What Are the Most Popular Gambling Destinations in Europe?

Panel of Images Showing European Casinos

Europe is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people across the globe. It also happens to have a very rich gambling culture that has existed longer than America has been a country.

You can add gambling and gaming as another wonderful reason to visit this continent of multiple countries and languages. Below, I’ll be going over the most popular gambling destinations in Europe.

Let’s get started.

1 – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
Monaco 4 15,000 French Temperate

I wrote about the Old World glamour of this tiny country. Monte Carlo and its casinos are famously portrayed in GoldenEye, the famous 1995 James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan.

Gambling in Monaco is the classy opposite of Vegas and its loud sensory overload. The casinos in Monte Carlo have dress codes but also offer one-cent bets. Do your research on what is and isn’t socially appropriate in the smallest nation in the world.

Casino de Monte-Carlo is, in my opinion, the most breathtaking and impressive casino on earth.

View of the City of Monte Carlo in Monaco

The location on the French Riviera makes the surrounding scenery stunning.

Casino de Monte-Carlo is a masterful gambling complex comprising of three additional casinos that include the Casino Cafe de Paris and Sun Casino. These casinos offer the most complete gaming experience in all of Europe.

The city’s main gambling center is called Place du Casino. This gambling hub is the driver for Monaco being known as the exclusive international destination for high-end, over-the-top reckless gambling behavior by the elite.

Apart from casinos, Monaco is host to an array of world-class sporting events. You may have heard of a little car race known as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is based in Monte Carlo and raced through the city’s streets with high-end sports cars.

Ironically, sports betting is not legal in the City of Monte Carlo.

2 – London, England

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
England 24 8.7 Million English Temperate-Cold

One of the old and prominent cities in the entire world, London is the original metropolitan area with a rich gambling history.

It is a multicultural melting pot that is widely regarded as an important gateway from Europe to the New World.

There are over 20 popular casinos in London. The cheaper ones are located in North London and the more refined gambling complexes are found in Mayfair and Piccadilly. Some of the famous casinos are the Ritz Club Casino and The Playboy Club.

London’s most extravagant and largest casino is the Hippodrome Casinos. It is a three-level casino with multiple venues for entertainment. They have several sportsbooks with large screens to view almost any sporting event you can imagine.

London boasts more than 665 slot machines and 360 tables across the mega-city. The poker scene in London is one that shouldn’t be missed. They have 99 live tables.

3 – Paris, France

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
France 8 2.2 Million French Temperate

Paris is the jewel of Europe. It is not only the largest city in France but the capital too. France is one of the most prosperous cities in the European Union. Paris is an important business center for an array of activities, including finance, arts, fashion, sports, and entertainment.

Sky View of Paris, France

Gambling has been a part of the Parisian landscape for decades, if not centuries. The wealthy hold high stakes games in the biggest casinos. The primary game in this city is poker. Paris is the residence of one of the most posh poker lounges in all of humanity.

The Aviation Club de France is a 24/7 casino with 20 poker tables. The casino brings a variety of poker players. Hollywood’s celebrities have been sighted at the Club. The casino is also host to the Grand Prix Paris Poker Tournament, as well as the World Poker Tour.

4 – Berlin, Germany

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
Germany 5 3.47 Million German Temperate-Cold

Berlin is the largest and most mature city in Europe. Modern Germany is a prosperous nation with Berlin being the hub for automobile industry and beer production,

The Berlin skyline is full of high-rise buildings as well as historical landmarks and must-see museums. With the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the city’s population doubled and made Berlin a powerhouse of a city in Europe.

The nightlife is busy in Berlin. This booming industry includes high-end clubs as well as tasteful adult entertainment. The historic Alexanderplatz Square includes two sophisticated casinos.

The largest casino in Berlin is Spielbank Casino, 118,00 square feet of casino floor offers over 350 gaming machines. The city has a total of five casinos with 770 total gaming machines, 21 tables, and 16 live poker tables.

5 – Lisbon, Portugal

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
Portugal 5 0.5 Million Portuguese Subtropical-Mediterranean

Lisbon is the biggest city in the small country of Portugal. It is also the capital. Even though Portugal is not one of the richer cities in Europe, it is a thriving metroplex.

It’s one of the smaller cities on this list but well worth adding to your travel plans. Lisbon hosts a handful of UNESCO World Heritage sights as well as beautiful, antique architecture.

Casino Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is also Portugal’s main seaport, which made it a powerful city in the history of the country. Gaming in Lisbon dates all the way back to the 16th century. Contrary to Lisbon’s long history of gambling, the city only has two big casinos.

Casino Lisboa is the largest casino in Lisbon as well as Europe. It has 1,100 gambling machines as well as 26 tables on the casino floor. Two live poker tables are also open for gamblers. Casino Lisboa has a staggering 650,000-square-foot casino floor.

Casino Estoril is the other major gaming casino in Lisbon. It was the largest casino in Europe, with 269,000 square feet of casino floor, until Casino Lisboa opened. Estoril Casino has 730 gaming machines and 35 tables, including real money poker.

6 – Cannes, France

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
France 3 73,600 French Temperate

Cannes is known for more than just its famous film festival. The city is the ultimate vacation spot in France. Cannes is located on the French Riviera, summoning hundreds and thousands of visitors a year. The beach is populated by upscale resorts and celebrity beach homes.

Cannes rivals Monte Carlo in its opulence and over-the-top luxury. If you have the time ,and bankroll, I would highly suggest adding Cannes to your European casino tour.

There are 20 popular casinos in London. The cheaper ones are located in North London and the more refined gambling complexes are found in Mayfair and Piccadilly. Some of the famous casinos are the Ritz Club Casino and The Playboy Club.

The seaside resort town is a draw for wealthy casino gamblers from around the globe. With the Cannes Film Festival already drawing in celebrities and the wealthy elite, it’s a natural hotbed for high-roller gambling.

There are three dominant casinos in Cannes, including the Casino Barriere Les Princes. This casino includes 320 gaming machines as well as 16 varieties of table games. Cannes is home to 655 slot machines and gambling machines as well as 62 gaming tables. Ironically, there are no live poker tables.

Another can’t-miss casino is the 2.13 Casino, which is the largest in this lavish French city.

7 – Tallinn, Estonia

Country Casinos Population Language Climate
Estonia 35 0.44 Million Estonian Cold

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia as well as the country’s largest city. Nearly half a million people reside in the city that spreads across 60 sq. miles. Tallinn has a unique combination of modern development and classic monuments.

This Eastern European city is one of the beauties of this lesser-known part of the continent. It is a hidden gem that should be on your list.

Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn, Estonia

The Old Town is probably the most meticulously preserved in Europe. Tallinn has a healthy tourist economy, one the most popular in the area. The city sees upwards of almost 4.5 million visitors annually. The biggest contributor to this massive amount of visitors is the numerous museums and the history associated with the city.

This increase in tourists is also attributed to the Vegas-inspired casino area of Tallinn. Tallinn’s casino strip is populated by 35 casinos There is no other casino experience like it the rest of Europe.

The Tallinn casino strip has thousands of gaming machines as well as 14 gaming tables. Unlike Cannes, Tallinn has 15 live poker tables. The largest casino in the city is the Olympic Park Casino. It is over 17,000 square feet with a gaming option for every player.


You should have a better understanding of the European casino culture. I hope you add some of these destinations to your next European vacation. I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. Happy European gambling!