Mental Tactics Only Winning Gamblers Use

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Gamblers who win on a consistent basis have learned how to use their mental facilities to control their results. This means that winning gamblers understand how important the mental side of gambling is, and they use it to their advantage.

It’s not always easy to use your mind to help you win, but there are things you can do to learn how to use your mind just like winning gamblers.

Here’s a list of five mental tactics that winning gamblers use, and how you can start using the same tricks.

Having Extreme Self Discipline

Most gamblers don’t have any self-discipline. This alone should tell you that you need a lot of self-discipline if you want to win. This is because most gamblers are losing, so you don’t want to do the same things that they’re doing.

Extreme self-discipline means that you know what you need to do and you follow through on what you need to do 100% of the time. If you give in even 1% of the time it starts deteriorating your self-discipline. You can’t afford to give in, even one time.

Take a minute and evaluate your gambling self-discipline. Do you ever gamble longer than you planned? Do you ever get frustrated when you gamble and make a decision based on your emotions instead of logic and facts?

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If you’re being honest with yourself, you’re probably guilty of doing these things. The problem is that it seems at the time lie it’s not a big deal. But every time you let your guard down you make it more difficult to win.

This is important when you’re gambling, but it goes way beyond gambling. Successful people in other areas of life also tend to have better self discipline. When you build strong self discipline it helps improve every area of your life.

Self discipline is all mental. You have the power to control your thoughts and actions. Take control of your gambling and your life by building your self discipline.

Preparation Before Gambling

Winning gamblers prepare for their gambling sessions before they gamble. Losing gamblers don’t usually do anything to prepare. And this is easy to fix.

Do you know what gambling activities give you the best chance to win? Do you know which gambling activities are impossible to beat in the long run?

Winning gamblers know the answers to these questions. They also know exactly what they need to do to win. The way they know these things is because they study and learn from other winning gamblers. They read books and articles about gambling and winning strategies.

The truth is that learning how to be a winning gambler is a lifelong process. This doesn’t mean that it takes your entire life to learn how to win, but it does mean that you don’t ever stop learning. The way to get started is to start preparing now. Don’t wait until you get to the casino to decide what you’re going to play and how you’re going to play it.

Have a plan based on facts and winning strategy. Go over your plan and make sure you know how to execute it perfectly. If you’re not prepared, you’re at the mercy of the casino. You don’t ever have to be at the mercy of the casino again if you prepare before you gamble.

100% Casino Focus

You need to have 100% focus when you gamble for real money. This is the only hope you have of becoming a winning gambler. If you lose focus for even a minute you’re going to make mistakes, and mistakes cost you money.

It’s hard to be focused 100% of the time. It’s not like a switch that you can flip. This requires consistent work to build your mental capacity to the point where you can maintain 100% focus when you gamble.

The way to get started is by setting a short time to maintain 100% focus. Then slowly expand the time frame out as you build your mental muscle.

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When you start losing focus, stop gambling until you can get your focus back. Over time you’re going to train your mind to focus longer.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Almost nobody can give 100% focus for hour after hour. If you can train your mind to give 100% focus for an hour at a time you’re doing better than most people. So make an hour your first goal.

Gamble with 100% focus for an hour, and then take a short break. Sometimes you only need a few minutes to relax your mind before you can use 100% focus again. You’re going to learn your limits as you train your mind for focus.

The Never Ending Search

Winning gamblers understand that their work is never done. They understand that even if they can win now, they need to continue working to improve and find new ways to win.

Casinos learn and evolve over time, just like you do. Sometimes casinos put measures in place to stop one way that you can make money, so you need to have two or three more ways to make a profit ready to put into action.

This way of thinking is different than most people think. So you have to train your mind to operate this way. Learn about every way you can to think like a winning gambler, and the keep looking for new ways to win. Never stop learning.

Most gamblers look for ways they can get lucky instead of looking for ways that are proven to win. You have to train your mind to constantly look for new ways to win. This means you have to look at everything in a different way than you used to look at things.

Winning gamblers look for opportunities that gambling establishments provide that they can take advantage of. Losing gamblers look at new opportunities as something fun to try. A never ending search isn’t always fun, but if you want to win you have to forget about fun and focus on an advantage and profits.

Gamblers Refuse to Ever Give In

When you’re gambling you need to develop an attitude of never giving in. Most gamblers don’t even think about drawing a line and never crossing it. But winning gamblers have a line, and they never give into the temptation of letting their guard down and crossing the line.

What this means on a practical level is that winning gamblers know what games they need to play and how they need to play them. If these games aren’t available and/or they can’t play them the way they need to, they won’t gamble.

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You can’t play some games and win. Winning gamblers know they can’t beat the slot machines or roulette wheel, so they refuse to play slots or roulette. If these are the only games available, a winning gambler doesn’t gamble.

If you go to the casino to play blackjack because you know you can beat games that have good rules by counting cards, when you get to the casino and find that there isn’t a good table you have to refuse to play.

The easy way is t play anyway, but this isn’t how you win. You spent all of the time and hassle to get to the casino, so it feels like a wasted trip to turn around and go back home without playing. But you have to refuse to give in. This is how winning gamblers operate, so you have to operate the same way.


Copying what winning gamblers do is one of the best ways to become a winning gambler. Winning gamblers use many different mental tricks and methods to beat the casinos.

Once you learn how to use the five mental tactics that winning gamblers use covered in this article you’re going to see your gambling results improve. Using self discipline and preparation is the first step. Losing gamblers don’t use either of these things.

Refusing to give in to the casino is the attitude you have to build. Never stop searching for a better way to gamble, and always maintain 100% focus when you gamble. If you start losing focus, stop gambling until you get your focus back on track.