How to Play Big Six in Casinos

How to Play Big Six Text With a Casino Background

Gamblers have been fascinated with games that involve spinning wheels for centuries. Roulette provides the best example of this fact. Roman soldiers played roulette long before the game hit Parisian casinos in the late 1700s.

Wheels have also found their way into the slots world. The countless slot machines from the Wheel of Fortune franchise prove this point.

Big Six Wheel (or simply Big Six) is another result of the wheel-driven phenomenon in casinos. In fact, its gameplay model completely revolves around wheels. You can find out more about this unique casino game below.

What Is Big Six?

Big Six, or Wheel of Fortune as it’s sometimes known, is a casino game that’s mainly available in land-based casinos.

It revolves around a spinning wheel with numbered spaces. Each space represents a dollar amount or the game logo.

You and other players wager on which dollar amount you think the pointer will stop on. If the wheel stops on your selection, then you win a payout that corresponds with the odds and your bet size.

Big Six Wheel Casino Rules

You’ve probably seen the game show Wheel of Fortune before. If so, then you’re familiar with the concept of a spinning wheel determining prizes.

Big Six takes off on this same concept. Again, it provides a large wheel that’s marked with various dollar amounts.

There are 54 spaces in all on the wheel. These spaces commonly break down as follows:

  • $1 – 24 spaces; pays 1 to 1
  • $2 – 15 spaces; pays 2 to 1
  • $5 – 7 spaces; pays 5 to 1
  • $10 – 4 spaces; pays 10 to 1
  • $20 – 2 spaces; pays 20 to 1
  • Casino logo – 2 spaces; pays 40 to 1

Variations of Big Six Wheel exist throughout the gaming world. However, the setup shown above is common in United States gambling destinations that offer this game.

Also, you should note that the $1 amounts don’t determine how much you need to bet. Instead, they merely represent how much you stand to win for every dollar wagered.

How to Play Big Six

Big Six Wheel may look confusing at first glance. However, it’s actually a simple game once you understand the basic steps to playing it.

Step #1: Buy Into the Game

Big Six works like a table game in that you must buy in by exchanging cash for chips. However, it’s a little different than baccarat or blackjack, for example, with regard to chip denominations.

Big Six Wheel isn’t meant to be extremely expensive. Instead, it allows you to play for just $1 per round.

Big Six Casino Game

The only problem is that casinos don’t normally offer $1 chips. Therefore, you’ll get either metal $1 tokens or traditional $5 chips. You can buy into the game with a $10 or $20 bill to get started.

Step #2: Place Your Bet

You need to place your chips on one or more of the available spaces. Each space is indicated by dollar amounts, including $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20. The only exception to the norm is the casino logo.

You may, for example, decide to put a $1 token on the $5 space. In this scenario, you stand to win a $5 payout if successful.

Again, Big Six allows you to place multiple bets within the same round. For instance, you might put a dollar token on the $2, $5, and $20 spaces.

Step #3: Watch the Results

After you and other players finish betting, the dealer will spin the wheel. You need the pointer to land on your chosen bet to win.

If you wager on the $20 space, for example, then you’ll need the pointer to rest on one of the $20 spaces. In the event of a win, the dealer will give you $20 in chips/winnings before the next round takes place.

Where Can You Play Big Six Wheel?

Land-based casinos are the most-likely candidates to host Big Six. Casinos in a variety of gambling destinations host this popular game.

You can find Big Six Wheel by visiting:

  • Atlantic City
  • Charles Town (WV)
  • Las Vegas
  • Macau
  • Sydney

You may have luck finding this game elsewhere, too. However, the locations mentioned above are sure to offer Big Six in one or more casinos.

Online Casino Big Six Wheel

I’ve mentioned Big Six as a land-based game so far because that’s primarily where it’s located. However, you can find this game at some real money online casinos too.

Gamesys features a Big Six variation that’s a little different from the common American version covered earlier. Its game has the following dollar/bet spots and payouts:

  • $1 – 24 spaces; pays 1:1
  • $3 – 12 spaces; pays 3:1
  • $7 – 6 spaces; pays 7:1
  • $15 – 3 spaces; pays 15:1
  • $23 – 2 spaces; pays 23:1
  • Joker – 1 space; pays 47:1
  • Logo – 1 space; pays 47:1

Outside of Gamesys software, Big Six Wheel is quite rare in traditional online casinos. However, it’s a little more prevalent in live dealer casinos.

