hotel at Odawa Casino Resort features both economic and luxury options that will fit your budget and preferences. Whether you are looking to go over the top with state-of-the-art amenities or if you are just looking for maximum comfort, you will find all of it at this hotel.

Rooms and suites include options like the deluxe guest room, premium traverse bay guestroom, the luxury suite, and the studio suite.

All rooming options include top-quality mattresses, 42-inch HD televisions, a mini-fridge, a coffee-maker, toiletries, and more. Deluxe and luxury options go further, featuring roll-in showers that are wheelchair accessible.

The best feature at this hotel includes its many amenities. In it, you will find an indoor pool and hot tub, free shuttle services to and from the casino, complimentary breakfasts, a business center, gaming packages including $10 in free slot play and $5 in food comps, and more.

Odawa Casino Resort’s Nearby Attractions

Looking for a day off from casino table games?

Then head out and explore all the nearby attractions the area offers.

Enjoy a day on the shores of Lake Michigan. Hit up the beach, go swimming, fishing, boating, or kayaking. If there is one safe bet that you can make, it’s that you can spend an additional week on the lake and you will always find something fun to do.

Other attractions involve the natural beauty and pleasing sights to the eye that the area is famous for. Gaze at those ‘Million Dollar Sunsets.’ Scavenge the shores for Petoskey Stones, whose fossils predate even those prehistoric monsters we know as the dinosaurs.

Little Traverse Bay Sunset

Go sightseeing and catch breathtaking views of the Little Traverse Bay. Head over to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park for a little stargazing. In fact, Headlands International is one of just 11 such parks in the nation specifically designed for stargazing. Cool, right?

And as mentioned, you will have many outdoor fun on Lake Michigan. But you can also go hiking and biking at the Bear River Valley Recreational Area. There are also several golf courses, water parks, ski, and snowmobile resorts in the area too.

So whether you are here in the middle of summer or in the winter, the fun never ends if you are looking to get out and explore the area.


Quite the resort, right?

Odawa Casino Resort epitomizes and defines the ultimate vacation destination if your idea of a prime vacation includes a combo of casino gaming and days spent out and about an obscure area as you will find in Petoskey.

Best yet, the area is fit for the whole family, considering the number of activities you can partake in outside the casino itself. It really is the place to be whether you’re here in the fall, winter, spring, or summer.

So go on out and book your trip to Odawa Casino Resort today and brace yourself to have the time of your life. And have you been to Odawa? If so, share your experience in the comments. We are always happy to hear from you.