How to Win in Craps Now

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Nothing beats leaving the craps table with a huge pile of chips after a big night. The amount of times you experience this euphoria, though, depends upon the strategy you’re using.

With the wrong approach, you won’t win very frequently. Therefore, you should know the right bets to make to boost your chances of winning now.

The following guide discusses which wagers provide the best odds of winning immediately. It also discusses other tips you can use to earn more money at the craps tables.

Make Pass Line & Don’t Pass Line Bets

If you’re looking for a starting point regarding how to win now with craps, then pass line and don’t pass line bets are it. These wagers pay even money and are successful a high percentage of the time.

You’ll win 49.32% (251:244 odds) and 49.29% (976:949) of don’t pass line and pass line wagers, respectively. Few casino bets cash in at this high of a rate.

Pass line and don’t pass line aren’t just excellent for winning in the short term either. They also provide a strong chance to earn long-term profits.

Pass line and don’t pass line feature 1.41% and 1.36% house edges, respectively. These house advantages are two of the lowest gambling options in gaming.

Back Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line with Odds

The high chances of winning in craps don’t just stop with pass line and don’t pass line wagers. You can further boost your win potential with odds bets.

Odds are named for the fact that they pay at true odds of winning. As a result, they don’t carry a house advantage.

You place these wagers behind your original pass line or don’t pass line bet once a point is established. The given wager and the specific point number will determine your chances of winning.

Here are the probabilities and payouts based on the given point number and bet:

Pass Line

  • Point numbers 4 and 10 – 2:1 payout & odds (33.33% probability of winning)
  • Point numbers 5 and 9 – 3:2 payout & odds (40.0% probability of winning)
  • Point numbers 6 and 8 – 6:5 payout & odds (45.45% probability of winning)

Pass Line

  • Point numbers 4 and 10 – 1:2 payout & odds (66.67% probability of winning)
  • Point numbers 5 and 9 – 2:3 payout & odds (60.0% probability of winning)
  • Point numbers 6 and 8 – 5:6 payout & odds (54.55% probability of winning)

Assuming you want the best short-term chances of winning, you’ll target 4 and 10 point numbers with don’t past line and 6 and 8 points with pass line.

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Other Craps Bets to Consider for Immediate Winnings

The majority of craps wagers are best avoided due to their high house edges. Nevertheless, a few provide decent short- and long-term chances of winning.

Here are some additional bets that you might consider:

  • Lay 4 & 10 – Odds are 1:2; house edge is 2.44%
  • Lay 5 & 9 – Odds are 2:3; house edge is 3.23%
  • Lay 6 & 8 – Odds are 5:6; house edge is 4.00%
  • Place 6 & 8 – Odds are 6:5; house edge is 1.52%
  • Place 5 & 9 – Odds are 3:2; house edge is 4.00%

Bets to Avoid When Trying to Win Now

Some craps wagers can provide large payouts. These bets may be exciting when you’re trying to win big, but they don’t offer great odds in the short run.

Assuming you’re serious about winning immediately, then you want to avoid the following wagers:

  • 2 & 12 – Odds are 35:1; house edge is 13.89%
  • 3 & 11 (Yo) – Odds are 17:1; house edge is 11.11%
  • Hi-Lo (2 or 12) – Odds are 17:1; house edge is 11.11%
  • Hard 6 or 8 – Odds are 10:1; house edge is 9.09%
  • Hard 4 & 10 – Odds are 8:1; house edge is 11.11%

Will You Ultimately Win Now with Craps?

By placing the bets highlighted in this post, you stand a much stronger chance of winning now. However, nothing is guaranteed in craps.

You can continuously place wagers with the best short-term odds and still lose. After all, casinos have an edge with nearly every bet.

Their house edges range from 1.36% with don’t pass line all the way up to 16.67% for “Any 7.” The only exception is odds, which don’t carry a house advantage.

However, you must still make a pass line or don’t pass line bet before placing an odds wager. You’ll still be facing the house edge no matter what size of odds you take.

