Las Vegas Casinos Are Winning More Money From Players Than Ever Before

Man Throwing Gold Tokens With a Casino and Cash Background

Every slots player who visits Las Vegas fully realizes that casinos are out to get their money. For the most part, they’re fine with this aspect and still play slot machines.

These gamblers realize that there’s a high chance they’ll lose some or all of their bankroll. But they assume the risk in hopes of getting lucky and experiencing a hot streak.

Unfortunately, this luck is harder than ever to come by with Vegas slots. Sin City is winning more money from the one-armed bandits than at any other point in history.

I’m going to discuss just how much more they’re winning than in years past. I’ll finish by covering what you can do to protect your bankroll and potentially win more.

Casino Slots Winnings Have Increased Over the Past Two Decades

Real money slots have been Vegas’ cash cow for decades. They generally feature some of the highest house edges in the casino and also encourage fast play.

This combination is lethal on players’ bankrolls. On the casino’s side, it brings in serious revenue and keeps the house in business.

Unfortunately, it appears that casinos are getting greedier than ever before. Their slots winnings have increased by a fair margin since 2000. At the turn of the millennium, Vegas slot machines collected 5.23% of every dollar wagered on average. In 2019, they won 6.90% of each dollar bet.

These numbers amount to a 1.67% increase in Vegas casino slots winnings over the past 20 years. Therefore, slot machines are only getting tougher to beat in Sin City.

Of course, this increase still doesn’t mean that you can’t win big with slots. You may even randomly choose a machine that gives you a much stronger chance to win.

The odds suggest, though, that you’re going to lose more money when spinning the reels in Vegas these days. Meanwhile, casinos are getting even richer off slot machines.

Why Does Vegas Feel the Need to Win More?

Las Vegas was doing just fine when they were holding 5.23% of slots bets two decades ago. Why, then, did they feel the need to increase their profit margins?

It might seem like sheer greed is driving this trend. However, casinos have some valid reasons for wanting to win more.

First off, Vegas casinos keep getting bigger and bigger. What was once impressive in the 1990s is considered a smaller resort by today’s standards.

Somebody has to pay for these impressive gambling establishments. You and other slots players are fronting the bill.

Another cause involves Las Vegas putting less emphasis on gambling these days. Ever since the Great Recession, casinos realize that they need to diversify beyond just gaming.

Cash Spin Wheel Slots

Sure, slots and other games are still highly important to Vegas. But casinos also care about offering excellent restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping.

The reduced emphasis on gambling means that the house edge is larger than ever before. Casinos are willing to turn off a few players with high house advantages if it means more overall gaming profits.

Of course, some players don’t even realize that they’re facing a bigger uphill battle. They’ll spin the reels regardless of their chances of winning.

A study revealed that casinos may not be taking enough from slot machines. The average gambler doesn’t even realize when they’re winning more or less with slots.

Some within the industry have assuredly seen this study and taken note. That said, you can likely expect house advantages to continue rising in the coming years.

Are Vegas Slot Machines Still Worth Playing?

Slots have never been the best investment opportunity. They’re volatile games that don’t usually pay well in the short run.

But with Vegas casinos taking even more from these machines, slots are a riskier proposition than ever before. You may wonder if it’s worth playing them at all.

The answer is that, yes, Vegas slot machine still have some benefits. They offer the same entertainment, only with slightly higher house edges.

Las Vegas slots are also well known for giving you the best chance to win serious money. The Megabucks jackpot, for example, has paid out a record slots prize worth $39.7 million.

So far, this record is a once-in-a-lifetime payout. But you can still find plenty of seven-figure prizes throughout the town.

You may also simply enjoy the atmosphere when spinning the reels in Vegas. You’ll see rows of slot machines and hear sound effects going off right and left.

You can always just stay home and play online slot machines. But nothing beats being in the middle of a Vegas casino and playing the slots.

How to Boost Your Slots Winnings in Las Vegas

Casinos have made it tougher than ever before to beat Sin City slot machines. However, you’re never totally at a loss when it comes to improving your chances. Here are some tips that can help you win more money in Vegas.

Play Games With Higher Coin Denominations

Las Vegas rewards players who bet more. Payout percentages often increase as you move up in coin denominations.

Here are the industry statistics on the average return to player (RTP) for the Vegas Strip:

  • Penny slot machines: 88.30% RTP (11.7% house edge)
  • Nickel slot machines: 91.63% RTP (8.37% house edge)
  • Quarter slot machines: 89.40% RTP (10.60% house edge)
  • Dollar slot machines: 92.30% RTP (7.70% house edge)
  • Multi-denomination slot machines: 93.61% RTP (6.39% house edge)

You can see that the multi-denomination games offer the best chance to win. They also give you the ability to change coin sizes from high to low or vice versa.

Come In With a Bankroll Management Plan

Slots can take your bankroll quicker than any casino game. They encourage you to play fast and also feature high houses.

You may quickly find yourself feeling lost if you don’t come into the casino with a plan. But you can solve this problem by properly mapping out a bankroll strategy.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

Bankroll management allows you to set aside a certain amount of funds and also put stop-loss limits in place. A stop-loss limit refers to a point at which you’ll quit a session after losing so much money.

Here’s an example on how you can set up a bankroll management plan for slots:

  • You go through your finances and decide that you can gamble $1,000 in Las Vegas.
  • You’ll be staying in town for five days.
  • You want to spread your funds out over the course of the trip.
  • 1,000 / 5 = 200
  • You should set a daily stop-loss limit of $200.

Sign Up for the Player’s Club

You can rack up some nice rewards through slot machines. However, you won’t collect any perks if you don’t sign up for the casino’s loyalty program.

The latter refers to a card that you insert into whatever machine you’re playing. It tracks your wagers and ensures that you get properly rewarded.

You can either register at a casino’s website or in person at the player’s desk. The latter works fine if you’re already in Vegas and want your card immediately.

Concentrate Your Play on 1-2 Casinos

Most Las Vegas casinos feature different VIP tiers. You can move up to higher cashback rates and other superior rewards by advancing up the loyalty ladder.

However, you’ll find it much harder to improve your VIP status if you keep hopping around different casinos. You should really think about concentrating your play at one or two casinos.

Of course, this plan is easier said than done when considering how many alluring casinos Vegas offers. But you definitely want to try focusing your play as much as possible to collect better rewards.

Be Realistic About Your Odds

The final tip has less to do about winning than it does simply understanding the reality of slot machines. The house holds an edge in Vegas and everywhere else.

Slot machines are negative-expectation games that give the casino a stronger chance of winning. You’re relying on luck to earn profits. Sometimes you will get lucky and leave the casino with winnings or even a jackpot. Most of the time, though, you’ll lose money.

Therefore, you should only take what you can afford to lose to Las Vegas. This way, you won’t be tempted to dip into funds that are meant for more important matters like bills and food.


Las Vegas has been beating slots players since the 1930s. However, they’ve never beaten gamblers as badly as in modern times.

Vegas slot machines have increased their house edge by an average of 1.67% over the past 20 years. Nothing indicates that this trend will reverse anytime in the near future either.

But not all is lost. You can still improve your chances of winning by choosing the right coin denomination, collecting more rewards, and exercising bankroll management.

You can’t guarantee anything when playing slot machines in Las Vegas. However, you can at least take steps to better your odds.