How to Pick a Casino

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Perhaps the most critical choice a gambler can make is which casino to play at. Most people overlook the significance of this decision. The fact of the matter is that picking the right casino not only affects your entertainment level, but it can also have a severe impact on your bank account.

You might be wondering what the secret formula is for how to pick a casino. There are a ton of options available for casino gamblers. Obviously, you want to choose the casino that fills all your gaming needs.

How do you assure you are getting the best bonuses, best games, and everything that makes a casino amazing while avoiding the numerous pitfalls that some online casinos present?

I’m going to answer that question today. After reading this post, you’ll be the leading authority on how to pick a casino among your circle of friends. Or at least be able to select a casino with confidence, and feel secure in the fact that you’ve made the right choice.

What Do You Want From a Casino?

Casinos can be as unique as snowflakes. There are so many small subtleties between casinos; it may be akin to choosing a bottle of wine. You are going to have a different experience with a bottle of Chateau Montelena than you will with a bottle of Boone’s Farm.

Sure, they’ll both get you drunk. The ride will be different, though. It depends on what you are looking for as to which experience you’ll choose.

This comparison applies to casinos as well. To accurately answer the question of how to pick a casino, you must consider a few things.

What games are you interested in? Do you prefer endless choices of slots over table games? Do you crave blackjack variations with anything less than a dozen options unacceptable? What about online casino bonuses?

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Are you seeking a cash back bonus with minimal requirements? Maybe you are only interested in a no-deposit style bonus? The bonus is of paramount importance because it can save you or cost you some significant cash.

What’s your gambling style? Do you only play occasionally when the itch strikes? Or are you a regular player that can’t wait for Friday night to get here for a marathon session to start the weekend?

If you are an avid player who spends several hours a week playing, the casino loyalty program may likely be of more interest to you.

After answering these questions, you may not have a clear choice. That’s totally acceptable as you should at least have a solid start. Knowing what the dealbreakers are at this stage will ensure you don’t get into any precarious spots with your bankroll.

Look, you have thousands of choices when selecting what casino you’ll be playing at. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything that is a must-have feature at the casino you choose. I promise you there will be a casino that fills every one of your needs and wants.

Do Some Research Into Various Casinos

First, you must honestly evaluate your own skill level. I’m not referring to your ability to count cards or knowing how to play any starting hand in Texas Hold’em. I’m talking about your familiarity with casino gambling.

Regardless of whether you’ve been playing casino games for years or looking to dip your first toe into the waters of casino gambling, reliable reviews by industry experts can help for picking the right casino.

If you were out to dinner for a special occasion, would you ask the bathroom porter for wine recommendations? No, you’d ask the sommelier.

So, I encourage you to exercise the same discretion in choosing your casino.

Do Some Window Shopping

Once you have poured catalogs of reviews and found the one you’re interested in, it’s time for a test drive. This is of particular importance when picking an online casino. After all, I can spend all day extolling the greatness of Topo Chico, but you’ll have to pop a bottle for yourself to see if you love it as much as I do.

The first thing you’ll want to do is browse, much as you’d do at a department store. Does the site run smoothly? Does it continue to lag or fail to load?

These are possible design flaws that could severely impact your overall gaming experience. You certainly don’t want to spend 15 minutes waiting for the game to load when you finally get the chance to play.

Take this opportunity to give the games a spin. Most of the premier casinos will let you play most of the games online for free. You’ll quickly gain a great insight into the actual games you’ll be playing for hours at a time. You probably agree that games are the most crucial factor in your overall casino experience.

You shouldn’t have to search very long before you come across the promotions tab for the casino. Here you will find all available promotions, including the welcome bonus you’ll receive. Make sure the bonuses fit your needs and carefully read all terms and conditions.

I cannot stress enough the importance of actually reading these. If you fail to do so, and something comes up later that you’re not happy about, you will have nobody to blame but yourself.

I encourage you to ask questions. You should not hesitate to try out the customer service department. You can get a decent idea about the casino’s customer service by reading consumer reviews, but I believe it’s better to ask questions yourself. Some casinos only offer customer service to registered accounts. If that’s the case, no problem. Assuming everything else checks out, go ahead and sign up, you’ll have plenty of time before you commit large sums of cash.

Shoot for a No-Deposit Bonus

Obviously, the best way to pick a casino is by trying one out without any risk at all.

If you have made it to this stage and taken the proper steps. Then, you are likely interested in a fair casino at the minimum, and you’ve probably landed on a solid choice.

Now, these excellent incentives aren’t available everywhere, nor are they always available at the casinos where they’re offered. When you come across them, you should jump on them.

Can you think of a better way to play casino games without any risk to your bankroll? You might even get a few breaks and end up winning something. You should note that these no-deposit bonuses typically have requirements associated with them. So, you can’t take your $100 bonus and turn it into $1k in the first hour. Then, just cash out and walk away.

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This is important. Do not. I repeat, do not attempt to cash out your bonus. This will not only void the bonus, but it will also negate your winnings. Make sure to honor all wagering requirements before cashing out. If you are unsure for any reason, you should contact customer service.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You’re playing with house money after all. Spread the wealth. Enjoy a selection of slots, try your luck on the roulette wheel, get in a little blackjack, and even try the live games.

This will be hugely beneficial to you in the long run. Playing the real thing without assuming any risk will give you all the information you need and more to make a decision on the right casino for you.

Register at More Than One Casino

Just because you take Casino A for a test spin doesn’t mean you can’t simultaneously try Casino B. I wouldn’t suggest you stick to the first casino you try out. That’s not to say you can’t circle back to it after trying others out.

I know some casino gamblers with over 20 accounts. Now, this may be overkill, but that’s not for me to decide. The fact of the matter is there is no better way of optimizing the vast array of available bonuses and game selection.

I encourage you to follow this same strategy. I’m not recommending you immediately dive headfirst into casino gambling with a dozen accounts. I’d say three is a good starting point. If you decide you want more variety, you can always add more accounts. Conversely, if you are already feeling overwhelmed, it’ll be far easier to choose your favorite and delete the others.


I understand that this can be a lot of information to process and that this may be a big decision. Remember that it’s a process, and you are on nobody’s timeline but your own.

I encourage you to be confident when you pick a real money casino online or otherwise. You have all of the tolls on how to choose a casino.

The key here is to avoid all scam sites or poor casinos while finding your favorite reputable casino. There’s no better authority on knowing what you like than you. So, you’re already halfway home.

Reading reviews and minimal research on your part will take care of the rest. Happy hunting. I hope you enjoy the process of finding a casino.