Must-Visit Locations Near Indigo Sky Casino & Resort

Attractions Near Indigo Sky Casino & Resort Oklahoma

Indigo Sky Casino & Resort is a gaming destination in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. And not only is it the grand casino destination in the area, Wyandotte has several must-visit attractions. Today’s post touches on those attractions and the other casinos near Indigo Sky.

Most of your attractions (and nearby casinos) are in the town of Miami, Oklahoma. But don’t worry, everything you see below is within a 10-mile radius, so not much travel necessary if you’re unwilling to engage in too much exploration.

Ready to find a few more hot gaming destinations and other must-visit attractions near Indigo Sky?

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1 – River Bend Casino

Head over to 100 Jackpot Drive in Wyandotte and you’ll stumble upon River Bend Casino. It’s one of those casinos with a bit of everything. And while it doesn’t have the greatest selection, you’ll find electronic gaming, a high-limit area, and table games.

They also have a fair list of dining options, ranging from Twin Bridges Restaurant to casual settings at Club 60 West. You’ll also come across a casino bar along with a grab ‘n go option at the deli.

And if you’re looking for an extended stay in the area, check out the Hotel at River Bend and relax in contemporary comfort. It’s a great place to stay, play, and set up shop for your trip to the area if you haven’t already done so first at Indigo Sky Casino & Resort.

2 – Twin Bridges Area at Grand Lake State Park

This is a great place to catch spine-tingling panoramic views of the area. You’ll find Twin Bridges in nearby Fairland, about five minutes from Indigo Sky Casino & Resort. They also feature a fair number of campsites, so if you’re not one for staying overnight at Indigo or the other area casinos, check it out.

Their website states they have trails, though a few reviewers on TripAdvisor did not find them. Perhaps they’re only open during specific portions of the year. Either way, you can always walk the perimeter of the lake, take in the scenery, and wildlife surrounding it.

3 – High Winds Casino

You will find High Winds Casino in Miami, Oklahoma. So, if you’ve embarked on a casino tour of the area, or if you’re exploring Miami and the need for gaming arises, it’s one of a few resident casinos that will provide. This is especially true if you’re looking to nix gaming at the resort casinos and would like something smaller.

They feature 450 electronic games that include video poker, progressive slot machines, penny machines, and high-limit denominations. Head over to Area 51 (no, not that Area 51), and indulge in their four In-House Progressives that you can win playing any bet on any machine. Just stick to the Area, and you’re good.

High Winds Casino Floor

They also have a popular steakhouse restaurant called, you guessed it, The Steakhouse. At the Steakhouse, you’ll find staples like angus-beef steaks along with racks of barbeque ribs and All-You-Can-Eat Catfish Nights every Friday.

Even if you’re not interested in gaming for the day at High Winds, it’s still worth it to check out The Steakhouse.

4 – Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center

If you’re looking for a magnificent story depicting the Shawnee Tribe, head over to nearby Miami, Oklahoma, and check out the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center. Having opened in 2018, the museum features both rotating and permanent exhibits, so if you make return trips, you’ll probably find new displays.

They also feature plenty of cultural events throughout the year. If you’d like to get more interactive on learning about the tribe’s culture, come in and see what’s happening when you venture out to Miami, Oklahoma.

Suggested duration lasts between 1 and 2 hours. But odds are, you’ll stick around even longer on your self-guided tour, given the number of displays and pieces of information. It’s quite the epic place to be when you need a break from the floor at Indigo Sky or the other casinos in the region.

5 – Buffalo Run Casino Resort

Like River Bend Casino, you won’t find the greatest selection here at Buffalo Run Casino & Resort. But like River Bend and Indigo Sky Casino & Resort, they feature table games, making Buffalo Run a great option if you’re looking for more than just the electronic games offered at High Winds.

Along with 650 popular slot machines, table games offered include craps, Vegas-style Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, DJ Wild Stud Poker, Free Bet, and Trilux Blackjack, giving you a well-rounded selection of avenues in which to choose.

