Love in Las Vegas – Valentine’s Day Dates You’ll Never Forget

Bellagio Las Vegas Fountains and Red Heart Balloons

Las Vegas is an amazing place to spend Valentine’s with your special someone. It’s often overlooked, but Vegas has gone out of its way to bring some of the most romantic places in the world to the Nevada desert.

So, if you’re in the mood for love in Las Vegas, try these seven Valentine’s Day dates you’ll never forget. I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and leaving an impression on the apple of your eye.

The Venetian Gondola Rides

From a truly romantic setting, head to The Venetian. All of you familiar with the exquisite property probably know where I’m headed with this one.

That’s right, I’m talking about the gondola rides. Magically transport yourselves from the Nevada desert to the fabulous canals of Venice, Italy.

The Venetian gives you the chance to glide through the Grand Canal. You’ll pass along the Venetian streets while cafes and shops lazily fade past you.

Your personal gondolier will guide you on your journey. If you get lucky, you may even enjoy a beautiful serenade from them to get the full Italian experience.

Gondolas at Venetian Las Vegas

The gondola rides start at $30 during the week, and you can even add a full photo experience for another $30. It’ll be worth the extra money to leave the phone in your pocket and be in the moment.

Don’t dismiss the outdoor gondola ride if the weather is particularly nice. The high temperatures for Las Vegas in mid-February can be pretty pleasant.

For a bonus to your Valentine’s Day festivities, arrive at The Venetian by 9:50 AM or 4:15 PM. Showing up at these times allows you to enjoy the Gondolier March, a spectacle that has become a rich tradition at The Venetian.

The gondoliers sing along together, announcing their arrival for the day. The Grand Canal Shoppes is also a fantastic place to pick up that unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

The Bellagio Fountains

The Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino definitely battles for the title of most memorable date spots in Las Vegas.

There is truly something magical about the massive columns of water firing over 100 feet into the air as they dance along the lake. They’re perfectly synchronized and painstakingly choreographed to give any visitor a sense of awe.

Valentine’s Day in front of the fountains is especially romantic. You’ll have the fountains performing their intricate show to romantic songs, and lovers surround The Fountains to hold hands and enjoy the show. You shouldn’t be surprised at all if you see more than one marriage proposal during the performance.

Plus, it’s all free. The beautiful spectacle won’t cost you a penny, which is great if you lost some money in the casino the night before or if you’re on a tight budget.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my adventures, it’s that the less money I’ve spent on a special event, the better the memories. Of course, that could just be nostalgia, but perhaps it’s the accomplishment of forging ahead and creating something organically.

Regardless, don’t go to Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day and skip the Fountains of Bellagio.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you prefer air travel to sea travel, ditch the gondolas and charter yourself a hot air balloon. Vegas Balloon Rides has a variety of pricing options to make for the perfect ride. These high soaring adventures combine an adrenaline-pumping adventure with breath-taking views of the landscape.

All of this adds up to a romantic Valentine’s Day date that you’ll never forget. You’ll float up to an intimidatingly high 10,000 feet for the spectacular 360 degrees view of the mountains outside of Las Vegas.

Vegas Balloon Rides Hot Air Balloon

A romantic hot air balloon ride will definitely score you major points with your date and have them bragging to all of their friends about the awesome experience. Bring your phones for this one! You won’t want to miss the amazing photo opportunities. You don’t need it in your hand the entire ride; enjoy the moment.

A special champagne ride starts at a very reasonable $219 per adult. So, if you’re thinking of popping the question, invite close friends or family to share the special occasion. I’ve had the privilege of riding in a hot air balloon twice. Although they were very different experiences, I doubt I’ll ever forget either trip.

Fire Away at American Shooters

Nothing screams romance like throwing hot lead downrange. Okay, maybe not. Fortunately, you’re in the market for unforgettable Valentine’s Day dates.

So, with that said, head to American Shooters for some V-Day fun. You don’t need to be a gun person to enjoy this Las Vegas attraction.

There’s something primal and exhilarating about blasting a target. Approach the idea with an open mind, and I guarantee you’ll love it.

Have you ever seen a video of someone firing a gun for the first time? Instantly, they look at the camera, smile from ear to ear, and empty the magazine. It’s inherent in our DNA; everything about recreational shooting is a blast.

American Shooters takes America’s love for guns to excess. Then, it blows the doors off and lets off another 100 rounds. You can fire everything here short of a bazooka, and I’m confident that for the right price, the wonderful staff could facilitate that. They’ve got guns ranging from the same models that stormed Normandy’s beaches to the latest versions from the newest Call of Duty.

American Shooters offers a wide variety of packages to choose from and if it’s your first time, let the staff know. You’ll receive some of the best services of your life. Follow up the action with dinner or drinks, and I’m confident you’ll have a memorable Valentine’s Day date.

The Spa at Aria

Maybe you blew through thousands of rounds on Sunday and require something with a lighter kick. No worries, head to the Aria Resort and Casino, and enjoy being pampered in luxury.

During Valentine’s Day, the resort’s fantastic spa offers a Himalayan Salt Stone Couples Massage that is refreshing as it is relaxing.

No matter how divided the couple may be on what to eat, they will agree that The Spa at Aria was a perfect choice.

Aria Las Vegas Spa

If you’re feeling particularly in the Valentine’s Day mood, book a room at the hotel and call it a night. You can order room service from one of the posh spots many restaurants, and if you want to hop down to the casino for a few minutes, it’s right there.

The Aria is a personal favorite of mine, and it will become one of yours if you choose to visit during the most romantic day of the year.

Get Inked Up

Alright, as wonderful as the spa treatment is, it’s boring. But in its defense, that’s its function. However, you may be looking for something that will really make an impression.

If you want to shed conventional Valentine’s Day date ideas, why not get some ink? Yes, I’m talking about getting a tattoo. Studio 21 Tattoo is a fantastic shop with a host of very talented artists.

People make a big deal out of tattoos, and they’re right. Tattoos are one of the oldest methods of self-expression on record.

Studio 21 Tattoo Artist

Bonding with your date over the sound of a tattoo gun sinking ink below the skin can be a great experience. Besides, tattoo artists typically have some incredibly interesting stories, bordering on unbelievable.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of a special tattoo for a while and want to take the plunge. I’ll let you in on a secret—you can probably work a deal for two.

Please, don’t forget to tip the tattoo artist. Then, head out on the town with your reward of freshly inked skin. Also, I advise against getting your date’s name tattooed. Remember, you want an unforgettable date, not an unforgettable name because you tattooed your former flame’s moniker on your skin.


From traditional romantic to bold and adventurous, you’ll have a ton of date options planning the perfect day in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you find love in Las Vegas with these seven Valentine’s Day dates you’ll never forget.