Is Tablet Gambling Dying?

Man in a Suit Playing on a Tablet With a Slots Theme Overlay

Tablets have been available since 2001. They stand out from smartphones due to their larger screen, and they boast more portability than computers.

That said, many people enjoy playing online casino games and poker through a tablet. They appreciate the relatively large screen and user-friendly interface.

However, tablet sales have dropped in recent years. As a result, fewer people are gambling through these devices today.

Does this mean that tablet gambling is dying a slow death? I’ll discuss this matter by covering recent tablet sales along with the pros and cons of using these devices.

Tablet Sales Have Fallen

Tablets have never been quite as popular as smartphones in terms of sales. However, they experienced a boom after Apple began making upgrades to iPads in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

In 2014, tablet sales peaked when 230 million total units were sold around the world. Ever since then, though, tablet sales have dropped.

Last year, tablet makers shipped a collective 144.1 million devices throughout the world. This figure is down by 16.9% compared to the 173.8 million tablets sold in 2018.

Tablets hit record sales in 2014. Considering the slow decline ever since, they’ll probably never reach this level of popularity again.

Meanwhile, smartphones continue seeing a steady rise in annual sales. 1.556 billion smartphones shipped throughout the world in 2019.

This figure amounts to a 1.3% increase from the 1.536 billion phones that were sold in 2018. Smartphones and tablets are going in different directions regarding sales.

Of course, tablets aren’t exactly dropping off the face of the earth. But numbers reveal that they’re undoubtedly less-popular gambling devices than there were 5-6 years ago.

Service Providers Continue Pushing Tablets

Tablets aren’t flying off the shelves like they once did. But service providers still push these devices and with mobile plans.

I recently purchased an iPhone at a Verizon store. The clerk convinced me to add an iPad to my plan for just $10 more per month.

As long as this scenario continues, tablets won’t exit the gambling world anytime soon. They still remain popular with a large number of people.

Pros of Tablet Gambling

Tablets hold certain advantages over smartphones and laptops when it comes to gaming. Here are their main benefits in comparison to a phone or PC/Mac.

Bigger Screen Than a Smartphone

Smartphone screens have gotten bigger in recent years. In fact, the largest smartphones now have comparable screens to the smaller tablets.

Cell Phone With a Pair of Sunglasses

On average, though, tablet screens are larger. They give you a wider view of the online casino game you’re playing.

Assuming you have bad eyesight or just like a larger layout, you’ll definitely appreciate gambling through a tablet.

More Portable Than a Laptop

Up until the mobile boom in the 2010s, laptops were the best option for gambling on the go. They typically featured screens ranging from 15 to 17 inches and are much more portable than a desktop computer.

Tablets are part of the reason why laptops feature declining sales with each passing year. They offer a bigger screen than smartphones and are much easier to transport than laptops.

You can easily fit one of these devices into a bag without worrying about the awkwardness that laptops present. Tablets also take up less space on counters and tables when you want a nice spot to put your game.

Nice for Sessions on the Go

You can easily enjoy online poker and casino games on the go these days. Both smartphones and tablets offer convenient options, like real money gambling apps, for playing games on vacation, during a work break, or in any other situation where you’re out of the house.

Tablets may not be as easy to transport as smartphones. However, they still offer plenty of portability in comparison to laptops and desktops.

Cons of Tablet Gambling

You can see that there are some very good reasons for gambling through a tablet. However, you should also consider the downside presented below.

Doesn’t Fit Into Your Pocket

Smartphone sell at 10x the rate of tablets, because they fit into your pocket. Regardless of a phone’s size, you can easily put these devices into jeans or shorts pockets.

This aspect is perfect if you don’t have a bag to put your device into. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about carrying your smartphone all the time like with a tablet.

The latter, as mentioned before, is easier to transport than a PC or Mac. But the fact that it doesn’t go neatly into your pocket is a major downside.

Smaller Screen Than a Laptop

The average tablet screen measures 10 inches. While this screen size gives you a nice view of any casino game or poker table, it still doesn’t measure up to a PC or Mac.

You can buy relatively cheap laptops with 17-inch screens. Such a screen provides you an excellent view of games.

Laptops may not offer the same convenience as tablets. However, they’re still portable when you’re playing sessions at home.

Tweener Device

Professional basketball scouts refer to prospects whose skills and size lie in between two positions (e.g. shooting guard and small forward) as “tweeners.” This same term applies to tablets as well.

A tablet doesn’t offer the same convenience as a smartphone. It also doesn’t feature the same screen size or handy typing keys as a laptop or desktop.

This device still maintains advantages compared to other products. However, it’s still a tweener when compared to phones and computers.

Should You Bother Gambling on Tablets?

As previously discussed, tablet sales have decreased year-over-year since 2012. Its combination of portability and a fairly big screen doesn’t seem to resonate with people as much these days.

Therefore, you may have second thoughts about using tablets to gamble online. However, you should still consider the benefits of these devices before overlooking them.

Tablets don’t go into your pocket like a smartphone. But you also won’t have much trouble carrying these devices around or fitting them into a bag. You’ll definitely appreciate this factor when lugging a laptop around.

Person Using a Tablet and a PC in the Background

Of course, you can fit a smartphone into your pocket and pull it out whenever you feel like gambling. The downside, though, is that the average smartphone has a smaller screen than a tablet.

If you’re like me, you want to see bigger displays for certain games. A larger screen brings out more detail in a casino or online poker game.

On the other side of the coin, you also need to consider if a tablet is a luxury you can go without. After all, these devices cost extra and add more to your monthly mobile bill (if bundled).

Tablets can do everything that a smartphone can do. The key difference, though, that you’ll have more trouble transporting it than you will a phone.

Furthermore, you probably won’t carry a tablet around as much as you will a smartphone. The latter device wins gamblers over by default, because it’s always within arms’ reach.

Smartphones make the most sense when you’re looking to cut costs and rely on a single do-it-all device. But if you can afford the additional charges and want a different view of gambling games, then you might consider getting a tablet.


Tablet gambling isn’t necessarily dying. Last year saw over 144 million of these devices sold worldwide.

However, tablets could potentially go the way of the laptop. Their sales have dropped consistently since hitting a peak in 2014.

Smartphones, meanwhile, are still experiencing steady grow. Their much-higher sales mean that they’re the favored gambling device by default.

In summary, tablet gambling is more a luxury than a necessity. You may think about playing casino games or poker through a tablet if you have the extra money.

But smartphone gambling is more practical for the average person. After all, nearly half the world owns a phone.