How to Stay Cool in the Casino And Why You’ll Make More Money

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Remaining centered regardless of how the session is going is one of the most challenging gambling traits to learn. It also happens to be among the most rewarding traits a casino gambler can possess.

Players who lack emotional regulation are prone to peaks and valleys in the casino. That may sound harmless because they’ll average out. But you’ll experience far more low points than high.

Casino gambling is a long game; you don’t want to go broke early in the game. Your goal should be to go as deep as possible into a session.

Knowing how to stay cool in the casino will protect you from the wild swings between your ears and in your billfold. You also make more money when you remain calm on the casino floor.

You’re Not a Professional, Don’t Pretend to Be

Generally speaking, people want to appear capable and confident. In casinos, the result of this inner desire to belong manifests itself in strange ways.

One of the common mistakes I see novice gamblers making is imitating professional gamblers. Or, more specifically, their perception of professional gamblers.

Since they don’t have any live coverage on ESPN of the Vegas card counters in action, many recreational gamblers’ only insight to the world of professional gamblers is televised poker. Of course, these players are all individuals, and some have a difficult time checking their emotions.

Then there are the images of professional gamblers we get through film and television. These images are nothing more than a dramatized version of a character that suits public consumption.

The reality is that most professional gamblers are relatively ordinary people that you would overlook under normal conditions. Taking yourself seriously to the point of losing your cool does you zero favors.

Instead, it would be best to emphasize enjoying the time in the casino as yourself. That means if you’re a rookie gambler, be a rookie.

Trying to represent yourself as a savvy veteran won’t fool anyone. Besides, you may learn a thing or two by experiencing the casino as a newbie.

The lessons you learn by not playing a casino character can lead to more significant wins down the line. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to have fun at the casino and receive more veteran guidance.

Learn to Have Fun without Winning

Casino gambling is geared toward entertaining. The notion that you’re supposed to win money is not based on reality.

Learn to enjoy the games regardless of wins or losses if you want to make the most of your casino adventure. The exercise of enjoying the games when you’re losing won’t sit well with many advanced gamblers.

But if you’re a veteran of casino gambling that isn’t having fun unless you’re winning, you’re wasting your time.

Think back to when you began gambling; it was entertaining. Your losses were merely the cost of doing business.

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What are some of the aspects you loved the most about casino gambling?

Work on emphasizing these areas of the games. You won’t win consistently in the casino until you develop and implement advantage gambling techniques.

If you are an advantage gambler, you too will benefit from having fun in the casino. The variance of casino games will cause losing streaks but enjoying the process will help the losses pass more quickly.

I want you to win as much money as possible in the casino. Whether you succeed is primarily your responsibility but staying cool in the casino is entirely up to the player.

In my experience, I play much more smoothly when I’m having fun.

Don’t Take Losses Personally

One of the most critical steps a player can take is eliminating the negative emotions from losses. You can’t take losses personally and succeed as a gambler.

That’s as true for poker players as it is for sports bettors. The casinos are full of mathematical anomalies, and it’s crucial that you only look at the long-term.

Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of casino patrons are going to lose consistently. If you twist off after every loss, you’re going to have a series of disastrous casino trips.

Each session will be more devastating than the last. Eventually, this frustration will turn into anger and boil over into a massive blowout.

There are two approaches for players that want to stop taking losses so personally. The first way is to look at your gambling sessions like a business.

Approaching the games void of all emotion will ensure that you keep a relaxed calculated demeanor but takes much of the fun out of the games.

Many gamblers find this too rigid and rob some of the joy from gambling. These players prefer to accept losses as a natural part of gambling.

Having a positive mental attitude allows players to ignore the losses and focus on the entertainment. Wins garner more attention than losses, but an even keel is maintained.

When you’re gambling for fun, that should be the only focus.

Wins Shouldn’t Launch You into a Manic Episode Either

Going on a winning streak can do as much harm to a player’s bankroll as a winning streak. What happens when a player becomes so overwhelmed by the excitement of winning that all sound judgment goes out the window.

The first time I saw a player go bankrupt from a winning streak, I wasn’t sure I’d ever gamble again. I played roulette with a friend in one of Louisiana’s finest riverboat casinos. My buddy had gone up over $500 in under an hour with no signs of slowing down.

Before we knew it, he had a stack of over $3k in front of him. We were set to party our tails off, and I was looking forward to the free trip.

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As the drinks flowed and the wins continued, my friend became more arrogant. He began making bets worth the table max and several bets at a time.

Before I could completely register what was transpiring, he had lost everything. In his manic state, he quickly burned through all of his wins. Plus, he had given away every penny he brought trying to recoup those wins.

I was shaken; that was one of the most painful but valuable casino lessons I’ve ever learned.

Root Against Yourself if You Go Nuts

Sometimes a little reverse psychology can go a long way. I’ll remind myself that I hope they lose whenever someone goes tilt in the casino.

That goes double for me, and I mean it. Whenever I feel myself getting twisted, I’ll tell myself that if I can’t stay calm on the inside and outside, it’s game over.

By sending my brain these subconscious messages, it becomes easier to brush off losses. I’m mentally prepared for the ordeal when I get a bad beat or take a brutal string of failures.

You’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable casino gambling is when you’re not waiting to lose your temper. Eliminate the freakouts in the casino, and you’ll consistently leave with more money.

There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

Nothing in the world is better for helping a player learn to keep their cool than hard work. That should include a healthy dose of practice.

Practice is a great way to develop the mindset necessary to keep calm when things aren’t going the way you hoped. One area that practice is perfect for creating is staying the course regardless of results.

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To become successful as a gambler, you must be consistent. Practice breeds consistency better than anything.

When you’re accustomed to taking the losses as they come, staying cool in the casino is much easier. Still, you shouldn’t merely play online to lose. You should develop a strategy and stick to the course regardless of what the game throws your way.

Remember That You’re Playing a Game

At the end of the day, you’re playing a game. If you regularly lose your cool playing board games with the family, you probably shouldn’t expect different results in the casino.

It would be best if you changed how you see games fundamentally. In the casino, most games represent competition with the house.

However, you’re not going to beat the casino long-term. Instead, you need to understand that you’re exchanging money for entertainment.

When you can enjoy the casino games as the losing proposition, you won’t be angry when you lose. Besides, you look like a clown getting mad and taking your frustrations out on the dealer or other players.

In Summary

If you learn to stay cool in the casino, you’ll leave with more money. It’s a simple problem that can have a complex solution.

One of the most important things to focus on is the enjoyment you’re getting from the games. If you stop having fun in the casino, it’s probably time to leave.