Major Attractions Near Hollywood Casino Columbus

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Columbus, Ohio, has become a major figure in the Midwest. So, if you’re spending time at Hollywood Casino Columbus, you have about 100 different things to do in Ohio’s largest and greatest city.

However, some points of interest and activities stand out far more than others, and this article will give you 10 major attractions near the casino.

This list will give you insight on the diversity of activities that Columbus offers besides Ohio casinos. And the city offers something for everyone of all ages and interests.

Ohio Stadium

Also known as The Horseshoe, Ohio Stadium is the premier destination for fans of college football betting. Whether you love or hate the Buckeyes, you’ll rejoice at this modern marvel that has entertained college football fans for over 100 years and will do so over the next century.

And it doesn’t matter if the Buckeyes are in town for a college game or not. Just making a trip to one of college football’s most legendary structures is a pilgrimage for all fans at the collegiate level.

Ohio Stadium in Columbus

So, if you’re looking to take a quick break from Hollywood Casino Columbus and are looking to stretch your legs near some of Columbus’s most legendary attractions, a great place to begin is Ohio Stadium.

And if you’re in town on a Saturday and are lucky enough to grab a ticket to the next Buckeyes game, take advantage of the opportunity because the sea of scarlet and gray and the overall atmosphere is an experience for the ages.

North Farmers Market

The 144-year-old North Farmers Market has guaranteed the City of Columbus local, fresh, and authentic homegrown food. And for a venue that has stood the test of time as long as this one, it’s a guaranteed bet that your taste buds will experience the best organic food in the city.

Even today, the market serves over 1,000,000 residents and tourists yearly, keeping up with its reputation and mission statement that originated all the way back in 1876. Hardly another attraction in the world has stood for so long as a trusted source of goods in its community.

Impressive is an understatement. This venue is outright legendary.

If you’re looking for the freshest food around and have exhausted all dining options at Hollywood Casino Columbus, what are you waiting for? You’ve tried the rest. Now, try the best.

German Village and Brewery District

It has arguably the greatest atmosphere in all the Midwest. German settlers ventured to the location in the mid-1800s, and the surrounding architecture provides the perfect blend of classic and modern. Yep, the architecture enthusiast in you is ready for a show if you walk this neighborhood.

German Village and Brewery District

So, what can you find in Columbus’s most historically significant neighborhoods? Seven restaurants, all of which serve authentic German-inspired cuisine. You’ll also enjoy several parks, coffee shops, and taverns that will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the Central European country itself.

Whether you’re of German descent and wish to learn more about your heritage, or if you want to come over and experience the culture, the German Village and Brewery District is calling your name.

Columbus Museum of Art

This venue prides itself on being built for the community and by the community.

Here, you can learn a little more about the great city of Columbus and its culture where much of the art collection within the museum’s walls describes its way of life. The Columbus Museum of Art is a great place to begin your learning experience.

General admission to this legendary venue is a small $18 and if you brought the kids, students, or even the grandparents along, they’ll enjoy a 50% discount. Are you a military veteran? If so, entry is free.

The Columbus Museum of Art is a fantastic place to gain insight on what made Columbus, Ohio, the city it has become today. It doesn’t take all day to explore, so if you’re looking to vary your day from casino games to touring, this is a must-see venue to add to the itinerary.

Ohio Theatre

Live entertainment is always rocking over at Hollywood Casino Columbus. But it isn’t the only area in town where you can experience the greatest acts in the world.

Sophistication is perhaps the best way to describe what you’ll experience at the Ohio Theatre.

Ohio Theatre in Columbus

Shows that include classical music and dance are staples here at the Ohio Theatre. But they also put on many modern shows every year.

Oh, and that interior design alone may motivate you to walk through the doors of this premier venue. It boasts a 21-foot high chandelier in the main room and opulent, Spanish-Baroque architecture comprises the exterior.

Yeah, so if you’re up for a high-class night to remember, you know where you’re headed.

Center of Science and Industry

For nearly six decades, the Center of Science and Industry has inspired interest in science in children and adults alike. But the center’s outreach extends far beyond science; technology, engineering, and math are taught at this facility using a hands-on approach.

If you slept in math and science class back in middle and high school, you’ll finally discover what you were missing so dearly if you want to take a few hours away from the casino floor. Hey, I’ll raise a guilty hand and admit my habit of perpetually falling asleep in class.

But anyway, consider this one your second chance at learning in a way you probably never thought possible. And who knows? After you tour the Center of Science and Industry, you may have just found a new hobby to take home with you.


If there’s one place to venture off to on this list where you will find some thrills, it’s Otherworld. And you may spend all day here, so a day from the rough casino gaming is necessary at Otherworld.

Otherworld Attraction in Columbus

You’re looking at 32,000 square feet of real estate and 40 rooms of mysterious, interactive artwork that includes mixed reality playgrounds and secret passageways.

If you’re up for the most surreal experience of your life, you’ll discover it at Otherworld. And if you’re one who eats, sleeps, and breathes science fiction and fantasy, the images in your imaginative mind have just become a reality.

There is a lot to love here.

Scioto Mile

If you feel like you’ve been gambling too much and need some recreational time away from Hollywood Casino Columbus, treat yourself to some breathtaking views on the riverfront.

Well, the 145-acre Scioto Mile provides it. Come and experience overhead, scenic views of the city and enjoy the parkland, fountains, and other amenities that make the Scioto Mile the premier place in the city for outdoor rest and relaxation.

The Scioto Mile prides itself as one of many undertakings that contributed to the City of Columbus’s revitalization as the region transformed from manufacturing to diversity in its economic sector. It’s the perfect place to gather with new friends and a great place for the entire family to unwind after a long day.

Located in the heart of Downtown Columbus, the Scioto Mile is where urbanization and nature become one. Experience it for yourself.

Easton Town Center

The Easton Town Center is your hub for all things shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Sure, you’ll satisfy many cravings while you enjoy the nightlife at Hollywood Casino Columbus. But why not venture out and see what the rest of the city offers?

The Easton Town Center is one of those locations where you’ll find dozens of dining options along with a shopping center sure to provide a shopping spree you’ll never forget.

Easton Town Center Ohio

So, if you’re up for a shopping experience like none other that also features live entertainment from the greatest world-class and local acts, the Easton Town Center is perhaps the number one place outside of Hollywood Casino to come and enjoy a night out.

Take one night off from gaming, head over to Easton, and see what’s happening. The casino table games will be there when you get back.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Let nature’s beauty shine as you stroll through the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

If flora is a passion of yours, then you’ll love everything about this attraction from the moment you step foot into the venue.

Come in and take advantage of the many exhibitions the conservatory offers along with classes fit for people of all ages. Their motto is “Life Happens Here,” and something new is happening every day at what is the largest collection of botany in the region, if not in the state of Ohio.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

And who knows? You may just walk away with a new passion after you take a walk through the cathedral of green and the organic beauty that goes along with it.

One thing is for certain, nature is the number one stress reliever out there. So, if things didn’t go your way in the casino today, a stroll through this peaceful setting is what the mind, body, and soul ordered.


Columbus is rocking and rolling with attractions every which way you turn. And best yet, it’s a city fit for you whether it’s sports, history, architecture, or something else that piques your interest.

If you’re in the area and gaming hard at Hollywood Casino Columbus, head out and explore the city for a bit. And if you have ventured to the casino and have visited one of the fine destinations listed above, tell us about them below in the comments and share your experiences with other readers. We love hearing from you.