How to Win with Slots Now

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Slot machines are the worst casino games for winning money immediately. They pay more infrequently than anything else in the casino.

You may become frustrated when you’re not picking up many wins through slots. You might even start thinking that slot machines are rigged at this point.

Slots are never going to pay as consistently as blackjack or baccarat. However, you can boost your chances of winning now through certain strategies.

The following guide discusses what you must do to start winning immediately with slots. It can help you leave the casino as a winner rather than a loser.

Play Slots with Low Volatility for Immediate Winnings

Volatility is the hidden element that many gamblers overlook when it comes to slots results. It determines how likely you are to win in the short term.

By nature, slot machines are the most volatile games in the casino. They deliver very unpredictable results due to their uneven prize distribution. These machines offer everything from even-money payouts to jackpots worth five, six, or even seven figures.

Developers and casinos wouldn’t make much money if slots hit around 50% of the time. In fact, they’d lose money when jackpots and other large prizes are accounted for. Slot machines are programmed to account for these bigger payouts by delivering infrequent wins.

Of course, even slots differ from each other when it comes to volatility. Some games feature extreme ratings (e.g. 10 out of 10), while others are less harsh (e.g. 6 out of 10).

If you’re looking to win now, then you should play slots with medium (5/10 or 6/10) or medium-to-high volatility (7/10 or 8/10). These games will deliver payouts at a more consistent rate than the highly (9/10) and extremely (10/10) volatile slots.

Again, slot machines don’t pay consistently in general. The less-volatile games, though, have a better chance at delivering winnings now.

Check the Volatility Rating If Available

Some slots developers provide volatility ratings for their slots games. In this case, you can just visit the info screen for whatever slot you’re playing and check the rating.

Most developers offer a rating ranging from 1 through 10. Some differ, though, by featuring a rating going from 1 through 5.

Whatever the case may be, you can use these figures to determine your short-term chances of winning. A lower rating typically indicates that you’ll receive more-consistent payouts.

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Most modern slots feature volatility ratings worth 6/10 (3/5) or higher. You can use this figure as the baseline for where to start.

Volatility ratings are much more common among online slots. Assuming you’re playing at an internet casino, you’ll have an easier time finding these figures.

What to Look for If There’s No Volatility Rating

Not all developers have gotten onboard with providing volatility ratings. Some of them still don’t include this information.

In this situation, you’ll need to estimate the volatility by looking at the following factors. You may not be able to estimate the exact volatility, but you’ll at least be closer than randomly guessing.

High Hit Rate

Hit rate refers to how frequently a slot delivers payouts of any kind. Slots hit rates generally range from 20% to 35%.

A game that hits around 20% of the time or lower doesn’t pay very often. Meanwhile, slots that hit at around 35% or higher will deliver many wins.

Just because a game pays out, though, doesn’t mean that you’re actually winning money. Many slots prizes are worth less than your original stake (losses disguised as wins or “LDWs”).

Nevertheless, a high hit rate ensures that you’ll at least get something back from bets. This is another figure that, when available, is listed in the info screen.

Online developers are most likely to provide hit rates. In contrast, you’re less likely to find these figures with land-based machines.

Lower Maximum Payout

Slots vary quite a bit on their maximum prizes. Some games pay up to 100,000x your stake or even more. Others, meanwhile, feature max payouts only worth 1,000x the stake or lower.

Bigger top prizes create more thrills. The thought of winning 50,000x or 100,000x your bet is exciting.

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The downside, though, is that these huge prizes increase volatility. You’re probably dealing with a high or extremely volatile game when the max payout is 25,000x the stake or higher.

In contrast, a slot with a maximum payout that’s worth 3,000x your stake or less will be much less volatile. The payouts are going to be more evenly distributed as a result.

Few Features

Many sites today are bursting with features. These features boost payouts and make games much more entertaining.

For example, a slot may offer free spins, expanding wild symbols, scatter payouts, and a win multiplier. All of these extras can combine to produce huge wins.

The problem, though, is that they increase volatility greatly. You might need hundreds of rounds to unlock free spins, which is where the biggest payouts await.

Games with fewer features might not be as exciting. Nonetheless, they typically offer a more even distribution of payouts.

Other Tips for Winning with Slots Now

You can win more with slots immediately simply by considering volatility. However, you can also use some other tips to boost your winnings right now.

Focus on Hit Rates

Slots payouts don’t always deliver more than your original bet. Nevertheless, they at least help sustain your bankroll and give something back.

Therefore, a high hit rate is important when trying to earn winnings immediately. You’ll win more often than with the average slot if the hit rate is at least 25% or above.

30% or above is even better. You should earn a steady stream of prizes at this rate. Provided most of these payouts are higher than your stake, you’ll be banking profits.

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Take Advantage of Bonuses

Slots bonuses may not have anything to do with winning on the reels. They will, however, boost your bottom line.

If you’re going to play online slots, then you might as well take advantage of these deals. Slots bonuses generally fall into three categories:

  • No deposit bonus – You receive a bonus after completing registration—no deposit necessary.
  • Deposit bonus – The casino matches your deposit by a certain percentage (usually a 100% match).
  • Free spins – You receive free spins, which can be used on real-money slots to accumulate winnings.

No deposit bonuses are coveted because they don’t require you to risk anything. However, they have stricter terms and conditions than the average deal.

Deposit bonuses, which can include free spins, usually offer friendlier terms. The catch, though, is that they do require you to risk money.

Again, though, you might as well go for bonuses when you’re playing online anyways. This way, you can try racking up extra money on the side.

Be Realistic

Provided you follow the tips in this post, you’ll improve your odds of winning in the short run. Assuming everything goes well, you will bank slot profits right away.

Of course, the house holds an advantage with slot machines. This edge applies to both the short and long term.

Therefore, you can never guarantee that you’ll win anything in a given slot session. You’re more likely to lose money than win it—especially with how all slots are volatile to some degree.

You want to be realistic going into any given session. If you don’t win, then you shouldn’t be too shocked because it happens to everybody.

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RTP Can Play a Factor…But Not a Big Factor

When many slots players want to know their odds of winning, they look up payout percentages. As discussed before, RTP doesn’t have much of a long-term impact.

However, you shouldn’t completely disregard payback. RTP can play a slight role in how much you win on any given day.

You want to consider high-paying slots anyways. Assuming you play slots quite often, you’ll win more money over time by continually picking games with high RTP.

Our Conclusions

Slot machines aren’t designed to provide frequent prizes like baccarat or blackjack. They’re all volatile compared to the average casino game because they offer jackpots and other big payouts.

Regardless, you can at least improve your chances of winning now with strategy. You really want to focus on finding less-volatile slots. Lower volatility leads to more-consistent payouts.

You also want to check out hit rates if they’re available. A higher hit rate ensures that you’ll collect a steady stream of prizes.

RTP can even weigh into the matter to a lesser extent. Slots with high payout percentages may offer more money in the short run.