9 Less Obvious Reasons Why Casinos Cater to Whales

Man Putting Chips on a Stack on the Left Clear Dice and a Slots Reel on Right

The mammoth casino resorts across the globe are famous for rolling out the red carpet for guests. They’ll lavish guests with complimentary drinks, free shows, exclusive bonus offers, and more.

The casinos do a fantastic job of making every person that walks through the door feel valued. However, there’s one casino gambler that receives services and amenities the rest of us could only dream of.

The casino whales are gamblers that are apt to bet more on a single wager than many people make in an entire year. These whales don’t flinch at losing a figure in the six figures; they literally have more money than they know what to do with.

It’s easy to see why the casinos would love having the whales on their property. Let’s examine 9 less obvious reasons why casinos cater to whales.

Rich People Prefer to Run in Different Circles

Let’s face it, the ultra-wealthy have a preference to surrounding themselves with fellow ultra-wealthy companions. They have little use for the proletariat outside of dealing with the games or bringing their drinks to them.

So, the casinos cater to whales because the whales want to hang out with their rich buddies without any outside interference from the rest of us.

It sounds terrible, but it’s the truth. It’s the same reason the country clubs have security at the entrances, and gated neighborhoods exist.

There’s an invisible line between the haves, and the have nots, and the casinos understand this as well as anyone. So, the casinos parcel off the whales in private areas and cozy nooks to keep the rest of us out of their hair.

The casinos need to pay special attention to the whales to keep them comfortable.

Casino Comps Are a Great Way to Get More Money in the Casino Vault

Most of you have been around the block long enough to know the value that comes from signing up for the casino’s loyalty program. Players get to earn casino comps based on how much they’re gambling one level at a time.

These freebies can start off small as free meals or tickets to a show but can go all the way up to free rooms or even full trips to the casino. These comps can help the average gambler offset their losses and adds longevity to their bankroll by saving money in other areas.

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The whales get comps on a degree we can hardly imagine. We’re talking free golf on the best courses in the world, VIP transportation that includes private jets, caviar treats tableside, and anything else a whale might request.

The casinos aren’t mainly in the business of giving out something for nothing. They know that the whales are going to lose tens of thousands per hour, so tossing a couple of grand in Wagyu beef and single malt scotch their way is a no-brainer.

Private Rooms Allow Players to Cut Loose

The casinos want to give the whales a gambling area where they feel at ease. To accomplish this, they create private rooms where whales can gamble with an added layer of privacy and discretion.

These private rooms are more opulent and extravagant than any other area of the casino floor. Whales are accustomed to having the finer things, and that’s precisely what they’ll get in the private areas created for the whales.

Some players may want to cut loose with special requests, and their casino hosts will be happy to accommodate nearly any favor the high roller requests.

Making the fat wallets of the casino whale comfortable is all part of the casino’s plan to separate the cash from the player.

The Whales Are Generally Better Players

You may not think about the degree of detail most whales possess. But these super successful gamblers pay extreme attention to every element of their days.

This translates directly to their casino gambling as well. Whales aren’t foolish; they wouldn’t start gambling on a game for $10,000 per hand if they weren’t solid players.

Whales demand a higher degree of excellence because they are much better players than your average casino gambler. Whatever their game of choice is, whales are usually experts, if not flat-out sharp bettors.


The casinos must provide a better product, or the whales may become bored with the game. Worse yet, a sloppy dealer or poor rules could send the whale next door to the competition.

Whales get an upgraded experience because, on average, they are more experienced casino gamblers.

The Whales Drive Action for Lower Stakes Players

Casinos give a lot of love to whales because of the effect they have on the lower-stakes players. There are many gamblers who are always watching the high rollers and keep tabs on what games are popular at the time.

One shining example of this is the sudden surge baccarat has gotten across the globe. Baccarat was once considered a game for the high roller, but as the average gambler took notice, casinos were forced to add more tables for the typical player.

Because the novice gamblers don’t want to look like such obvious noobs, they’ll often try to mimic what the better players are doing. Since the whales sit at the top of what an average gambler perceives to be the casino hierarchy, they are the most copied players in the casino.

Casinos want to add incentives for the whales in certain games to steer the average players in that direction.

Private VIP Areas Give the Whales Room to Stretch Their Legs

Casinos get incredibly crowded during busy weekends or special events. Many times it can lead to a long wait for the typical casino gambler.

Whales have no patience for being added to a waiting list like a commoner. They’d just assume head for another casino or find another exciting way to blow their money.

Blackjack Hand and a Gambler at a Casino Table

Another benefit of the private VIP gambling experience is the ability of a whale to kick back and stretch its legs. In some instances, the casino will go so far as to set up a private gaming area in a whale’s penthouse suite.

Having the option to gamble mainly on your own terms is one of the most compelling perks of having millions to lose in the casino.

Whales Love the Games of Pure Chance

Whales are more competent than your average bear, at least as it pertains to casino games. So, it may surprise some of you to learn that many prefer the fun of pure chance over the games that involve skill.

I suppose where some players choose to look at things from the perspective of cutting the house edge and taking home as much money as possible, the whales view things in terms of sheer entertainment. That’s precisely how gambling is meant to be enjoyed.

The casinos do their part by ensuring the popular games of chance like baccarat, roulette, and slot machines are all readily available for players. The casinos actually work with the software companies to keep the high-stakes slot machines fresh for guests.

When it comes to keeping their most prized customers happy, the casinos go to great lengths to keep the money flowing.

The Whales Are Always Willing to Open Lavish Credit Lines

The average gambler will be stuck to the money they bring to the casino for their gambling funds. More often than not, they’ll be forced to the casino ATM to further slide into the hole and pay those ridiculous casino ATM fees.

The whales aren’t going to be caught in line at the ATM on a Saturday night. Many of the whales may not even bring cash to the casino.

Instead, the casino will extend a line of credit to be used by the whale. These agreements usually have no interest, as long as the whale returns to the casino or pays their tab within a specified amount of time.

Aerial View of Courthouse

These credit lines can be in the millions, and not everyone pays up. There have been several high-profile cases of casinos taking non-paying whales to court to recoup their money.

The casinos are undefeated in the court cases that I’ve found, so don’t go getting any hair-brained schemes.

Special Rules for Whales Encourage Higher Betting

The whales have got it made in the casino; there’s no disputing that. In some cases, the casinos are so thirsty to get some of the cash that they’ll play by the whale’s rules.

Walk into a casino willing to lose enough money, and the casino will let you pick the rules of the game you play, within reason. This could be only playing single deck games of blackjack, no commission on the banker bet in baccarat, and even the specific cards used for a game.

Phil Ivey famously had several casinos set up private baccarat games using a specific deck of playing cards that had been discontinued for casino use. The method to his madness was that he believed he could use an advantage gambling technique known as edge-sorting to beat the casino.

He was so successful that several casinos sued Ivey, and the tens of millions he won playing baccarat were never paid out.

In Summary

Being a whale is probably a pretty sweet deal. From the lavish accommodations to the luxurious perks, everything the casinos roll out for whales sings of excellence.

These 9 less obvious reasons why casinos cater to whales are nothing more than more extravagant benefits to the same reasons casinos work to attract any of us. Casinos know the value of a dollar, and they want our dollars as much as they pine for the whales.