How to Maximize Online Gambling Earnings

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No matter how good of a gambler you think you are, there are always some areas of your strategy that could use a little improvement.

Because winning is such a hard thing to sustain, it’s critical to make the most of each of them.

Maximizing your earnings involves several considerations that focus on everything from the games themselves to your actual money management plan. Luckily, both of these can be improved…especially when you’re talking about online gambling.

In this article, I’ll lay out the top 4 ways to maximize your earnings in online gambling.

1 – Maximize Bonuses

For all their similarities, physical casinos and online casinos have one major difference that works in the favor of the players: bonuses.

Online casinos are in a space with tremendous competition. The only way to make any type of real money is to grow your player-base, but with so many attractive options out there it can be difficult to gain any type of loyalty.

The solution to this problem of how to incentivize players to use a certain site often comes in the way of bonuses.

Online casino bonuses (sometimes called rewards) are financial boost that online casinos give their players as a way to convince them to use their site for their online gaming. Some examples of these rewards might be: a deposit match, free money to use for gambling upon signing up, free entry into tournaments that would otherwise cost money, and endless other methods which vary from platform to platform.

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One of the reasons many players overlook bonuses is because they simply seem too good to be true. It’s hard to blame people for thinking this way. Why would a casino give away free money? You’d never see that happening at the establishment downtown!

Online casinos know that over time, the majority of their players are going to end up losing money (that doesn’t mean you can’t be one of the few who wins). That means if a website is able to gain the loyalty of enough people, the losing players will pay for these bonuses eventually…and then some.

Shop around to compare different bonuses from several different gambling sites. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to use a number of different sites so you can take advantage of all the bonuses.

If you do go through and use up all your various bonuses, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars in free money that you can use towards gambling. Simply put, there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of these offerings!

2 – Find Games With Better Odds

One downside of the physical casino is that the playing options are limited to what games are out there on the floor. You can’t go next door and try to find slot machines, blackjack, or roulette alternatives that give you a better chance to make money.

When it comes to real money online casinos, however, the options are nearly endless. Even the traditional favorites have alternatives that could result in a much higher payday. Part of being a successful online gambler is being able to track down the sites that give the best odds to players.

Take blackjack, for example. Most players know that the odds are already very favorable when compared to other casino games. With that being said, you shouldn’t just accept the regular odds that you’re used to seeing at your casino downtown.

Variations of the game, such as Spanish 21, can provide an even better opportunity for you to reduce your risk by lowering the house edge.

You might be wondering how (or why) online casinos offer these games when it’s clear that players are getting a bigger advantage than they would with more traditional rules. The answer is less complicated than you might think. With such low operating costs and no need to pay rent, staff, electric bills, etc., these online gaming platforms focus more on getting customers to keep coming back than they do on getting the most out of players at each opportunity.

Regardless of which games you’re looking to play, always do a brief search for the best odds. It might not seem like you’re saving much, but over the long run the difference can be significant.

3 – Start Tracking Your Bankroll More Carefully

It’s not sexy, it’s not the most exciting part of gambling, but it is undoubtedly the most important if you want to be profitable. I’m talking about your gambling bankroll, of course!

An effective bankroll doesn’t just track your overall cash flow, but it also helps you make bets that don’t jeopardize your finances along the way. If you’ve been gambling without one, not to worry – setting one up doesn’t take long.

The first step to putting together a bankroll is setting aside an amount of money that you’re only planning to use for gambling. One key thing to remember is that this amount of money should be something you’re comfortable losing. Obviously you hope that doesn’t happen, but you should ensure that you’ll be okay financially if it happens.

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The second step is to determine a percentage range between which you’ll bet. For example, if you start off with a $1,000 bankroll, you might decide that you’ll only bet between 2% and 5% at one time. This prevents big losses from happening which in turn means that if you’re struggling, you’ll stay afloat until your luck turns around.

The final step in establishing an effective bankroll strategy is to track your wins and losses carefully along the way. It can feel like a chore at times, but it’s the only way to truly know how successful (or unsuccessful) you’ve been.

Keep in mind that your tracking method doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple Excel sheet with a few columns should be enough to get the job done.

4 – Set Winning Limits

Before playing their first game of the day, most gamblers have a set amount of money that, if they lose it, will call it a day. It’s my belief that one of the most overlooked component of a casino strategy is gambling discipline.

Yes, I understand that nobody wants to walk away when they’re feeling lucky. However, if you stick around too long you might find yourself back to where you started, or even worse, down money.

I think it’s more realistic to stick to a winning limit when using online platforms. Here’s why: When you go to a physical casino, if you win $100 in the first 20 minutes you aren’t going to leave. You’ve already made the commitment to drive there, so chances are you’re planning on spending at least a couple hours at the casino. This is not the case in the online space.

Online casinos have a unique advantage in that you can hop on, and off, in just a matter of minutes. In theory, that makes it much easier to walk away.

Any time you’re able to win money gambling, it’s essentially “free” money in the sense that you did something you enjoyed, and got paid for it too. Don’t let this amazing combination go to waste by pushing your luck.

I know that it’s hard to resist the temptation to turn a $100 day into a $500 day, but the bottom line is that your goal should be to end your session in the green. Pick a number that, if you reach it, you can walk away knowing that you’ve been successful.


Online casinos offer some amazing opportunities to gamblers that you just won’t find at your local casino (or any physical casino for that matter). Unfortunately, an immeasurable amount of money is passed up because people don’t take advantage of all that online gaming platforms have to offer.

Keep these tips in mind next time you log on, and you might be surprised at how big of a difference a little conscientious effort can make for your bottom line.