They also offer four distinct dining options, ranging from the Showplace Buffet, the upscale Coleman House Restaurant, a comfort-food fest at the Bistro, and Joe’s BBQ.

Along with stellar dining options, the casino also has accommodation and entertainment options, along with an array of unforgettable amenities.

6 – Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum

If you or someone in your travel group identifies as a motorcycle enthusiast, place the Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum atop your list. Like many attractions and casinos on today’s list, you’ll find it in Miami, about 10 minutes away from Indigo Sky Casino & Resort.

Despite many reviewers on TripAdvisor stating that they’re a small museum, many have praised the displays along with the attached gift shop. You’re getting motorcycles of all makes and models here, throughout the decades, making it a great history lesson even if motorcycles don’t pique your interest.

Because of its small size, you also won’t spend longer than 2 hours here. So like the Shawnee Cultural Center, it makes for a great way to take a break from the casino floor, or to make it part of the museum tour in the area.

7 – Grand Lake Casino

Grand Lake Casino is yet another must-visit location near Indigo Sky Casino & Resort. Another resort-style location, if you’d rather stay in Miami as opposed to Wyandotte, Grand Lake makes for a great option. However, if you’re passing through town or embarking on a casino tour, it has its perks.

Unlike the other casinos on today’s list, you won’t find over 500 slot machines here, but they have several of the latest games from the most well-known companies.

Grand Lake Casino In Oklahoma

They also go little in the way of dining, with a popular ice cream parlor called Scoops and a Quick Bites location within it. You’re not getting much more than comfort food here at Grand Lake Casino, but if you’re craving your favorites, it’s a good place to wind up.

Overall, Grand Lake is a great place if you’re looking for fewer frills. But if you crave the resort-style casinos, Indigo Sky Casino & Resort, River Bend, and Buffalo Run should remain your top options.

8 – Coleman Theater

With Indigo Sky Casino & Resort and a few more resort casinos in the area, entertainment is easy to come by. However, you may seek to discover what else the area offers from an entertainment perspective. If that’s the case, head over to Coleman Theater.

Also in Miami, Oklahoma, this theater is the single location on the list to have scored a perfect 5-star rating on TripAdvisor over 108 reviews. Not only will you find breathtaking architecture, but you can almost hear the shows and theatrics that have taken place here throughout the decades.

Built in 1929, the world’s finest acts have graced the stage. And while they now listed the building on the National Register of Historic Places, they still regularly put on performances. Whether it’s music, comedy, dance, or plays, you’re always in for something surprising at the Coleman Theater.

So, check out the event calendar at Indigo Sky Casino & Resort and its neighbors. But if you’re not happy with what’s going on, Coleman Theater makes for an excellent consolation.

9 – Stables Casino

Stables doesn’t say much about the exact number of games it offers. Making it one of those must-visit locations on today’s list where you can visit for an hour or so and see what they got before retreating to Indigo Sky Casino & Resort.

However, their hard sell rests within their dining option, which serves up “Upscale American Cuisine” at their Winner’s Circle Restaurant.

If you’re looking for food that contains a local flair with an upscale twist, look no further than the Winner’s Circle Restaurant at Stables Casino.

If nothing else, Stables makes for a good place to eat and game for a few minutes when you need a break from the casino floor at gaming venues near Indigo Sky or if you’re out exploring the area.

Concluding Our Thoughts

As you can see, Indigo Sky Casino & Resort isn’t the only reason to get excited when you visit the area. You have five more casinos at your disposal, making it an amazing way to embark on a casino tour of the Wyandotte/Miami area.

But if you’re a casual gamer and you’re looking for more to do during your time in the region, today’s list has given you a few ideas on how to spend your vacation or getaway. So build that vacation itinerary and discover all the goods in this small, but plentiful area.

Have you been to Indigo Sky Casino & Resort in the past, or have you visited any of the casinos on today’s list? Also, let us know if you visited any of the non-casino-based area attractions listed above. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.