Insider Tactics for Breakeven Gambling

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You might be thinking that you don’t want to break even when you gamble. We get it, you want to win. But take a closer look at your gambling results up to this point. The odds are high that you’re probably losing far more than you win, if you’re being completely honest.

The majority of gamblers would actually be much better off if they learned how to break even. You’re welcome to try to learn how to make money gambling. But first, you really need to learn how to break even. Once you learn how to become a breakeven gambler, you can continue your education and learn how to make a profit.

Here are seven secrets that breakeven gamblers use. You can use one or more of these secrets to start gambling at a breakeven pace.

Basic Blackjack Strategy, Bonuses, Comps, and Coupons

In order to break even, if you don’t use advantage gambling, you have to use a combination of tactics. I cover some advantage play tactics in other sections on this page, but you need to get the hang of the basics first.

Using basic blackjack strategy in blackjack games with good rules, you can gamble with a casino edge of between 0.25% and 0.5%. This is a good range for a casino edge, although it still isn’t going to help you break even in the long run.

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But when you combine this low casino edge with other things that lower or offset the casino edge, you can get closer to break even. Things that help lower or offset the casino edge include online bonuses, comps earned through the players club, as well as coupons and special offers from casinos.

The truth is that it’s extremely hard to reach true breakeven gambling while playing blackjack, even when you use all of these tactics. You usually have to add at least one advantage tactic to truly reach the breakeven point.

Video Poker Strategy, Comps, Coupons, and Bonuses

Video poker breakeven play is similar to blackjack breakeven play. You have to use strategy and the right rules to start with a low house edge. The good news is that information about using the correct video poker strategy and finding the right machines is readily available.

The bad news is that you still have to use bonuses, promotions, coupons, and casino comps to have any chance of reaching a true break even rate of play.

There are a few video poker machines that offer breakeven play using just perfect strategy. But these machines are extremely rare, so you might never find one of them. You’d have to make the effort to hunt it down.

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It’s more likely that you’ll find a Deuces Wild machine with a pay table that has a house edge around 0.25%. You might also be able to find a Jacks or Better machine with a progressive jackpot that has a low casino edge to exploit.

Start by researching the video poker games and pay tables with the lowest casino edge. Then, try to locate where some of these machines are and if there’s one near you. Most importantly, learn how to use perfect strategy when you play.

Then, get all of the coupons, comps, promotions, and bonuses that you can find. This can help you break even while playing video poker. Like blackjack, you’re probably still not going to quite reach a true breakeven point, but you might.

Advantage Poker Play

This is where you start to have a realistic shot at breakeven play, or even make a profit. The thing you need to understand is that most poker players lose, just like most blackjack and video poker players lose.

This tells you that breaking even playing poker isn’t easy. But it’s something that you can learn how to do if you set your mind to it and invest enough time and energy into it.

I can’t teach you everything that you need to know to be an advantage gambler in one section, but I can point you in the right direction.

Here’s a list of things you need to master to play advantage poker:

  • Position
  • Game selection
  • Odds
  • Pot Odds
  • Expected value
  • Bankroll management
  • Starting hand selection
  • Player tendencies

Act as the House (Check the Legality in Your Jurisdiction First)

This isn’t strictly gambling, because casinos aren’t involved in gambling. Sure, casinos offer gambling games. But when a casino is run the right way, they’re not really gambling in any way. The casino has a built-in house edge that they use to make profits and continue their operations.

Notice that I mentioned in the title of this section that this may be illegal where you live. I’m not suggesting that you do anything that will land you in hot water, but if you want to break even or make a profit in the gambling industry, the best place to be is on the side of the operator.

Red Casino Craps Table

Is there a way you can legally offer wagers in your jurisdiction? And if there is, can you do it with the same long-term edge that casinos have? Do you have a big enough bankroll to roll through ups and downs? Consider a few of these factors before you start running your own underground casino.

Handicapping Sports

Sportsbooks are like poker rooms and casinos in some ways. The main way is the fact that they’re set up to make profits. But the way sportsbooks operate also leaves an opportunity for the best sports gamblers to break even or make some money.

They do so because of all of the other gamblers are losing money. But did you know that you can learn how to break even or win?

The skill you need to develop for sports betting is called “handicapping.” Sports handicapping is the process of evaluating games and lines to find profitable wagering opportunities. This isn’t an easy skill to develop, but with the right instruction and enough experience, you can learn enough to break even in the long run.

So, how long does it take to develop winning handicapping skills? The time varies, depending on how much you already know and how quickly you learn. But it can take hundreds of hours or more. So, this isn’t for the lazy bettor or the faint of heart.

Horse Racing Handicapping

Horse racing handicapping is somewhat similar to sporting event handicapping. But instead of evaluating sports teams, you’re evaluating horses and jockeys.

The betting system is also different in horse racing in comparison to the system used by sportsbooks, but it still leaves room for a smart handicapper to make money.

Jockey and His Race Horse

If you’re not a fan of horse racing, you should probably skip this tactic. But if you do enjoy horse racing, you should start learning more about how to handicap horse races.

Start by learning how pari-mutuel racing and gambling works. Then, start looking at past results and try to understand how they can predict future results. This isn’t a perfect science, but you can learn how to pick enough horses to finish in the money to make some long-term profits, or at least break even.

Blackjack Advantage Play

In the first section, you learned about how to play close to breakeven using blackjack. And you should continue using everything you learned in that section. But now, you’re going to learn about advantage plays that can take you beyond breaking even and straight into making profits.

The easiest blackjack advantage play is known as card counting. You can use a simple counting system to break even, and you can use a slightly more advanced counting system to make a profit. I highly recommend that every blackjack player learn more about counting cards.

Another form of advantage play is learning how to spot the value of cards when the blackjack dealer is dealing. Often called “hole carding,” this is an advanced technique that’s quite hard to do. But the advantage of knowing the value of a face down card is quite profitable.

The last two blackjack advantage techniques you need to be aware of are shuffle tracking and ace sequencing. These are also advanced techniques that are hard to do. But if you know how to count cards, you can see about adding these tools to your arsenal.


Breaking even when you gamble doesn’t seem like a great goal, but when you realize how much most gamblers lose, then breaking even starts to sound a whole lot better. When you learn the secrets on this page and start gambling at a breakeven pace, you can start investigating the many different ways to start making a profit while gambling.

As you learned in this article, you have to concentrate on a narrow set of activities. You can’t afford to play games that don’t have any realistic chance of breaking even.

Pick one of the tactics on this page and master it. Then, add a second tactic. Keep learning until you can break even while gambling using a wide range of activities and strategies.