Key Attractions Near the MGM Grand Detroit Casino

MGM Grand Detroit Logo and Michigan Attractions

MGM Grand Detroit’s location in the Motor City is fantastic news if you are someone looking to explore the area. It’s also great if you want to turn your time at the casino into a pristine vacation destination.

While many believe Detroit is not the city it used to be, it remains one of the hottest tourist attractions in America with its fair share of museums and sporting venues. We will explore seven of these attractions below.

Detroit boasts four casinos in the area, with the fourth located in nearby Windsor, Canada, and is home to over 50 attractions where guests from all walks of life visit regardless of the time of year.

Ready to discover a handful of local attractions near MGM Grand Detroit? Read on and you will discover some awesome things to do if you need a break from gambling in Michigan. Let’s begin.

Automotive Hall of Fame

Detroit didn’t receive its nickname as the Motor City overnight. It is the birthplace of the automotive industry. So, it is fitting that the Automotive Hall of Fame sits within the city limits.

Having opened in 1939, the Automotive Hall of Fame has served as a staple in Detroit for 81 years and counting. Here, you will find names, car rentals, dealerships, racers, financiers, and other major contributors forever enshrined for their roles played in the industry.

If this is something that interests you, or if you’d just like an interactive history lesson regarding the automotive industry, take a few hours from the casino floor. Cross the threshold into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Greatness awaits.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Perhaps the most well-known cultural center in Detroit, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is the world’s largest museum featuring an array of exhibits highlighting African American culture.

Here, you will discover over 35,000 artifacts from all over the world. Within the vast collection, you will find the Blanche Coggin Underground Railroad Collection, a Harriet Tubman Collection, Coleman A. Young Collection, and the Sheffield Collection. The latter of which includes documents surrounding Detroit’s labor movement.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

You will also find some of the hottest interactive exhibits at the museum. The most notable of which is entitled Still We Rise: Our Journey Through African American History and Culture.

So, if you are looking for the largest cultural center in Detroit and are up for a fine history lesson, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History should grace the top of your vacation itinerary.

Cranbrook Art Museum

If contemporary art is your thing, the Cranbrook Art Museum is a must-visit. Within its doors, you will discover works from Harry Bertoia, Maija Grotell, Carl Milles, Robert Motherwell, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and many more.

The Cranbrook Art Museum is part of a greater complex in Detroit known as the Cranbrook Educational Community. So, even if contemporary art isn’t your thing, you may still discover something of interest.

Cranbrook Art Museum 

The Cranbrook Educational Community includes a science institute, the house and gardens, St. Dunstan’s Playhouse, and the Cranbrook Academy of Art, in which the Cranbrook Art Museum also resides.

So, if you’re into the arts, sciences, majestic scenery, and more, a trip to the Cranbrook Art Museum or the overall Cranbrook Educational Community is well worth a visit. Take a day off from the real money slots and tables at MGM Grand Detroit.

Detroit Institute of Arts

This is one of the largest and most significant art collections in America. Home to over 100 galleries and featuring 658,000 square feet of real estate, you will need to block out an entire day at the casino just to cover this outstanding collection.

Oh, and you don’t need to be just an art enthusiast to find something of value here. The sheer architecture of the building has attracted architecture enthusiasts from around the world. It is also recognized by the world’s most-renowned architects because of its marble design.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Major exhibitions include Artist’s Take on Detroit: Projects for the Tricentennial, Art in Focus: Celedon, Degas and the Dance, Yoko Ono’s Freight Train, Annie Leibovitz: American Music, and so much more.

You will find the museum in Detroit’s Cultural Center Historic District, along with a few other attractions listed in the above subheadings. So, if you are looking to maximize your time away from the casino, the Detroit Institute of Arts is just one of several special locations to visit.

Comerica Park

If you are a sports betting fan, you will love the atmosphere here at Comerica Park. At the time of writing, Comerica Park is the only stadium in Major League Baseball and one of few baseball parks worldwide to feature a home-to-pitcher’s mound dirt strip.

These days, they are exceptionally rare. So, it is a treat to see both this feature and the dirt around home plate, which is shaped like the base itself instead of the traditional circle.

Other distinctive features at Comerica Park include a Ferris Wheel behind the third-base line and a carousel behind the first-base line. You will find a picnic area in right field. A fountain sits behind center field, and if you attend a game on Fridays after Memorial Day, expect a great fireworks display.

Comerica Park Entrance

Tigers fan or not, this is a fantastic place to catch a game just to see the park’s dynamic features, if nothing else.

Whether it is history, architecture, or baseball that piques your interest, Comerica Park is a surefire bet for you to find exactly what you are looking for in terms of entertainment.

Little Caesars Arena

Home of the Detroit Pistons of the NBA, and the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL, Little Caesars Arena is the place to be between the months of November and June. Both teams frequent the arena during this time. Whether you are a hockey or basketball fan, attending a game is a great way to unwind from the casino.

This is especially true if you attended the sportsbook earlier and placed a bet either for or against the Pistons and Red Wings. You will get a live look whether your wager will win or lose.

The Pistons and Red Wings aren’t the only two entities frequenting the arena. Even if the two teams aren’t in town, or if you are attending MGM Grand Detroit during the NHL or NBA off-seasons, there is still plenty to do here.

Little Caesars Arena has hosted concerts, combat sports, figure skating, and even professional wrestling events. This is a great venue for the best live entertainment off of casino grounds; discover what is happening over at Little Caesars Arena.

Whether you are looking for an alternative in the concert outlet or if you are just in the mood to catch a live professional sporting event, something of worth is always happening at Little Caesars Arena.

Ford Field

More than just the home of the NFL’s Detroit Lions, Ford Field hosts a plethora of events year-round. So, if you can’t find the live entertainment you are looking for over at MGM Grand Detroit—or any of the surrounding casinos—Ford Field may have something to suit your interests.

What will you find at Ford Field? The venue hosts at least one college bowl game per year, the MSHAA Finals, basketball events, college hockey, high school competitions, soccer matches, bull riding, and just about any sporting event you can think of.

Ford Field Aerial View

In the past, the venue has also hosted WWE events, including WrestleMania, and it has been the home to the ECLA Youth Gathering, religious gatherings, the FIRST Championships, and has also hosted dozens of concerts.

Some of the bigger names to grace Ford Field include the Rolling Stones, Eminem, Kenny Chesney, Madonna, Kid Rock, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, One Direction, AC/DC, and more. Clearly, you may just discover your favorite genre and artist at Ford Field.

Given the number of entertainment options in the city, it is a guaranteed bet you will find something worth your while. If everything at MGM Grand Detroit is stale for the evening, Ford Field is just one of several fantastic alternatives in the city.


The attractions above just a handful of noteworthy examples that you can find near one of Detroit’s three major casinos. While the list above is great, don’t think it is all that Detroit has to offer. There is so much more to do in this great city than just attending sporting events, concerts, or visiting history and art museums.

And with three casinos in the city and four in the surrounding area, you will find arguably dozens of relevant attractions regardless if you are gaming at MGM Grand Resort or another one of the casino venues nearby.

Have you been to MGM Grand Detroit? If so, share your experience with us. We are always glad to hear from you.