Go Double or Nothing at the Majestic Star II Casino in Gary, Indiana

Majestic Star II Logo With Casino Background

The Majestic Star II is the second riverboat casino owned by The Majestic Star Casino LLC. The sister to the Majestic Star Casino, Majestic Star II, came about when The Majestic Star Casino LLC bought out the adjacent Trump Casino on the harbor.

Just like its older sister, the Majestic Star II is a floating casino on Lake Michigan. While the two casinos are very similar and are located right next to one another, they’re not twin sisters. For this reason, it’s appropriate to break the articles down into two separate ones, each with their unique content.

So, if you’re going to Gary, Indiana, then you have two choices right next to one another. Which riverboat will you play your best casino game on? Ultimately both, right?.

But for this article, we’ll explore the second of the two Indiana casinos.

What’s in Majestic Star II?

Okay, so what all can you find at Majestic Star II? How does 40,000 square feet worth of gaming space, four restaurants, and one bar sound?

Couple those features with 3,500 square feet of convention and meeting space, a gift shop at the Buffington Harbor Pavilion, a health club, Jacuzzi, an indoor swimming pool, and even tour groups.

Pretty sweet for a floating casino, huh?

Majestic Star Riverboat Casinos

Anyway, now that you know a little about what Majestic Star contains, let’s go into the casino and explore the gaming, dining, and accommodations. We’ll close the article with a quick tour around Gary and you will see why the city is still an outstanding tourist attraction, even if it’s long past its prime.

Casino Gaming at Majestic Star II

Majestic Star II has nearly 40,000 square feet of real estate, over 830 slot machines, and 35 table and poker games.

As with Majestic Star, you’ll find your favorite classic and latest casino games. And whether you’re a low-stakes or high-stakes gamer at the slots, you’ll find all of it at Majestic Star II.

At the time of this writing, the casino boasts the Anchor’s Wheel of Gold, comprising $5.00 to $15.00 bets over two machines. There are 420 dollar machines on the gaming floor, 28 five-dollar slots, 69 half-dollar slots, 241 nickel slots, 473 quarter slots, and 13 slots featuring $25 per pull.

And if you’re not yet up to the table gaming, then the casino also offers 200 video poker machines with bets ranging between 25 cents/$1/$5 minimum bets.

Majestic Star II Casino Floor

The venue features 35 total table games ranging from Three Card Poker to Blackjack.

Blackjack is by far the most popular game at the venue, with 18 tables worth of real estate. Other awesome games include two tables each of Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Mini-Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, and Spanish 21.

You’ll also find three tables featuring real money roulette, three craps tables, and one table of Let it Ride.

If you’re a poker player, you can get in on the action of all of your favorite poker games, including Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, and Stud. Other gaming options include 26 seats of keno.

So, whatever type of gaming you’re craving, you will get in on all the casino action at Majestic Star II.

Oh, and if you’re out of town for any reason, feel free to get in on all the action of online casino gaming, Play online from the comfort of your couch, so long as you are locally located in the State of Indiana. It’s a fantastic alternative to the real thing even if you’re not on site.

Dining Options at Majestic Star II

Majestic Star II is not short on its many dining options, where you’ll find three unique restaurants, one coffee house, and one bar. So whatever you’re in the mood for, Majestic Star II has you covered and it will save you a trip in town if you’re ready and raring to get back onto the casino gaming floor.

If something rather upscale is on your mind, check out Don B’s Steakhouse where you will find the finest cut steaks in Northwest Indiana. It makes a perfect dinner after a long day’s worth of gaming.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for global cuisine and if such is the case, then hop on over to Passports, where you will find a large scale buffet featuring foods from all over the globe. Get the all-you-can-eat option, fill up, and hit the gaming floor for another dose of casino action.

Majestic Star II Steakhouse Dish

Wings and Things is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on some fast food. So if you’re in a rush to return to the gaming floor, just grab and go at what might be Majestic Star II’s most convenient location on the boat.

If you’re looking for a quick dose of energy, then Jackpot Java has you covered. Whether it’s your classic dose of coffee or something stronger, count on Jackpot Java to get you through a day’s worth of casino gaming.

And if you’re in for a quick bite to eat or if you’re craving simple desserts, hit up the Top Deck Deli and you’ll find everything you’re looking for. Grab a quick bite and return to the gaming floor satisfied.

Majestic Star II Casino Promotions

As with Majestic Star, you can take advantage of all the monthly, daily, seasonal, and recurring promotions offered at this venue. Whether it’s the Wicked Winnings Hotseat, Play and Earn Giveaway or something extra special, you’ll find yourself blown away from all the promos offered here.

The best-known promotion in the venue resides in the Majestic Rewards loyalty program, where you can win more rewards than ever before. Just sign up for free, play your favorite slot or table games, and accumulate your casino comps.

The more you play, the more points you’ll accumulate for prizes like direct mail and email offers, free check cashing, express service lines, and if you play often enough, your own casino host.

It pays to get rewarded at Majestic Star.

Accommodations and Area Attractions

The Gary, Indiana area is thriving with excellent lodging opportunities. Whether you’re looking for something simple and affordable, like a Super 8 or a Motel 6, you’ll find them within a few miles of the Majestic Star casinos.

Or, if you’re looking for something more mainstream, the Holiday Inn, Hilton, and Hampton Inn are also outstanding options.

Per TripAdvisor, you’ll find options ranging from a lowly $50 a night to $140 a night at the upper end of the spectrum. It all depends on what you’re looking for to complete your stay. But you can bet on this: Gary, Indiana, definitely provides.

As for nearby attractions, if you’re a fan of the King of Pop, then Lady Luck has your back. Gary, Indiana, is the birthplace of Michael Jackson and the city is proud of the time it housed the King. Come see where the Jackson 5 got its start at Michael Jackson’s childhood home at 2300 Jackson Street.

And don’t forget to pay a visit to the US Steel Yard, which held Michael Jackson’s memorial service. The Steel Yard is also a baseball stadium that is used by independent, collegiate, and even little league baseball teams. So if you’re a baseball fan, check out all the action when in-season.

And if you’re a fan of old architecture, pay a visit to one of the nearly two-dozen historic landmarks within the city limits. From the Gary Public Schools Memorial Auditorium, the American Sheet and Tin Mill Apartment Building, to the Gary Land Company Building, history abounds in Gary, Indiana.

US Steel Gary Works Steel Mill

And for the ultimate taste of history, check out US Steel’s Gary Works Steel Mill. Once lauded as the largest steel mill in the world, Gary Works now employs just under 5,000 workers and as you can guess, much of the old mill is unused.

However, during its heyday, the mill employed over 30,000 workers and was by far the largest employer in Gary, Indiana.

So if you want a taste of what life used to look like in the old Rust Belt, this old mill is definitely worth venturing to. And who knows, maybe the gambling industry will help revitalize Gary?

They have built many historic gambling sites across America upon old manufacturing plants, and you can bet that Majestic Star will follow the five Indiana-based casinos from water to land. If that happens, then Gary may rise again.


As you can probably tell, Majestic Star II isn’t much different from its older sister. But it definitely holds its own uniqueness. That said, it’d be an awesome idea to perhaps spend a day at the Majestic Star Casino, then head over to Majestic II for more gaming action.

And don’t forget to take a day off from all the casino gaming to explore Gary, Indiana. While the city isn’t what it used to be, the history in the town is still alive and well. And it will show you that Gary was once one of the epicenters of the Midwest.

And who knows? Maybe the city’s best days are ahead?

Have you trekked to the Majestic Star Casino or Majestic Star II? If so, share your stories and tell us about your experience.