Indiana Casinos: Majestic Star Casino Review

Majestic Star Casino Logo With a Craps Table Background

Gary, Indiana is perhaps best known as being the birthplace of the Jackson 5, but this historic town is also Northwest Indiana’s hottest gambling destination. That said, you won’t find just one but two casino riverboats in the area. The Majestic Star Casino and its sister, the Majestic Star Casino II.

This article touches on the original Majestic Star and you can bet that you will receive a gaming experience here and also on the Majestic Star II like none other in the area.

And while Gary is long past its heyday, this town may be richer in history than perhaps any other town in Indiana. From the Jackson 5 to the ghosts that reside in the abandoned buildings within the town from a time long since lost, enthusiasts from all backgrounds have Gary circled in red.

We’ll talk about what the casino contributes to the Indiana gambling scene, then we’ll get into the unique attractions Gary offers tourists.

The Majestic Star Casino Overview

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Majestic Star in Indiana’s Buffington Harbor, the three-story riverboat is the property of The Majestic Star Casino LLC. Back in 2007, Majestic Star purchased Trump Casino and renamed the boat the Majestic Star II.

Majestic Star Casino in Indiana

Today, Majestic Star and its sister property comprise a wide variety of casino games, including a combined 1,900 slot machines, table games, a high-stakes room, poker room, and even a baccarat room.

Ready to step onto the boat and dive into the specifics of the games offered on Majestic Star I?

Let’s get after it.

Gaming at The Majestic Star Casino

You know the casino gaming floor at The Majestic Star Casino is more than abundant when you have three stories’ worth of gaming action.

It starts with real money slots, where you’ll find the greatest classics like Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune while experiencing new games like Riches with Daikoku and Solstice Celebration.

Looking to enhance your poker game before you hit the tables?

Then video poker is definitely your happy place. So if you’re not ready to hit the live table gaming or are just learning the game, Majestic Star has your outlet.

Speaking of table games, what does this Ferry offer?

Majestic Star Casino Gambling Floor

How do Blackjack, Spanish 21, Super 3, and Craps sound? Mississippi Stud Progressive? Even better.

Take a peek into the Live Baccarat and Poker rooms for an even greater and more intimate experience, trying your hand against some of Northwest Indiana’s best and brightest table gamers.

And if you can’t make it onto the Ferry, don’t worry. Majestic Star has teamed with the Hard Rock Social Casino so you can enjoy your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home as long as you are locally located in Indiana.

So whether it’s the slots or tables you’re after, take advantage to enjoy the greatest online casino gaming experience.

Dining at The Majestic Star Casino

Looking for a quick break after all the casino gaming?

Hit up the dining options at The Majestic Star Casino. Here, you’ll find three stellar options that include a chop house, an in and out grill, and a coffee shop.

If you’re looking for the best gourmet dishes around, then the Majestic Chop House definitely has what you’re looking for. Especially if you’re craving a low-key, relaxing atmosphere.

So, whether you’re in the mood for some good old prime rib, salmon, or the classic American burger, then step right into the Majestic Chop House.

Chop House Restaurant in Majestic Star Casino

Looking to wind down after a long day of casino gaming? The Chop House is still grilling. Check out the bar and cool off with your favorite cocktails.

Want a taste of mouth-watering cuisine but hoping to capitalize on much-needed variety?

The Steel City Grill has it. Featuring the greatest burgers, sub sandwiches, wings, and beers on tap, you’ll find it at Steel City Grill.

Whether you’re in the mood for their signature coffee, sweets, or deli-style sandwiches, Jackpot Java Coffee Shop is your epicenter. So if you’re looking for something quick and sweet, or if you just need a pick-me-up, head over for a quick one before returning to the gaming floor.

Majestic Star Promotions

What’s a great casino these days without the best promotions in the region?

Nothing, really. Luckily, The Majestic Star Casino promotions and entertainment are off the hook. So if you’re looking for more ways to win or get entertained, Majestic Star provides.

You can expect recurring daily, monthly, and seasonal promos here at Majestic Star. So you’ll find ways to win up to $500 in free slot play, or earn 100 points with your Majestic Rewards Card to redeem for free gifts, casino comps and more.

