Must-See Attractions Near Miami Valley Gaming

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If you love theme parks, water parks, and zip lining, you’ll make an entire vacation out of what you can do around Miami Valley Gaming down in Warren County, Ohio.

The area is home to three major parks that include Kings Island, the Beach Water Park, and the Great Wolf Lodge. If you have a thirst for adrenaline, then you should also check out the Ozone Zipline Adventures, a lesser-known but fun place to catch a rush away from the casino floor.

Also, if you love history, you can rejoice down this way. Warren is the home to Fort Ancient, Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village, and Caesar’s Creek State Park. And if you’re a hiker, Little Miami Scenic Trail is calling your name.

Let’s talk about seven attractions you’ll find near the casino. These are attractions you’ll surely take an extra week in the area to make the most of your Ohio gambling trip.

Kings Island

Kings Island is a 364-acre amusement park that attracts nearly 3.5 million annual visitors. And if you put those figures into demographics, it equals over 1% of the US population. It should show you how popular Kings Island is nationwide.

But if you’re having fun at Miami Valley Gaming yet are raring to explore the area, Kings Island is a fantastic place to begin your odyssey. So, what will you find at this attraction?

Over its 364 acres, expect to find 48 attractions that include 14 roller coasters plus three water rides. If you’re one who gets a thrill from those roller coasters, Kings Island won’t disappoint you. In fact, you may need a full day at the park just to get through them all.

Kings Island Roller Coaster

Primary areas and attractions within the park include the Action Zone, Coney Mall, Area 72, International Street, Oktoberfest, Planet Snoopy, River Town, Soak City, Halloween Haunt, and Winterfest.

Some of what you’ll find, like Halloween Haunt and Winterfest, are seasonal. Others, however, like Action Zone and Area 72, are permanent fixtures at the park and each have their own unique rides within. Many of which boast thrill ratings of 4 and 5, so you know you’re in for an adventure.

The Beach at Adventure Landing

Okay, so if you’re one to cool off in the middle of summer, The Beach at Adventure Landing will call your name to the forefront. Here, you’ll stumble upon 35 acres of water-related attractions. featuring 10 total attractions, children’s activities, sand volleyball, basketball, and a poolside bar.

Here’s a credential you can’t ignore: Aquatics International Magazine LLC named The Beach at Adventure Landing, the best privately owned water park back in 2010. Despite the credential, the park closed between July 2012 and May 2013 before reopening to the public.

Okay, so what will you find at the park? Anything that involves thrills, including racing slides, flume rides, a cliff, entwining body slides, a gravity-driven water coaster, a lazy river, water basketball, spa pools, and more.

Great Wolf Lodge

Okay, so if you’re a water park enthusiast you won’t find one, but two awesome water parks in the area. If you need time to recharge from the casino to embark on a pastime of yours, the Great Wolf Lodge is yet another solid option to get excited about in Mason, Ohio.

What will you find at this indoor water park? Well, how do 17 unique attractions sound? Here, you’ll find cabana rentals, where you can plan a day of relaxation away from the slots to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Great Wolf Lodge Ohio

But if you’re looking to relieve some of that gambling-related stress in the water, then perhaps the action side of things is where you need to cook. Thrillers like the Triple Twist, Hydro Plunge, Totem Towers, Chinook Cave, Alberta Falls, Coyote Canyon and others are just waiting for you.

If you’re in Southwest Ohio with the family, this is also a great place to lodge when you’re not at the casino with its many suites and dining options available. So, if the casino is just a piece of a pie that includes a family vacation, Great Wolf Lodge is your prime destination.

Fort Ancient

Located close to Miami Valley Gaming is a piece of history you won’t want to miss out on if you’re one who loves to get a taste of what it was like for ancient civilizations to thrive.

What will you find over at Fort Ancient? Earthworks archaeologists have concluded they were designed for social, economic, and political purposes back in prehistoric America. Further, these scientists have also concluded the area to be linked with astronomical events, as with many of your ancient and prehistoric civilizations.

Fort Ancient Ohio

These ancient people created the earthworks themselves over a 400-year period using simple tools like digging sticks, shoulder blades from deer, plus deer and elk antlers. Yeah, you’re definitely in the pre-Stone Age here, right?

Oh, and you’ll also find a museum on the site, featuring 9,000 square feet of real estate covering millennia of Native American artifacts dating all the way back to when the first Native Americans arrived in the Ohio Valley.

Caesar Creek State Park

The nature lover in you can rejoice when you see everything Caesar Creek State Park offers.

The Caesar Creek State park offers 7,530 acres of breathtaking nature that includes a 2,830-acre lake. With that said, you can use this park for a variety of activities whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, fishing, or sitting back to enjoy all of what nature brings to the forefront.

If you hike, you’ll fall in love with the 43 miles worth of hiking trails. So, take a few hours off from the casino gaming, come out and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, get in a good hike or a good workout, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty Southwest Ohio brings.

Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village

Oh, and if you’re touring the area and have already stumbled across Fort Ancient, it’s not the only place thriving with old artifacts from a time that once was. Caesar’s Creek Pioneer village is yet another popular destination featuring 15 log cabins and other 18th and 19th-century buildings.

What you’ll find at the village is a Quaker meeting house, a broom shed, a blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, toll house, a schoolhouse, and of course, family houses.

Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village

Unfortunately, the buildings aren’t always open to the public and only open their doors when special events are hosted at the site. However, you can view them year-round from the outside, capture some photos, and still get a solid sense of what life was like 200 and 300 years ago.

So, if you’re into history and would love to experience the ways of old for yourself, take a trip to the Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village if you need a few hours away from the casino games. You can make a winning bet that you’re in for a history lesson like none other in the area—unless you attend Fort Ancient.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Well, we started at the amusement park and a couple of water parks. Then, we deviated into nature’s backyard. And that’s what the Little Miami Scenic Trail epitomizes.

America’s third-longest paved trail offers 78.1 miles of majestic, wooded scenery that will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to Narnia given its illustrious nature.

And like most of Southwest Ohio, it’s also a relatively flat surface, with its elevation change a meager 486 feet. That’s next to nothing if you really think about it. Knowing this, just about anyone can come over and enjoy the scenery on this trail.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

But if you’re a hiker, biker, rollerblader, or even a horseback rider, you have a place to complete a stellar cardio workout once you wear out on the casino floor over at Miami Valley Gaming. Or if you’re looking for a workout before entering the casino doors, the trail is a great place to begin your day—especially if you’re a morning person waking up with the sun.

Whatever your reason, if you want to experience a full blast of nature on a multi-purpose trail that offers an easy course for people of all ages, then the Little Miami Scenic Trail is where you want to be.

So, go over and take a hike whether the trees are green in the early summer, rusty and red in the fall, in full bloom in the spring, or bare in the winter. We guarantee this trail offers something magical regardless of what time of year you’re planning your casino trip.


It doesn’t get any better than the treasures you’ll find outside of Miami Valley Gaming in Southwest, Ohio. From the theme parks and rides to ancient history, the area has something you’ll get excited over if you’re looking to take a day or two away from the casino floor.

The above list is definitely an included, but not limited to, type of list. So, if you didn’t find something of interest here, you’ll find a place to visit regarding the dozens of distinct attractions down in Warren. And don’t forget, the city of Cincinnati is also nearby if you’re looking to venture into a major metropolis.

Have you played at Miami Valley Gaming? And if so, tell us about your experience. Also, let us know if you visited any of the above area attractions.