9 Interesting Facts About Lake Las Vegas

Cars Driving Towards Lake Las Vegas Nevada
Lake Las Vegas isn’t exactly one of the most-iconic parts of visiting Las Vegas. In fact, you may not even know it exists.

But if you get tired of the glitz and glamour of the Strip, then you should definitely consider visiting Lake Las Vegas. This man-made lake spans 320 acres and features lots of green grass, shopping, recreational activities and more.

Assuming you’re looking for something besides nearby Lake Mead, then you should check out the following 9 facts on this body of water.

1 – Lake Las Vegas Is Actually Located Outside of Vegas

Despite its name, this lake isn’t actually located within Sin City’s limits. Instead, it’s found in nearby Henderson.

The latter is a neighboring city with over 310,000 residents and casino resorts of its own. Henderson is essentially a less-flashy and more-suburban version of Vegas.

You can get to Lake Las Vegas in less than half an hour. This drive makes it about the same distance from the Strip as Lake Mead.

The latter is more popular among tourists. However, Lake Las Vegas offers a nice change of scenery if you’ve already been to Lake Mead and wants to enjoy a rural mountain landscape during the short trip.

2 – Home to Incredible Homes

Looking for a vacation home? Lake Las Vegas features some of the nicest houses in the area.

View of Homes at Lake Las Vegas Nevada

You can find a dwelling that meets your particular needs and price range. Everything from 10,000-square-foot mansions right by the lake to two-bedroom units are available.

You don’t even need to be in the market to check out the houses. Instead, you may just have fun driving through the various subdivisions and seeing how the wealthy live.

3 – Plenty of Golfing Opportunities

Vegas already feature plenty of gold courses. But few rival Reflection Bay Golf Club in Henderson.

Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, this course offers beautiful views of Lake Las Vegas and the surrounding mountains.

Many pro golfers have played here, including Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson, and Bubba Watson.

That said, you can feel like a pro as you tee off here.

This course also has a massive clubhouse that spans over 30,000 square feet. The clubhouse offers plenty of restaurants (covered later) and a private beach area.

4 – Lake Las Vegas Features Two Resorts

You may like Lake Las Vegas so much that you want to stay here. This is entirely possible thanks to the lake’s two resorts.

The Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa features many hotel suites, a large buffet, pool, and private cabanas. It’s also located right near the mountains in case you’re interested in hiking.

Woman In Spa Resort Sitting on Couch

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa is a 21-acre property that recently upgraded their hotel and amenities. Regarding the latter, you can look forward to 24-hour room service, a breakfast buffet, and laundry services.

5 – You Can Enjoy Water Sports

Odds are, you don’t visit lakes with the expectation of staring at the water. Instead, you’re probably looking to hit the water for some fishing or physical activity.

You’ll have no problem enjoying the latter at Lake Las Vegas.

Local businesses offer kayak, paddle boat, and pedal boat rentals. You can even enjoy flyboarding, where you experience aerial thrills via a water-fueled jetpack.

Lake Las Vegas also boasts a floating waterpark. This attraction features slides, trampolines, and other rides.

6 – Stellar Sports Club

The Lake Las Vegas Sports Club gives you access to even more recreational activities outside the water. The site of UNLV’s Sports Science Center, it includes tennis courts, weight lifting, aerobics, and pickleball.

Tennis Court With Many Tennis Balls on the Ground

You don’t even need to work up a sweat to enjoy this facility. The Sports Club also offers art classes and a book club.

Unfortunately, you must own a home in the Lake Las Vegas community to join. But if you happen to live here, then the Las Vegas Sports Club is worth consideration.

7 – Several Fine Dining Opportunities

Sin City is known for its many fine-dining experiences. But you can also enjoy plenty of quality restaurants in Lake Las Vegas too.

For example, Rick’s Café features a mixture of American and Mediterranean food. Bellalinda Gelateria Italiana offers delicious deserts like gelato, crepes, and sorbet.

You don’t even need to spend big on eating out in this area. Lake Las Vegas boasts a Seasons Grocery. Open to both residents and tourists, this grocery store sells many types of fresh fruit, vegetables, and produce.

8 – Red Rock Canyon Isn’t the Only Place to Hike Around Vegas

Red Rock Canyon is often the first choice for hikers in the Vegas area. However, Lake Las Vegas also offers some scenic trails as well.

You don’t even need to stick around the lake to enjoy great hikes. You can explore the many different trails throughout Henderson, which boasts 184 miles’ worth of trails altogether.

The best time to explore these paths is during the morning hours before the Nevada heat sets in. This time also gives you a better chance to see local wildlife like jackrabbits and coyotes.

9 – The Views Are Great

As mentioned before, you can enjoy great views from multiple spots around Lake Las Vegas. This area offers a nice mixture of grass, sandy beaches, pristine water, palm trees, and golf fairways.

Aerial View of Lake Las Vegas Area

The lake also features rugged mountains in the distance. Considering that much of the land around the area is undeveloped, you can get a true nature experience just outside the resort areas.

Both hiking and driving through the mountains offers a nice visual experience. You’ll especially appreciate such trips if you’ve spent the past several days staring at the endless neon and resorts in Vegas.


Lake Las Vegas may not be the first place you think of when planning a trip to Sin City. You’re more likely concerned with booking a top-class resort and seeing the numerous sights and attractions around Vegas.

Nevertheless, this lake serves as a nice alternative for a day trip or even longer stay. It offers some elements that contrast and even compliment Sin City.

This Henderson-based lake is only a 25-minute drive from the Strip. Once here, you can look forward to resorts, golfing, water sports, and more.

Reflection Bay Golf Club is one of the finest courses in the area. It has hosted many pros over the years and features a large clubhouse with several dining options.

If golf isn’t your thing, then you might like the many water sports that are available. Flyboarding, kayaking, and paddle boarding are among the most-popular activities at Lake Las Vegas.

You can enjoy even more sports at the local Lake Las Vegas Sports Club. However, you must take the plunge and buy a home here to become a member.

Of course, you can enjoy Lake Las Vegas without anteing up six figures for a home. The Westin and Hilton offer two prime hotels in the area.

These resorts also feature excellent restaurants. Assuming you want to eat well on a budget, then the Seasons Grocery is another option.

The surrounding mountains offer yet one more thing to do here in the form of hiking. Once you’ve thoroughly explored these trails, then you may consider conquering additional hiking paths throughout Henderson.