How to Pick the Best Table for Various Casino Games

Casino Floor With Table Games and Slot Machines

I feel like picking the right table and taking a seat is one of the most stressful aspects of casino gambling for newbies. Even experienced gamblers can come to dread the exercise of perusing the casino floor and finding an available seat with appropriate limits.

Yet, even when you identify a chair on a table you can afford, other factors must be accounted for before buying into a game. The ordeal is overwhelming to many casino gamblers regardless of experience.

Today, we’ll cover how to pick the best table for various casino games. You’ll then be better positioned to sit down and go instead of wandering around the casino aimlessly.

Navigating the Labyrinth

Part of the trouble players face navigating casino floors is that they are all laid out differently. The basic design of a casino floor uses the same principles for most casinos, but each property is unique.

Casinos sometimes group the same game in an area together, but the limits and rules vary from table to table. Other times you’ll have games spread all around the casino, which forces you to do a bit more work.

The casinos are designed to be disorienting and maze-like. That makes it more challenging to call it quits after a session, but it can also make it tougher to locate the most suitable games.

There are ways to assist the effort by examining a map of the casino floor beforehand. When this information is available, it can at the least get you pointed in the proper direction.

The more time you spend learning to navigate the casino floor, the better your future experiences. But don’t assume that everything will be precisely where you left it on your last trip. Casinos regularly update their layout to promote traffic, which drives revenue.

Buying-In Deserves Your Attention

The buy-in process is not as straightforward as it may seem. Before we get into finding the best table, let’s have a brief refresher on the act of actually getting into a game.

Most casinos will allow you to purchase chips at the tables. In the rare instances that you can’t buy chips from the dealer, you’ll need to find a cashier to get your casino chips.

You can usually find this information before you show up at the casino cash in hand. But if you are unclear, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask.

When you’re buying into the game, it’s good to be clear about the denomination you want. I’ve watched players buy into a $5 game with $100 and get $10 chips without asking.

They then sheepishly played until the money was gone and bought in, asking for $5 chips. Don’t be afraid to correct a dealer; it’s your money that’s in play.

Closeup of Man With Hand Over Casino Chips

Before you consider buying in, you need to be fully aware of the table limits. I’ve seen countless rookies stroll confidently up to a high-limit table, purchase chips, and place a bet that didn’t sniff the table minimum.

Nobody gets hurt by making this type of error, but your ego takes a bruising.

You’ll be able to clearly see the table limits posted on a sign at each table. Make sure you’re down to bet at least the minimum before taking your seat.

Please, don’t walk up to a table and try to buy chips during the middle of a hand. It’s the best practice to wait until a hand is complete before even taking a seat.

The dealer isn’t going to miss you, and it helps the game flow more smoothly.

Factors to Consider Before Taking a Seat

There are a ton of factors to consider before taking a seat. Most players ignore these variables altogether, but they will have a meaningful impact on your session.

For some players, proximity to a bathroom is an important consideration. It’s handy to have a bathroom within eyesight when the free drinks start working their course.

However, far more pressing factors to impact your bankroll and enjoyment of your session. Although not being able to find a bathroom when absolutely necessary could ruin the trip in other ways.

Let’s dive into the casino table variables that could either enhance or derail your casino adventure. Players can’t avoid some of these factors entirely, but you can mitigate them by being proactive.

Distractions Will Affect Your Play

Casino floors are chaotic. That electricity promotes more play as players become wrapped up in the emotional high they get from the atmosphere.

Yet, all of that kinetic energy has an adverse effect. It’s incredibly distracting to many players. If you’re constantly distracted while playing casino games, a couple of things can go wrong.

First, you’ll make unforced errors. Each of these mistakes can add up to cost you money in the long run.

For every mistake you make, you’re effectively shortening your casino time.

The second thing distractions do is cause you to miss opportunities. Every time you fail to take advantage of a good hand, you’re doing the house a favor.

Casino Gamblers at a Roulette Table With Slot Machines Behind Them

If you tend to be easily distracted, it’s better to find a table away from the heart of the action.

Some players prefer to be the center of attention. The large crowd, players, whooping, and sounds of the casino enhance their experience.

That’s fantastic, these players are making the most of their experience, and they likely have a personality that thrives in these scenarios. It would be best if you matched the area of the casino you’re playing with your personality whenever possible.

You’ll Want to Avoid Certain Players

Not everyone in the casino is there for the same reasons. Some players are in the casino merely to party with their friends and see who passes out first.

Other players are in the casino as advantage gamblers and don’t want any distractions whatsoever. Then there’s the majority of players that want to gamble responsibly without any drama.

It would help if you were mindful of the other players before taking a seat. I’ve had more altercations than I care to admit with belligerent gamblers who had too many drinks.

Some players are naturally loud. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea either; it can be almost as distracting as having a combative drunk seated next to you.

Pay attention to the vibe at the table before you take the leap and buy into the game. In other words, read the room.

Picking the Best Blackjack Table

Finding the best blackjack table in the casino isn’t as straightforward as a few years ago. The rules have begun to shift more in the house’s favor, and the good tables are vanishing.

Still, it would be best if you made a few considerations before sitting at a table. The most important is the payout for a natural.

The standard blackjack payout has been 3 to 2 for as long as I’ve been alive. But more casino blackjack tables are shifting to a 6 to 5 payout.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

That change effectively doubles the casinos’ advantage. I won’t even slow down for a 6 to 5 blackjack table.

The funny thing is that you can frequently find a 3 to 2 table within 20 feet of the wrong games.

Another consideration players should account for is the dealer. Sloppy blackjack dealers can do players a tremendous favor by inadvertently flashing their hole card.

Hole carding can significantly benefit you when you find a dealer on an off night. But keep your secret to yourself.

Don’t Lose Twice as Fast on a Bad Roulette Wheel

Roulette is extremely popular because of the game’s simplicity. Players can sit down without knowing much about roulette or casino gambling and enjoy a long night in the casino.

However, there’s a vast difference between the single zero and double zero wheels. Most players never understand that playing on a double zero wheel doubles the house advantage.

In a game where every bet on the board has the same edge, there’s no escaping the effects of such an advantage. Your best bet for roulette is to stick to only playing single-zero games.

That may take some creativity because most major casinos have entirely eliminated the games. Yet, they are still out there for those willing to do some research.

The Poker Table You Choose Has Huge Implications

It’s imperative that you take your time looking for the right poker table. To win at poker, you merely need to play against opponents that aren’t as strong as you.

The skill-based nature of poker dictates that the better players will win more often against weaker players. Take your time observing the tables and finding the fish; then, you should enjoy an excellent profitable session.


When you understand how to pick the best table for various casino games, the entire process of gambling becomes much more straightforward. I’ve only covered a few of the most popular games here, but you can easily apply these principles to any game in the casino.