You will find at least a few excellent promotions happening each month at Majestic Star. So the more you play, the more you can win.

But what if you can win on a daily basis every time you play?

Then sign up for Majestic Rewards, the best casino loyalty program in Northwest Indiana. Just sign up, play, and accumulate rewards points.

Earn perks like direct mailing offers, majestic cash, email, and birthday offers at the Bronze Level. And if you’re a hardcore casino gamer, you may just reach Premium status at 35,000 points. You’ll receive perks like invitations to exclusive events and even your own personal casino host.

Talk about top class, right?

Accommodations at The Majestic Star Casino and Local Attractions

Whether you’re looking for luxury or economic comfort, you will find the greatest hotels in Gary, Indiana will provide you with everything you’re looking for.

So, if you’re looking for something mainstream like the Holiday or Hampton, economical like a Motel 6, or something more upscale like a Hilton, you will find what you need in Gary.

And as mentioned, Gary, Indiana, has far more than its fair share of local attractions. We touched on the place as the birthplace of the Jackson 5. But despite the city’s declining status as a washed up mill town, there is plenty to love from every tourist who comes to the area.

So, a little background on Gary since you may find this story interesting: the city peaked at 178,000 residents per the 1960 census. Here in 2020, that number is hovering to just under 75,000 and dropping.

Union Station in Gary, Indiana

From its once luxurious status as one of America’s hottest steel mill towns, at least one-third of all the buildings in Gary now lay either empty or abandoned. Of all the towns in the Rust Belt, Gary has surely been hit the hardest.

However, for many of us, especially those of us into history, this place is a gold mine just waiting to be unraveled. So if you’re taking a day off from the casino gaming and wish to explore the area, then Gary is arguably the hottest spot for local attractions in the Midwest.

Gary is so historical that it has 20 places listed on the U.S. National Register for Historic Places.

The more notable attractions include the Ralph Waldo Emerson School, Morningside Historic District, Polk Street Concrete Historical District, Miller Town Hall, Gary Land Company Building, Jefferson Street Historic District, Horace Mann Historic District, and Union Station.

The above is just a sliver of historical buildings and districts that you can experience in Gary. And you would probably have to take two separate vacations, or experience casino gaming at two separate riverboat casinos, to cover the entire area.

So, what else does this historical town offer?

Sports teams include the Gary SouthShore RailCats, an independent professional baseball team that plays its home games at the US Steel Yard. The same stadium where Michael Jackson’s memorial service was held on July 10th, 2009, with 6,000 fans and the Jackson family in attendance.

US Steel Yard has also hosted several college baseball and little league baseball games. So if you’re a die-hard fan of amateur and independent professional baseball, this stadium is well worth the visit.

Michael Jackson's Childhood Home in Indiana

And perhaps the primary reason to take a day off from the casino and to explore Gary is to visit the childhood home of Michael Jackson, a two-bedroom house located at 2300 Jackson Street.

If you’re a fan of the King of Pop, then there is a lot of reason to visit Gary, Indiana, despite the city’s steep decline in recent years.

And if you wish, definitely pay a visit to the old Gary Works, which after 112 years is still the largest integrated steel mill in North America and at one time, the town’s primary employer enjoyed its status as the largest steel mill in the world.

At its peak in the early 1970s, the plant employed over 30,000 people. Today, the plant employs fewer than 5,000.

History buffs, rejoice. Gary is worth the visit when you need a day away from the riverboat.


The Majestic Star Casino is rocking with 1,900 slots and a large array of table gaming action across three stories.

You’ll definitely love all the casino gaming action on this Lake Michigan-based ferry and the dining options, plus the ongoing promotions make Majestic Star yet another hotspot in Gary, Indiana.

But Gary itself is laden with history and while the city is long past its prime, history and pop lovers rejoice, as the town is flowing with memorials to the King of Pop all over the city plus dozens of old, abandoned, yet historic structures across the cityscape.

Have you been to Majestic Star or have you made a trip out to Gary, Indiana? If so, tell us about your experience.