How to Take Your Blackjack Bankroll from Bleak to Boom

Blackjack Hand and a Roll of Money

Your blackjack bankroll’s status will have significant impacts on everything from how long you can spend at the tables to what your bet size will be. It’s obvious that you want the biggest bankroll possible.

However, many casino gamblers struggle with building and maintaining a healthy bankroll. Here’s how to take your blackjack bankroll from bleak to boom.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Learning and implementing basic blackjack strategy is one of the easiest and most sure-fire methods for taking your blackjack bankroll to the next level.

You don’t even need to memorize the strategy that uses your hand and the dealer’s up card to determine the best play. You can sith down at any casino in the United States with a strategy card in hand and play to your heart’s content.

Most casinos even have the “cheat sheets” for sale in the gift shop. Using basic strategy, for 100% of the hands you play will drop the house edge to under 1%.

Las Atlantis Online Blackjack

Those are the best odds you’ll find in almost any casino. So, even if you aren’t winning every hand, the perfect execution of basic strategy should keep you in the game long enough for fortune to turn your way.

Allowing you to rack up a string of wins quickly. In order to achieve the booming bankroll you seek, take the winnings you acquire and dedicate this money to the bankroll.

Never Take the Insurance Bet

It may be tempting to see the dealers Ace staring back at you and think it wise to take the insurance bet. After all, the casino is offering you a way out of losing your entire wager.

I’ll keep this simple. If the casino weren’t making money off the insurance bet, they wouldn’t offer it.

Insurance seems like a solid avenue for hedging your bet. However, the fact is that you’ll come out far ahead in the long run by keeping these chips in your stack and moving on.

Remember, the insurance only pays IF the dealer actually has a blackjack.

You could just as easily place the insurance bet and lose the hand. This only serves to snowball your losses.

I can assure you, any wins when the dealer actually has 21 will be mitigated by the number of times the dealer misses the blackjack.

To put it mildly, buying insurance at the blackjack table is a sucker bet.

Steer Clear of 6 to 5 Games

Real money blackjack typically pays 3 to 2 for a blackjack. That means you win $30 on a $20 bet for blackjack.

Some casinos want to tilt the house advantage a little bit farther into their favor and have created games that only pay 6 to 5.

It’s a clever ploy because most gamblers don’t pay attention to how truly terrible this small change is. Let’s look at it a little closer and see if you spot why this type of table can ruin a bankroll.

Blackjack Dealer Dealing Three Hands

That same $20 bet that paid $30 on blackjack is now paying $24. That’s a tremendous drop in your profit.

You’re giving up nearly 30% of your potential profits under this scenario. Still, sound like a small change to the rules?

Stay on the 3 to 2 tables. If you find yourself that doesn’t offer a solid 3 to 2 game, play video poker or another game with a low house edge.

You may miss out on your favorite game, which can be hard to do, but you’ll secure your blackjack bankroll until you can find a more favorable game.

Skip the Martingale Betting System

Don’t fall victim to casino betting systems like the Martingale System. These strategies encourage you to raise or lower your bet amount based on the previous hand.

These systems are, by their very nature, fallible. Blackjack is a game where skill can increase your odds, but its core remains a game of chance.

You aren’t any more likely to hit a blackjack on the next hand as you were the last.

Of course, if you’re a world-class card counter, you know that there are times that increasing your bet is the prudent play. Unfortunately, you aren’t a world-class card counter.

Stick to the consistent bet size. Whenever I’m at the table and see a player lose a hand and begin to double their bets until a win, I know their time at the table will be short-lived.

Some players will even incorporate basic strategy and this type of progressive strategy. They may see some decent success with this approach for a moment.

Eventually, they’ll hit a tough run of cards, and the casino’s table limits will catch up to them. When this happens, any profits will quickly disappear.

Avoiding varied bet sizes is a simple and effective way to protect your blackjack bankroll.

Double Down on 10

If you’re playing with a strategy card, you should always be doing this. However, it bears repeating.

Always double down on 10 when the dealer’s upcard is 9 or lower. The odds are forever in your favor on this one.

The only time you shouldn’t double down on 10 when the dealer’s upcard is 9 or lower is never. Always double down on 10 when the dealer’s upcard is 9 or lower.

By doubling down on these bets, you’ll make up some ground on the hands you lose. You won’t win every time.

In fact, you may lose a couple in a row using this strategy. Don’t get discouraged and abandon ship.

Stay the course, and the math will catch up. I assure you this may be the difference between bankroll bliss and bankroll bust.

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

The Gambler’s Fallacy is the misguided ideology that because a particular outcome has occurred a disproportionate number of times in succession that it’s less likely to occur again.

That’s not the case. The cards don’t care if you won 15 hands in a row or lost 100.

You aren’t suddenly due because of a bad losing streak. The cards are largely random, and the Universe isn’t conspiring against you in any way.

This can go either way. I’ve seen hundreds of players go on a winning streak and believe they couldn’t lose.

Closeup of a Blackjack Game

These lucky players begin to double and triple their wager. Eventually, the numbers begin to even out, and the losses start coming.

When this happens, I sometimes see players inexplicably begin to press even further. My only guess is that some people love giving the poor casinos their hard-earned money.

It seems counter-intuitive to raise your bet size when you’re winning, then double down when you start to lose.

Stay away from this type of fallacious reasoning. Play with an even keel.

Keep your bet size the same for your entire session. Your bankroll will begin to be much healthier and grow like a weed.

Set Casino Gambling Limits and Stick to Them

Veteran casino gamblers understand the importance of setting strict limits and sticking to them.

The first thing you should set a limit on is your budget. It would be best always to have a loss limit and a winning limit before you ever walk into the casino.

It would help if you were mentally prepared to walk away as soon as you reach either limit. By setting a solid winning limit, let’s use $300, you are setting your bankroll up for success.

When you get to your win limit, you are done for the day and move onto other activities. You’ve increased your blackjack bankroll and had a great session.

Your limit can be whatever you set it from $20 on up, but keep it realistic. Having a $10,000 winning limit is ridiculous if you’re playing for $10 or even $20 a hand. The losing limit you set is obviously a significant number as well. Unfortunately for some gamblers, this can be much more difficult to adhere to than a win limit.

Setting and sticking to a loss limit is casino bankroll management 101. It may very well be the most important factor in taking your bankroll from bleak to boom.

This goes to my number one casino gambling rule, no trips to the ATM. Play with the cash in your pocket and call it quits when it’s gone.

Novice casino gamblers often overlook time limits. Still, the amount of time you spend on the tables can have a dramatic impact on your bankroll’s health.

Players can make poor decisions when they become tired. This cloudy judgment can lead to misplays.

Conversely, some players will begin to make ultra-aggressive bets in an effort to boost the adrenaline and pep up. This may have catastrophic effects on your blackjack bankroll.

Set a time limit before you hit the casino, set the alarm on your cell phone, and call it a day when you’ve hit the time limit.

Set limits on your casino gambling and watch that blackjack bankroll build.


These small steps can have a wonderful influence on your blackjack bankroll. Incorporate a solid betting strategy while maintaining a healthy approach.

You’ll no doubt take your blackjack bankroll from bleak to boom.