9 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from a Successful Professional Gambler

Man Taking Notes on Right Professional Gambler Sitting at a Table on Left

I don’t know many avid or even recreational gamblers that don’t love the idea of becoming a professional gambler. Most don’t realize exactly how much of a grind the world is for a gambling pro.

I’ve given up the dream of becoming a professional gambler, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped pursuing the goal of gambling like a pro. Incorporating the lessons pros leave for us can make us much more accomplished amateurs.

Check out these 9 valuable lessons you can learn from a successful professional gambler. Implementing these principles into your regular gambling routine will help shine a new light on your activities in and around the casinos.

You may not become an instant winner because it’s called gambling for a reason. Still, you’ll become a better gambler overnight by following the lessons from the pros.

You Don’t Know Anything

One of the more eye-opening chats I’ve ever had with a professional gambler was also one of the most humbling. We had just finished a long session in a Las Vegas poker room, and we were discussing what it took for them to get over the hump.

To my surprise, the single most significant factor this accomplished pro attributed to their success was the acceptance that they knew nothing. Sure, they knew how to play their primary games but knew little to nothing regarding making a living playing poker.

It saddened me to hear this because it forced me to examine my own abilities and lack thereof. The professional’s ability to set ego aside and start from the ground floor had led them to success on a level that’s nearly unattainable for the vast majority of people on the planet.

Appreciate the fact that you’re not as good as you think, and you’ll start becoming better at whatever gambling discipline you’re dedicated to.

Greed Will Bankrupt You

Greed is a dangerous emotion. For the casino gambler, greed can be fatal for your gambling bankroll.

When gamblers begin making decisions based on greed, they are in a position that will cost them. Sometimes they may get away without too much trouble, but they will take a severe hit more often.

Another problem that comes from greed is the utter lack of wins you’ll walk out of the casino with. Have you ever been in the casino, had a comfortable lead over the house, and then watched it disappear right before your eyes?

Pai Gow Poker Table

That’s greed working on you. The best way to avoid burning through your wins is to have a predetermined number in mind as a win limit. Whenever you reach your win limit, take the cash and run.

Don’t overstay your welcome and watch it vanish. This can happen in the poker room as quickly as it can playing blackjack.

Don’t let greed make you a sucker; walking out a loser all looks the same. You won’t get any credit for the money you had in your bank before it came crashing down.

Game Scouting Is a Necessary Exercise

Game scouting is in the tool kit for most savvy bettors. This exercise puts gamblers on the casino floor, looking for the games they believe they can beat.

Most of the games pros will lean towards are blackjack tables or in the poker room. However, if a pro gambler believes they can gain an edge anywhere in the casino, they’ll explore that avenue as far as it takes them.

As an amateur gambler, you’ll need to do your own scouting on each trip to the casino. You should look for the blackjack tables with the best rules.

That will allow you to diminish the house edge as much as possible. You may also find tables that make it easier for advantage techniques to be implemented, giving you a tremendous opportunity.

You should look for the tables with the highest ratio of heavily stacked fish in the poker rooms. That gives you the most chance to make a big score at the tables.

Doing the proper recon in the casino is an essential step in the process. I’m confident the pros will tell you the same.

When You Stop Learning, You Stop Growing

Professional gamblers never stop their educations. Every day, they strive to learn something new about the world of gambling.

The more they learn, the better they become as a gambler. They don’t understand something every time they walk into the casino.

However, they never stop looking for opportunities to learn. A professional gambler that stops adapting to the game is destined to be left behind.

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As a recreational gambler or aspiring professional, when you stop learning, you stop growing. When you stop growing, you’ll begin regressing.

Keep your education going inside and out of the casino to become the best gambler you can be.

Money Saved Might as Well Be Money Won

Professional gamblers are enormous fans of value; they consider every dollar saved on par with a dollar earned. This accounts for the money given by casinos in the form of comps as being one of the best ways for amateur gamblers to offset losses.

Professional gamblers also view losses as a fundamental part of their totals. They’re much less likely to make poor bets because where there’s no value, there’s likely no profit.

So, by not making wild bets, the professionals will be saving money. At the end of the day, $500 is always going to be better than $400.

Does it really matter how you got to that number?

Professional Gamblers Don’t Have Routine Days

Many novice gamblers see the lifestyle of the professional gambler as a romantic one. They picture the pros sleeping until noon, getting in a high-stakes round of golf, polishing off a beautiful steak dinner, and then hitting the casino or poker room.

The reality of how most professional gamblers spend their days is a far cry from the dream scenario played out in our heads. There aren’t any private jets, lavish parties, paling around with the rich and famous, or TV appearances.

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The truth is that an overwhelming majority of professionals are in scramble mode from sun-up trying to find the day’s action and figuring out how to make the mortgage payment and the kid’s college tuition.

The idea of an ordinary day is far-fetched because most pros don’t enjoy standard days. Instead, they are grinding day in and day out, trying to provide a living.

So, before you get any ideas about quitting your day job, remember that professional gamblers are likely working more than you.

Hard Work Is Always the Answer

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, there’s no substitute for hard work. One of my closest friends is my former college roommate.

While we were studying rhetoric persuasion, he was on the computer studying poker theory. When we were gearing up for a party, he was playing online poker for hours on end.

Whatever we were doing, he was devoting twice the effort to becoming a better poker player. I recall that my dad used to refer to him as my unemployed buddy because, despite all that work, he wasn’t making any money at poker or anything else.

However, that all changed for him a couple of years after graduation when my buddy won his first $1 million purse. It was actually in the neighborhood of $2,300,000.

Suddenly all of that poker went from being a waste of time to a ton of hard work. My friend has had a long and successful career in poker, and his success in the game has allowed him to enjoy successes in other areas.

Hard work makes nearly anything possible. Work harder than everyone else, and you can achieve whatever you want.

Online Casinos Are a Favorite of Pros

Professional gamblers are often thought of as hitting the Las Vegas casinos on a nightly basis and hanging out at the tables until the wee hours of the morning when they retreat to their lavish penthouse suites.

However, more and more professional gamblers are turning to online casinos. For starters, online casinos allow professional gamblers to live anywhere they want.

Not all pros care to be tethered to a casino destination. The ability to play from home lets gamblers live wherever they like.

Man Playing Online Roulette on His Phone

Next, the bonuses offered by online casinos make a tremendous amount of headway in battling losses for pro gamblers. Sports bettors especially love online casinos for their bonus money and anonymity.

For the average gambler, playing in an online casino means enjoying better rules on most of the games. Take a page from the professional gamblers and make the switch to online casinos.

Fear Is Nearly as Bad as Greed

As much as greed can sink a bankroll, fear can knock you out before you ever get started. Fear will leave you paralyzed, which makes it impossible to be productive.

When you let fear creep in, you cost yourself profitable opportunities. You also lose clarity that’s vital for making the right decisions.

Professional gamblers are fearless in the casino. Their boldness allows the bettors to outplay their opponents and the casino.

Learn to gamble fearless, and you’ll start playing more like a pro and less like a habitual loser.

Our Thoughts on These Lessons

Use these 9 valuable lessons you can learn from a successful professional gambler to take your game to a new level. The biggest lesson you can learn from pros is that you may be holding yourself back more than you realize.

Gain the confidence to get out of your own way, and you’ll be amazed by your transformation.