How to Win a Big Online Bingo Jackpot

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Bingo may not be the first game that comes to mind when you think of huge jackpots. Nevertheless, you can certainly find some large bingo jackpots—especially online.

But you can’t just choose any site and expect to win big. After all, not every online bingo room features life-changing prizes.

This guide discusses what kind of bingo jackpots are available along with how you can find the biggest payouts. It also covers tips for improving your chances of winning.

What Kind of Bingo Jackpots Are Available Online?

The bingo world offers different types of jackpots. Therefore, you need to know what you’re looking for before finding the best opportunities.

The three main types of bingo jackpots include:

  • Fixed jackpot
  • Rollover jackpot
  • Progressive jackpot

A fixed prize doesn’t change in value. For example, a $1,000 fixed jackpot will always be worth $1k.f

A rollover bingo jackpot begins at a set amount (e.g. $1k). If it goes unclaimed, then the prize will increase for the following session.

The increase depends upon how many people played the rollover game in the previous round. Operators must ensure that minimum rollover is met (e.g. $200), regardless of how many gamblers play.

Progressive bingo jackpots take small amounts from each ticket/card sale. For example, a progressive prize might take $0.02 for every $1 in ticket sales.

These jackpots keep growing until somebody wins. They have the potential to be worth the most money among the three bingo jackpot types.

The biggest progressive payouts have the stingiest rules. For instance, you might need to get five out of the first six called numbers—an incredibly difficult feat—to win a 75-ball jackpot.

Finding the Largest Bingo Prizes

You can’t win big if you don’t play for the right jackpots. That said, you must know how to find the largest bingo payouts.

Any jackpot can be worth significant money if an operator so chooses. For example, the UK’s National Bingo Game offers a “Big N” rollover prize that has exceeded £1 million in the past.

Generally speaking, though, progressive jackpots deliver the biggest fortunes on average. The online bingo world features plenty of six-figure and even seven-figure payouts.

UK-facing bingo sites offer the largest jackpots. You’ll need to live in the UK to legally play for the biggest prizes.

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Of course, you can find decent jackpots in other countries too. But given that no country is as passionate about bingo as the UK, you must live here to pursue the largest progressive payouts.

Certain UK-facing rooms feature games that give you a chance to win up to £1.5 million. The latter is an online network jackpot that can only be won when you get a full house (15 balls in 90-ball bingo) within the first 15 calls.

You’re highly unlikely to ever accomplish this feat. Therefore, this game also gives you a chance to win £25,000 for a full house within 31-35 calls and £2,500 within 36-40 calls.

Tips for Chasing Bingo Jackpots

You can’t use much strategy to influence your odds of winning the big one. However, the following tips will at least give you a better chance at capturing a huge bingo prize.

Tip #1: Look for Progressive Jackpots that Have Grown Considerably

Again, progressive jackpots are where it’s at if you want to win serious money. These prizes continue growing and, under the right circumstances, can reach six or seven figures.

Occasionally, you’ll run into a bingo jackpot that just keeps growing and growing. You can look forward to more expected value from your bets in these cases due to the larger top prize.

After all, the amount you must pay for a chance at winning (e.g. $2) doesn’t increase. But given that the jackpot has grown to an immense value, you get more theoretical value from your wagers.

Here’s an example to explain:

  • The progressive jackpot begins at $50,000.
  • Somebody normally wins this prize at between $100,000 and $150,000.
  • However, nobody has been able to win the payout lately.
  • The top prize reaches $500,000.
  • You’re now getting much more theoretical value on your bets.

Tip #2: Play Online Bingo

You can find huge payouts in both internet and land-based bingo rooms. But most of the largest prizes are available in online rooms.

As a result, you should begin your search for the biggest online bingo jackpots through your phone or PC/Mac. Not every site offers life-changing money, but some do feature spectacular payouts.

It also helps tremendously if you live in the UK. This country, which is fanatical about bingo, features the majority of six- and seven-figure jackpots.

Tip #3: Prepare for Volatility

Just like with the odds of winning the lottery, you stand a higher chance of being struck by lightning than winning a $1 million bingo payout. You also have to contend with cold streaks where you won’t win many smaller prizes either.

The latter situation is what really hits your bankroll hard. You’ll find it difficult to sustain your bankroll when you aren’t regularly scooping payouts.

The larger wins and jackpots (for the lucky ones) are what even everything out. Therefore, you need to contend with bingo’s volatility before you can win big.

Tip #4: Have the Proper Bankroll

You can start playing online bingo with as little as $10⁠—or whatever the minimum deposit may be. From here, you can oftentimes buy tickets for $0.10 or less.

Of course, you can’t expect to last long when starting out with a small bankroll. This is especially true when you’re playing for jackpots.

The volatility will see you go through plenty of droughts. It’s during these times when having a significant bankroll pays off the most.

I suggest starting out with a bankroll that can buy at least 100 cards for whatever stakes you play. This amount ensures that you can lose plenty of times before losing your roll.

Here’s an example on bankroll management:

  • You’re eyeing an online jackpot game that features $2 tickets.
  • You want to have enough to cover 100 cards.
  • 100 x 2 = $200
  • You should save up at least $200 before playing this game.

Tip #5: Be a Smart Gambler

Part of good bankroll management is ensuring that you make smart decisions. You never want to play with money that you don’t have or choose uncomfortable stakes.

For example, you shouldn’t deposit $200 onto a bingo site that’s meant for the electric or water bill. You only want to use extra money that you can afford to lose.

Closeup of a Bingo Card

Likewise, you need to avoid paying $10 for cards when you have a $50 bankroll. Otherwise, you’re only giving yourself five chances before busting.

I suggest coming up with a bankroll management plan before you begin playing. This plan should start with going through your finances and determining what you can comfortably risk.

Tip #6: Take Advantage of Bingo Bonuses

Most online sites offer a welcome bonus to new players. These deals give you an opportunity to earn money on the side of your normal winnings.

For example, an online room might feature a 100% match deposit bonus worth up to $100. If you deposit $60 under this deal, for example, you’ll be eligible for a $60 bonus.

I highly recommend that you read the terms and conditions behind welcome bonuses before going for them.

The T&Cs explain all requirements behind such offers. This way, you know exactly what’s expected of you before pursuing bonus money.

Tip #7: Realize that You Face Long Odds

I’ll be upfront: you don’t stand great odds of ever winning big through bingo. Sure, you’ll collect plenty of nice prizes along the way.

But the odds are long of you winning a seven- or even six-figure jackpot. You should prepare for the likelihood that you won’t ultimately get rich.

Nevertheless, somebody has to win the big prize. You might as well take your chance at winning a massive jackpot.


You can’t will your way to a life-changing jackpot. After all, this game doesn’t involve a lot of strategy.

However, you can at least give yourself a better opportunity to win serious money. Everything begins with picking a bingo site that offers a large jackpot.

From here, you want to play within your means. Come up with a bankroll management plan and stick with it.

The long odds behind bingo jackpots mean that you’ll have a difficult time getting rich. But you can at least have fun while chasing jackpots, provided you don’t go over your budget.