How You Can Win $1 Million Playing Three-Card Poker

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Three-Card Poker doesn’t jump out as the first game that would offer $1 million jackpots. Unlike slot machines or even Caribbean Stud, this game doesn’t have a reputation for massive prizes.

However, you might be surprised to know that Three-Card Poker does offer the ability to win seven figures. In fact, some players have accomplished this very feat.

Assuming you’re interested in learning how to get rich through Three-Card Poker, you can check out the guide presented below. It covers the following:

  1. Three-Card Poker rules
  2. How to chase progressive jackpots
  3. Some of the biggest winners
  4. Your chances of winning $1 million through this game

Basics of Three-Card Poker

Every round of Three-Card Poker begins with you and other players making an ante bet. Most land-based casinos require you to bet at least $5 on the ante. Online casinos, meanwhile, usually only require a $1 minimum wager.

You can also place an optional jackpot side bet during the ante. These side bets generally cost between $1 and $15. The latter amount qualifies you for the biggest Three-Card Poker jackpots.

Once the initial betting round is complete, you and the dealer receive three face-down cards (a.k.a. hole cards). After looking over your cards, you can decide whether to make the play bet (same size as ante).

If you do place the play bet, you’ll reach the showdown. In the showdown, you and the dealer compare hands to see who wins.

The showdown features the following rules:

  • The dealer needs at least queen-high to qualify.
  • If they don’t have a queen or better, you automatically win even money on the ante and push on the play bet.
  • When the dealer qualifies, they compare their cards to yours.
  • You win even money on the ante and play bets if your hand is stronger than the dealer’s.
  • The croupier wins both of your bets if they have a better hand.
  • You push on both bets if you tie the dealer.

Three-Card Poker offers side payouts beyond just the jackpots that we’ll cover later. First off you could win one of the following “Ante Bonus” payouts based on your standard ante bet:

  • 1:1 for a straight
  • 4:1 for a three of a kind
  • 5:1 for a straight flush

Finally, this game features a (non-jackpot) side bet called Pair Plus. Assuming you place this bet at the start of a round, you stand to win the following payouts:

  • 1:1 for a pair
  • 4:1 for a flush
  • 5:1 for a straight
  • 30:1 for a three of a kind
  • 40:1 for a straight flush

How to Play for Three-Card Poker Jackpots

A Three-Card Poker table features various circles for each bet. A circle is reserved for the ante, play, Pair Plus, and jackpot wagers.

You simply put your chips in the appropriate section. Assuming want to play for the jackpot, for example, then you need to put chips in the jackpot circle.

Keep in mind, though, that not all Three-Card Poker games offer progressive prizes. Therefore, you should check to see if a progressive jackpot is available before playing.

Closeup of a Man Making a Three Card Poker Bet

Jackpot bets vary in size. Some three-card games only require a $1 wager, while others may call on you to risk $5, $10, or $15.

The thought of putting down between $5 and $15 may not be as appealing as risking a dollar to win big. However, larger bets are more likely to pump a progressive jackpot up to $1 million or more.

You have to place an ante bet before being eligible for the jackpot wager. You also need to make the play bet later to reach the end of a round, where you’ll officially qualify for a jackpot (when available).

Standard Three-Card Poker Jackpot Pay Table

A jackpot bet qualifies you for more than just the progressive payout. You can also win other payouts too for getting big hands like a straight flush.

Here’s a typical jackpot pay table for Three-Card Poker:

  • Mini royal (AKQ) full of spades = Full jackpot
  • Mini royal full of any other suit = 10% of jackpot
  • Straight flush = 70:1 payout
  • Three of a kind = 60:1 payout
  • Straight = 6:1 payout

As I’ll cover later, you don’t have great odds of landing a suited mini royal flush. But you will pick up a fair amount of straights, three of a kinds, and straight flushes.

These smaller payouts may not be akin to a seven-figure prize. However, they’ll provide bankroll boosts while you chase the big one.

$1 Million Three-Card Poker Jackpots Do Exist in Land-Based Casinos

Three-Card Poker discreetly offers some of the biggest payouts available in brick-and-mortar casinos. In fact, plenty of gamblers have won over $1 million playing this game.

In July 2019, an anonymous player at Caesars Palace Las Vegas won $1.46 million. Caesars noted that the unidentified gambler was “in shock” after winning so much money.

Dorothy Boone is another of the biggest three-card winners ever. The Temple, Texas native went on a trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, with her husband.

The couple was originally going to visit Laughlin, NV. However, they chose to visit Lake Tahoe instead on the advice of a friend.

While playing at Harveys Lake Tahoe Casino, Dorothy Boone won a jackpot worth $1,340,518. Afterward, Boone said that she was going to buy a new house and visit Disney World with her grandchildren.

Sean Barry is yet another person who’s netted seven figures from Three-Card Poker. The Ohio native was playing at The Venetian Las Vegas in June 2019 when he got a mini royal flush full of clubs to win $1 million.

These stories represent just some of the times that gamblers have gotten rich through Three-Card Poker. Plenty of other people have won big in Las Vegas and beyond.

Chances of Winning a Massive Three-Card Poker Jackpot

You’ll most likely be playing a lot of Three-Card Poker before getting a suited mini royal. But you at least don’t have to deal with astronomical slots jackpot-like odds.

The odds of you receiving a mini royal of any suit are 1 in 5,252. That said, you stand 1 in 22,100 odds of getting a mini royal full of spades (or whatever suit offers the jackpot).

The house advantage on the three-card jackpot bet is atrocious at first. Casinos typically hold around a 30% edge when they first seed the progressive payout.

Online Three Card Poker Game Screenshot

As players bet money into the pot, though, the top payout begins to rise. In turn, the jackpot wager offers better expected value (EV).

You’ll be looking forward to +EV (over 100% RTP) when the top prize grows large enough. The +EV point varies based on the required bet size.

Generally speaking, though, the 100%+ RTP point happens when the jackpot reaches between $20,000 and $100,000. With a $1 million prize, you’ll be getting lots of theoretical value from each bet.

Do Online Casinos Offer $1 Million Three-Card Poker Jackpots?

You can see that land-based casinos offer life-changing three-card jackpots. But can you look forward to the same kind of win potential at real money online casinos?

Normally, internet casinos are good at matching or at least coming close to the prizes available in brick-and-mortar establishments. However, Three-Card Poker isn’t one of these cases.

Some gaming sites feature three-card jackpots. But these prizes don’t come anywhere near what’s available in certain Vegas casinos.

You can look forward to some nice wins in internet casinos, especially regarding side bets. You’re just not going to get rich through any online Three-Card Poker jackpots, though.


Three-Card Poker will never be the first game that comes to mind when it comes to winning a huge jackpot. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re hunting for big payouts.

This game has provided plenty of seven-figure wins in the past. You can find million-dollar three-card jackpots in the biggest Vegas casinos and beyond.

The only catch is that Three-Card Poker requires a larger minimum bet than the average jackpot slot. All games connected to $1 million jackpots demand between $5 and $15 wagers.

If you like playing poker and want to chase life-changing prizes, though, then these bets can be worthwhile. It’s not like you have to make the jackpot bet every time either. You can instead mix them in whenever you feel like doing so.