The following numbers illustrate this point:

  • 0x odds – 1.36% on don’t pass line; 1.41% on pass line
  • 1x – 0.682% on don’t pass line; 0.848% on pass line
  • 2x – 0.455% on don’t pass line; 0.606% on pass line
  • Full double – 0.431% on don’t pass line; 0.572% on pass line
  • 3x – 0.341% on don’t pass line; 0.471% on pass line
  • 3x/4x/5x – 0.273% on don’t pass line; 0.374% on pass line
  • 5x – 0.227% on don’t pass line; 0.326% on pass line
  • 10x – 0.124% on don’t pass line; 0.184% on pass line

The aim of this post is to improve your chances of winning now. However, you do need to consider the house edge with every bet. The house advantage even impacts your short-term chances to some degree.

Other Craps Tips to Consider

You should do well in any given craps session by focusing on the bets covered above. The following tips provide additional advice on how to win.

Set Up a Bankroll Plan

Craps may not be the first casino game that comes to mind regarding bankroll management. Many players simply step up to the table, start betting, and root for their respective results.

You’ll be ahead of fellow gamblers, though, by adopting a bankroll plan. The first step to managing your bankroll involves figuring out how much you can risk on the game.

Casino Craps Table

This amount should be money that you’re completely willing to part with and those not anything that’s meant to pay bills. After determining the size of your bankroll, you can move towards figuring out your stake size.

Here’s an example on doing this:

  • You want to make pass line bets (1.41% house edge).
  • You plan on wagering $5 per pass line bet.
  • 5 x 0.141 = 0.0705
  • You stand to lose $0.071 on each of these wagers.
  • Your bankroll is worth $100.
  • 100 / 0.071 = 1,408.5
  • Your bankroll will theoretically let you place 1,408.5 pass line wagers.

You can run the numbers through different examples to find stakes that suit you. The key involves choosing bets that you’re comfortable with.

Consider Online Craps

Live craps is definitely more exciting than the online version. It allows you to actually roll the dice and celebrate with other players after winning.

However, online craps is also worth considering for a couple of reasons. First off, you only need to risk $1 per roll. If you’re dealing with a small bankroll, then you’ll appreciate this aspect.

Mobile craps also cuts out any travel time associated with visiting land-based casinos. All you need to do is pull out your phone and start playing.

Go for Craps Bonuses

Bonuses provide yet another reason to try online craps. Some mobile casinos offer deposit bonuses to craps players.

Most of these deals see you use the bonus to accumulate winnings. You’ll then be able to cash out winnings after meeting terms and conditions.

Some craps bonuses are worth up to hundreds of dollars. For example, an online casino might offer a 100% match bonus worth up to $500. If you’re looking to make serious extra money, then these deals are definitely worthwhile.

Collect Loyalty Rewards

You can pick up loyalty rewards in both land-based and online casinos. These perks give you something extra for playing craps at casinos.

The comps at brick-and-mortar casinos are especially enticing. They include everything from free drinks to spa visits. If you’re somebody who likes tangible rewards, then you’ll appreciate what the live craps scene offers.

Harrah's Purple Craps Table

Online casinos offer cash back and other freebies. Regarding the latter, you might receive additional deposit bonuses and free slots spins.

Don’t Expect Winnings Every Time

Even if you follow everything in this post to a T, you can’t expect winnings each time out. Therefore, you should be realistic about your chances of winning.

If you make pass line and/or don’t pass line bets backed with odds, you have almost a 50% chance of winning. Even still, the casino will hold a slight edge.

Fortunately, you don’t need much luck to beat the casino with these odds. This is especially the case if you stick to the strategies covered here.


Don’t pass line and pass line wagers are great starting points when you’re looking to beat craps now. They each offer great short and long-term odds of winning.

Provided you have the extra money, you can back pass line and don’t pass line bets with odds. You’ll especially have a great shot at winning when betting odds on pass line point numbers of 6 and 8 and don’t pass line points of 4 and 10.

Some of the other bets covered in this post also provide a decent chance to win. You might look towards any of the “Lay” wagers to spice up your session and still have a good opportunity to win.