Two of the Most Popular Casinos That Women Love

Woman Wearing a Sequin Top Holding a Pair of Aces in a Casino

The world of gambling is rapidly growing and continues to evolve. Back in the day, when places like Las Vegas were still very new, seeing a woman at a poker table was almost unheard of. Many casinos still act as though their only customers are men. In fact, a lot of casinos in Las Vegas feature mostly female waitstaff, female dancers throughout the casino, and other things that could be assumed to only be targeting men.

With women having a larger voice today, it’s not a surprise that more women have an increasingly larger presence at gambling-related events. Today, we can find more female gamblers and casino-goers, and this trend is only growing.

Casino owners and operators realize that women are an incredibly valuable market that they need to reach effectively, especially if they want to be more profitable and successful than their competitors. This should have been obvious from the get-go, considering that women literally make up half of the world’s population.

Although studies are showing that a female’s betting habits are much different than a man’s, this doesn’t mean that women don’t like to play casino games and place bets. Ultimately, land based casinos are learning that the old ways don’t work for the modern-day gambling world, and they need to throw out their traditional ideas of how profitable, modern casinos should be run.

Operators nowadays need to try something completely new and different to cater to every type of individual, regardless of their gender or interests.

With all of this being said, based on various reviews from women, there are casinos across the globe that females are drawn to more than other casinos. We will discuss two of the most popular casinos that women enjoy here in the United States.

1 – Black Oak Casino

When the entire family is planning a trip to Las Vegas or any other gambling destination, it’s crucial to take into account whether there are enough kid-friendly activities or attractions that are great for people of all ages.

It’s common to be focused on how to get to the casino, how far it is, and whether the commute with the entire family will be worthy and enjoyable. But this linear thinking may not always result in choosing the most family-friendly casinos out there.

After looking at several research studies that dissect the behavior of casino-goers, as well as reading written reviews from people that enjoy gambling, men in the family are mostly focused on what they would like, while women usually take the whole family into consideration when choosing a casino.

Essentially, men are pretty selfish when choosing a casino, while women are more likely to think about everyone and what works best for the family.

Exterior of Black Oak Casino

Most men would rather get a babysitter for the night, while most women would feel more comfortable and enjoy themselves more knowing that the kids are along for the ride and are having an equally good time. This is a huge reason why so many women love Black Oak Casino. The property is in Tuolumne, California, and it is one of the most popular casinos for women in the United States.

Black Oak Casino is smaller than a lot of casinos. It’s a family-friendly casino that can be found on the way to Yosemite National Park. Compared to the vast desert that surrounds the casino hub in Las Vegas, Black Oak Casino is completely surrounded by beautiful, lush California forest.

Most women cared a lot more than the men surveyed when it comes to things like the ambiance of the casino, and the beautiful environment that surrounds Black Oak Casino is a big reason why it is getting great reviews from female visitors.

Black Oak Casino is owned and operated by the Tuolumne band of Me-Wuk Native Americans. The casino features a 165,000-square-foot gaming area that includes dozens of real money slots and gaming tables. Something that makes this casino unique and popular is that it features a 24-lane bowling alley. This gives the kids something to enjoy for at least a few hours.

Black Oaks Casino Casino Floor

Not only is there a kid-friendly bowling alley, but Black Oak Casino also features a kid-friendly underground arcade that includes dozens and dozens of fun arcade games. Parents can do their thing, and the kids can spend their time playing their favorite arcade games. This is wonderful because it gives the kids the feeling like they are being included in the fun.

Black Oaks Casino also has a fun underground casino, and there are two family-friendly restaurants with menu items that cater to adults and children. Other interactive games are also available for kids to play.

The amenities featured at the Black Oak Casino include a beautiful hotel that has great options, including a Spa Suite. This is popular among women, specifically moms. The beds are comfy, the bath tub is huge and luxurious, and more importantly, the room includes a couch that can be folded out into a queen-sized bed for the kids or other potential guests.

2 – Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino

Another popular gambling option for women here in the United States is another absolutely gorgeous casino resort called the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino, located in Mescalero, New Mexico. This family-friendly resort is another place where moms can gamble and let loose while not having to worry about what the kids can do to occupy their time.

The casino resort is in one of the most beautiful locations in New Mexico, featuring tons of outdoor recreational activity opportunities, including the chance to ride one of the highest-elevation ziplines in the United States.

Aerial View of Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino

This casino resort is truly remarkable when it comes to the family-friendly amenities. In the studies we’ve observed, women love when they can take a trip that also include fun activities for kids, and it’s a huge bonus when both Mom and Dad can also fully enjoy themselves.

Inn of the Mountain Gods includes its own lake that features that crazy zipline that I mentioned. You’re basically ziplining down a giant mountain that offers a great view.

There is a boat dock, an arcade, one of the best golf courses in New Mexico, as well as horseback riding and fishing available. Mom and Dad can play their favorite casino games while the kids can enjoy a fun experience without getting bored.

The Inn of the Mountain Gods also has staff that are kid-friendly in the same way that a camp instructor would be. So, throughout your stay, the parents don’t need to be present during the activities that are hosted for kids at the casino resort. This is something that a lot of women rave about in the reviews—not having to keep a constant eye on the kids so they can play the slots and tables stress-free.


Do you have more casinos that are popular among women that were not included above? I am always happy to hear your feedback, so please let me know your thoughts about this in the comments section below.