How to Score Free Drinks in Las Vegas

Hand Holding Out Beer, Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
You used to find free drinks in Las Vegas as easily as those tacky escort cards that you’re handed on the Vegas Strip. You didn’t even need to gamble to get a drink—you could just be watching a friend play!

Unfortunately, Sin City has tightened up on the free alcoholic beverages. Some casinos are such misers that they’ve installed machines that deem when your play warrants drinks.

Free alcohol is starting to vanish just like free parking. However, this trend doesn’t mean that freebies are dead in Vegas. You can use the following tips to cash in on free drinks before they go extinct.

1 – Play Table Games

Table games offer the easiest path towards cost-free booze in Sin City. You can sit down and gamble real money in blackjack or a baccarat table, for example, to begin working towards a drink. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a million dollars.

As long as you’re betting at the table for a reasonable amount of time, then the cocktail waitress should stop by.

The rate at which you receive beverages will depend upon the casino. Your bet sizes may come into play as well.

Nevertheless, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be served at some point when playing table games. For whatever reason, cocktail waitresses seem to favor table gamblers above all.

2 – Play Slot Machines

You won’t gain the attention of a waitress as quickly at slot machines as you will at tables. However, you can still get drinks while playing slots.

Some gamblers make the mistake of trying to trick the staff into serving them. They think that performing a few spins on a penny slot machine will keep the drinks flowing.

Casino Slot Machines

You don’t want to fall into this trap. The waitress will almost assuredly notice that you’re not actually spinning the reels and ignore you.

If you’re this desperate for a drink, then head to a cheap dive bar. Don’t waste your time making 10 spins per hour and waiting forever to get alcohol.

Assuming you actually plan to play slots, though, then you won’t have any trouble getting served at some point. You’ll especially draw attention if you’re a playing dollar slot machine.

3 – Tip the Cocktail Waitress

You don’t want to stiff the cocktail waitress when you finally do get a beer or mixed drink. They’re less likely to come around and serve you again if they don’t get tipped.

That said, you should give them a dollar at least every other time you’re served. I personally recommend tipping $1 every time.

After all, what’s cheaper: paying the waitress $1 for a drink or shelling out $10 for a bottle of Budweiser?

You also want to avoid gambling with frugal friends. If you’re with a group of four people and you’re the only one tipping, then you’ll be considered a cheapskate by association.

4 – Be a Woman

If you’re a lady, then you have a much stronger chance of receiving free drinks in Sin City. Certain establishments even go out of their way to ensure that the fairer sex drinks free.

The latter scenario is especially true during Ladies Night or similar promotions. Vegas bars open up the taps to draw women so they also draw the guys.

Two Women by Pool, Cheers, Drinks

Your odds of drinking on the house improve significantly if you’re a young and attractive lady. However, you don’t have to fall into this category at some bars and nightclubs.

I don’t suggest that guys get a sex change just to cash in on drinks (although alcohol is pretty expensive in Vegas). But again, you can find plenty of cost-free drinking opportunities as a woman in Sin City.

Become a High Roller

Casinos are willing to do almost anything for high rollers within reason. As a big bettor, you can look forward to free hotel stays, fine dining, limousine transportation, and top-shelf liquor.

The latter is most important to our discussion. Gambling resorts are perfectly fine with giving you a free bottle of Grey Goose, or even something better, if you gamble enough.

Of course, I certainly don’t recommend that you bet big just to feel like a king.

You need only look at the story of former Oriental Trading CEO Terrance Watanabe to see why this is a terrible idea.

But if you already have a big bankroll and don’t mind risking it, then you can receive expensive liquor for free on the side.

5 – Grab a Drink Coupon

You may hate walking through the countless street performers and people handing out those aforementioned escort cards on the Strip. But you can find gems in the form of free drink coupons during these walks.

Some casinos have an employee stand on Las Vegas Boulevard and give away drink vouchers. The coupon will explain where you can redeem it.

Bartender Putting Drink on Bar Table, Two Free Drink Tickets

If obviously the idea behind this promotion is to get you into the door. The casino is hoping that you play games and spend money elsewhere after stopping in.

Of course, you’re not forced to spend anything just for redeeming your drive voucher. Instead, you can simply collect your drink, walk around the resort, and leave when you reach the bottom of the cup.

6 – Visit a Convention

Las Vegas is well known for its conventions and trade shows. The Consumer Electronics Show, MAGIC, and Mr. Olympia are just some of the major conventions featured here.

You don’t have to be a testosterone-ejecting bodybuilder or tech nerd to find something interesting at one of these conventions. You can briefly check them out, pick up a free drink, and hit the road.

Business events offer yet another opportunity for you to find free alcohol. Event organizers give out free beverages just so that you visit.

Again, you might not have an interest in developing a business partnership or networking. Instead, your interest doesn’t need to go any further than the cocktails by the entrance.

7 – Talk to a Casino Host

Depending upon how much you gamble, you may draw the attention of a casino host. The latter either works independently or for a specific casino to ensure that notable gamblers have a good time.

Assuming the host is interested in you, they’ll speak with you about the type of comps you’re looking for. You can use this opportunity to ask for free drinks at the tables/machines and liquor in your room.

Your play rate will determine the amount of alcohol that the host will comp you. But you can at least expect some free drinks when gambling enough.

8 – Look for Cheap Drinks

You may occasionally get exhausted when searching for free alcohol throughout Las Vegas. At this point, you should consider opening your wallet—at least partially—and spending at cheap bars.

Sin City is full of watering holes. You can find plenty of cheap drinking establishments if you’re on a budget.

Alcohol Bottles on Bar Stand

Just like casinos, some bars are willing to comp you a free drink for gambling at their machines. For example, you might play video poker for an hour and potentially receive alcohol.

Bars also run promotions that involve free or discounted drinks. You can look for these promos ahead of time or while chilling out during your Las Vegas trip.


You may find drinking in Vegas bars to be even more expensive than gambling in some cases. Certain nightclubs charge $15 per drink or more.

Unless you weigh 100 pounds, you’ll need to spend big to catch a buzz at these rates. Luckily, you can get plenty of free alcohol throughout the city.

Gambling offers the best opportunity to drink for free. You’ll especially have luck getting drunk on the casino’s dime if you play table games for reasonable stakes.

Whenever you receive a drink, you should tip the waitress. They’ll be more likely to come around if they keep receiving tips.

Assuming you’re a high roller, then you’ll have no trouble getting alcohol. A host may even speak with you about customizing your comps.

Away from the gambling floor, you should look for drinks at conventions and business events. These events offer alcohol to get you inside and keep you around.

You won’t need to look hard for free booze if you’re a woman. You’ve especially got it made when visiting a nightclub as a young, beautiful lady.

If all else fails, you can at least hit up a cheap bar. Some off-Strip drinking establishments sell drinks for the same prices that you’d find in regular cities.