Master Blackjack in 12 Easy Steps

Man Tossing Cards Back Onto a Table With a Closeup of a Blackjack Table on  Right

Blackjack is a casino favorite for millions of gamblers, most of which pay little attention to the best ways to play the game. The overwhelming majority of casino blackjack players appear to be content with playing the game by the casino’s rules and struggling to overcome the standard house advantage.

I spent several years early in my gambling career playing by these precise guidelines. I’d win and walk out of the casino on rare occasions with a pocket full of house money.

Sadly, a vast majority of the time, I went home with nothing to show for my troubles and was much poorer than I arrived. The saying, “The house always wins,” was my excuse for being so unlucky.

Then something extraordinary happened; I got tired of losing. I knew a poker player that always told me to find him when I was done losing at real money blackjack, so I did.

What followed was an incredible transformation and a long and fruitful blackjack career. Here is the path I followed to master blackjack in 12 easy steps.

1 – Have a Goal in Mind From Jumpstreet

For gamblers that hope to ever become successful in the casino, it’s imperative that you set goals before you ever get started. It will prove essential that you keep your goals realistic.

Setting goals for your success is not unique to blackjack or even casino gambling. Top performers in any dominion are most often goal-oriented.

Your gambling goals will serve as your road map as you become a master blackjack player. Whether you want to diminish the house edge to as low as possible, learn to count cards, or become a full-fledged professional gambler, you’ll need to set goals along your journey.

These goals may shift or bend along the way; that’s fine. It probably means you’re taking the proper steps and learning as you progress.

2 – Focus on the Fundamentals

Before you launch into the upper echelon of blackjack masterminds, you’ll need to learn the game. Spend time studying the fundamentals of blackjack before you move on to advanced strategies and advantage gambling techniques.

One of the points I’m regularly correcting people on is the object of the game. The focal point of the game is not to get as close to 21 without going over.

Your only task as a blackjack player is beating the dealer. Many times not chasing the elusive 21 will pay more dividends than going for broke.

Also, learn the different options such as hitting, standing, doubling down, and splitting. Stay focused on the fundamentals, and you’re going to make a great blackjack player.

3 – Build a Proper Casino Bankroll

The most vital aspect of your blackjack career will be bankroll management. Without a solid financial plan and proper money management, all of your efforts will be worthless.

You can’t play when you’re out of money, so you need to learn to stay in the game by not overexposing your bankroll. You also can’t expect to earn a living without a bankroll that would blow your mind at this point.

Rubber Banded Roll of Money

Study everything you can about bankroll management and make it the tip of the spear. Nothing can happen at the blackjack table if you aren’t efficiently managing your gambling bankroll.

4 – Start Talking Like a Blackjack Pro

It sounds cliche, but you’ve got to be able to talk the talk. Blackjack pros and card counters have a ton of terminology and lingo that may sound foreign to you.

There’s no issue in asking for clarification from your blackjack mentors, but you may find a lot of things getting lost in translation.

Learning the terminology for all of the bets, rules, and plays will also have tremendous benefits in the casino. You’ll have a much easier time finding the tables with the best practices and deciphering what the advantageous tables look like.

5 – Identify and Differentiate the Blackjack Tables

You can’t move beyond the introductory recreational phase before you begin to identify the different blackjack games you’ll find in the casino.

Casinos are constantly trying to find innovative and exciting ways to separate gamblers from their money. So, you’ll bump into several blackjack derivatives that closely mimic the classic game we all know.

However, most of these games have twists that put the player at a more significant disadvantage. That means you won’t be rushing out to play them as a blackjack master.

Still, you couldn’t call yourself a master of the game if you didn’t understand the variations and explain the reasons they are a good bet or a money pit.

6 – Understand Table Rules and How They Impact You

If you genuinely intend to become a master of the game, you must first become a student of it. This will be a lifetime journey that never ends as you learn and uncover new angles.

Unfortunately, regardless of how much leg work you put into blackjack, things will never go perfectly all the time. That’s among the more appealing aspects of blackjack for me; it’s untamed.

Blackjack gives players with the right strategy a chance to win; card counters will utilize their talents to make a profit. Because of these factors, the casinos take calculated measures to slide the edge further in their favor.

You can’t change the math, so casinos implement different rules on the tables. You need to become intimately familiar with each of the various rules casinos use and how they move their advantage.

7 – Study the Basic Blackjack Strategy

After bankroll management, the most practical step you can take to become a blackjack expert is learning the basic blackjack strategy.

Basic strategy is based on millions of automated hands and gives players the mathematically most profitable choice based on your hand and the dealer’s card. When this strategy is played for every hand, the house edge will drop to only 0.5% on the proper table.

Dealt Blackjack Table With Fancy Blackjack Wording Over Top

Don’t stress over having to commit complicated formulas to memory. You can grab a strategy card online and use it while you’re playing.

I suggest you spend time practicing with the chart to ensure that you aren’t slowing down the game. Casinos might allow you to play with the cheat cards at the tables, but not if you’re slowing down the rate of play.

8 – Learn to Avoid the Sucker Bets

You’ll see a lot of side bets or bonus bets while playing blackjack. Many of the wagers will be cleverly disguised as giving players an out or a chance to greatly improve their wins.

Unfortunately, they unequivocally amount to nothing more than sucker bets. One of the worst sucker bets in the casino is insurance.

Casinos try to sell the insurance bet to negate automatic losses when the dealer possibly has a blackjack. However, when the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, you’ll automatically lose the insurance wager.

Avoid the ancillary bets in the blackjack game in nearly every instance, but you absolutely need to know precisely what they are and how to identify them.

9 – Become an Expert Card Counter

Nothing will make you feel like a master of the game more than flipping the advantage on the casino and consistently walking out of the casino a winner.

Card counting is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it, and with enough practice, you’ll be keeping an accurate count regardless of the distractions you face.

Card counting is an absolute must if you’re looking to become a profitable or professional blackjack player. If you’re discovered by the casino, they can’t charge you with any crimes, but they may ban you from playing blackjack in the casino.

That makes avoiding detection as crucial as keeping a good count.

10 – Grab a Partner and Practice Until You Can’t Practice

Master blackjack players practice on a near-constant basis. They team up and work diligently to instill basic strategy principles so that they become second nature.

Having a partner to push you and help hammer in the card counting skills needed to make a long career as a blackjack player.

Plus, it’s more fun when you aren’t doing all of the work alone.

11 – Explore Blackjack Tournaments for Pleasure and Profits

Blackjack tournaments, in many ways, are the pinnacle of challenge and strategy in the world of blackjack. For a nominal entry fee, you can win prizes that are exponentially higher than your investment.

The great part about blackjack tournaments is that you are playing against the dealer like usual but are also in a race to outpace the other players.

Casino Cards Laid Decoratively on a Blackjack Table

It’s blackjack like you’ve never played it before, and it’s a fantastic experience. You can play blackjack tournaments to make real profits, but I love them mainly because of the entertainment value I receive.

12 – Making the Most of Your Blackjack Career

You’ll get out of blackjack no more than you put into it. Make your most vigorous efforts to become a genuine master of the game, and you’ll find new and exciting rewards at every corner.

I’ve known blackjack players who began as novice players and have been pro players for over a decade, with zero signs of slowing down. Work on becoming a better player and never stop; that way, you’ll never grow, stagnate, and become jaded to the game.

Making the most of your blackjack career is as simple as having a great time along your adventure.

Our Thoughts on These Steps

You, too, can master blackjack in 12 easy steps. All it requires of you is determination and an indomitable will.

Conquer that, and you may be able to tame the game that has frustrated and befuddled millions.