The only difference when playing online is that live dealer sites don’t call Big Six by its common name. Instead, they label it as Dream Catcher, Money Wheel, Wheel of Fortune, or something else.

As you can see, Big Six Wheel is available through different online forms. But you’ll need to do some digging before finding it.

Big Six Gambling Strategy

This game isn’t easy on your bankroll. In fact, some versions can feature up to a $24 house advantage on certain bets.

Nevertheless, you can work the Big Six house edge down to a more reasonable figure. Here are some tips that you can use to make this happen.

Focus on Bets With the Lowest Casino House Edge

Each betting space can offer a different house advantage than the next. The varying casino house edges are due to the trade-off between each spot paying more/less and featuring more/fewer spaces.

For example, the $1 bet covers the most spots on the wheel. However, it also pays the least at 1:1 on your wager.

Looking back at the North American wheel discussed earlier, each spot’s house advantage is as follows:

  • $1 – 11.11% house edge
  • $2 – 16.67%
  • $5 – 22.22%
  • $10 – 18.52%
  • $20 – 22.22%
  • Logo – 24.07%

The logo and $20 spots are attractive due to their larger payouts. But they also feature the highest house edges on the board. Meanwhile, the $1 spot has a house advantage that’s 50% lower than the $20 and logo spaces.

Play at Casinos That Offer the Best Odds

The varying house edges don’t just stop at the different bets. They can also differ when moving from casino to casino.

Compare the North American wheel’s house advantages with those found on the Macau wheel:

  • Orange ($1) – 7.69% house edge
  • Purple ($3) – 7.69%
  • Green ($5) – 7.69%
  • Blue ($10) – 15.38%
  • Yellow ($20) – 19.23%
  • Logo ($45) – 11.54%

The Macau version gives you a better long-term chance to win. The Orange, Purple, and Green bets are especially favorable.

However, no Big Six variation offers as good of odds as the one from Gamesys. The latter features the following house advantages:

  • $1 – 2.04% house edge
  • $3 – 2.04% house edge
  • $7 – 2.04% house edge
  • $15 – 2.04% house edge
  • $23 – 2.04% house edge
  • Joker – 2.04% house edge
  • Logo – 2.04% house edge

Consider Gambling Volatility

Depending upon how you’re betting, you might experience extreme volatility with Big Six Wheel. The $1 bet usually pays out between 42% and 45% of the time. This payout frequency is akin to low-volatility games like baccarat and blackjack.

Casino Wheel Based Gambling Game

However, many other bets aren’t so generous in the short run. The $20 wager, for example, usually only hits 3.70% of the time.

If you’re betting on anything from $2 to the logo, then you need to consider the volatility. You won’t win as often when chasing the bigger prizes.

Plan Your Casino Bankroll Accordingly

Continuing off the point above, you should make sure to have the appropriate casino bankroll for whatever bets you’re making.

Chasing larger payouts requires a bigger bankroll if you want to last. Meanwhile, you don’t need as much to play when wagering on $1 and $2 spots

Here are some variables to set up an example of Big Six bankroll management:

  • You have a $50 bankroll.
  • You exclusively place dollar bets on the $2 spot.
  • This space carries a 16.67% house edge.
  • You place 100 wagers in each session.
  • $100 x 0.1667 = $16.67 in losses
  • 50 / 16.67 = 3
  • Your bankroll will last for three sessions.

As can be seen, you can develop a reasonable idea on how long your bankroll will last with some simple math.


Big Six is a unique gambling game that looks complicated from a distance. However, it’s rather easy and only requires a basic understanding of casino gambling.

You can quickly get started by sitting down to a table and buying in. Afterward, you just need to place your chips/tokens on the correct space. The dealer handles the rest from here.

Assuming you play online or live dealer Big Six, then you’ll have even less to worry about. The software acts as a guiding hand while you place wagers.

In summary, Big Six Wheel is an exciting and cheap game to play. You should definitely consider it if you’re a low-stakes gambler who enjoys basic games with large payouts.