How to Improve Your Chances in the Casino When Your Luck Runs Out

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Casino gambling is full of its highs and lows. That’s the nature of the beast.

Sometimes, it may feel like every move you make is the perfect decision. Then, suddenly, your fortunes change, and you can’t seem to catch a break.

I’ve been there, and I’m sure most of you have, too. Luckily, I’ve discovered ways to spark that luck over the years and get back on a winning streak.

These keys to changing things up when your luck seems to have run out will help you find your casino mojo again. We all have our unique preferences and habits, so pick the ones that work best for you and be ready to implement them when the time comes.

Find the Games That Give You the Best Chances of Winning

More often than not, I see players change games up when they go cold. Sometimes, the luck seems to leave when they make a move to another area of the casino.

One of the easiest ways to get luck back in your corner is finding games that require less of Lady Luck’s intervention.

For example, suppose you are playing a slot machine that suddenly goes cold. In that case, you may merely be experiencing the expected returns of the game. Most slot machines in Las Vegas hold a house advantage of over 8%; the penny slots are over 11%.

So, it’s a huge ask to have luck carry you through a long gambling session without incurring some significant losses.

However, there are games where you may get luck back on your side by looking for the best odds. Video poker has among the lowest house edges in the entire casino. It offers the same familiar electronic gaming experience as slot machines.

If you’ve been getting beat up playing one of the poker variants, try making the switch to lower house edge casino games like baccarat or blackjack. These games have extremely low house edges and offer two unique playing styles.

Ideally, you would choose to avoid much of the downswings by picking games that give you the best chance of winning. That starts before you ever leave home.

You need to research the games with the highest RTP and lowest house edge and focus on those games for your upcoming casino session.

Then, you’ll have a game plan in mind for when it’s time to go looking for Lady Luck.

Double Down

I’ve implemented the strategy of doubling up on my bets many times. However, while most players double their wager, I maintain my average bet amount.

Instead, I play two hands at a time. This strategy works well in blackjack and baccarat but takes more planning in craps or roulette.

When I do this in roulette, I always stick to the even money bets. So, I may place one wager on even and another on black.

This keeps my risk relatively low, and I’ll have several hands where I win at least one bet and break even.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

Real money blackjack is probably my favorite game for playing two hands simultaneously. I know advantage gamblers that wish they were comfortable implementing this method.

Unfortunately, it will draw the attention of the pit boss, so it’s not ideal for card counters. Still, if you’re playing using basic blackjack strategy, you can see a decent profit when the cards are hot.

Slot machines are a great game to play two games at a time, but there are obvious downsides. Slot machines are mostly losing affairs, so doubling your exposure is risky.

Still, the massive upside of potentially hitting the jackpot on two machines can be exhilarating.

Find Better Rules

Savvy casino gamblers know where to look for the best opportunities to win. They spend years determining where the rules work in their favor.

How the game is mainly played dictates what the overall house edge is on a specific game. I’ll use blackjack as an example.

As far back as I can find, a natural blackjack has paid 3 to 2 in the casino. So, if you are playing for $50 per hand, a natural pays out $75.

This payout gives the game a low edge because you’ll make up for losing hands with the added cash for blackjack. However, there’s a disturbing casino trend where casinos are beginning to pay 6 to 5. When a casino is only paying 6 to 5, the house edge doubles.

That’s in some parts due to the lowered wins on blackjack. Instead of $75 for a natural like 3 to 2 tables, you’re only getting $60 at a 6 to 5 table.

Many players fail to realize the massive difference. In some casinos, the two different tables may be within feet of each other.

Still, hapless gamblers roll through 24/7 to play the same game with significantly different rules. This plight isn’t reserved for blackjack players. Casinos are experts at cleverly disguising house-friendly rules within the games.

Finding the best rules will instantly increase your chances of winning.

Positive Mental Attitude

There is some scientific data that suggests a positive attitude can hold many welcome benefits.

For starters, believing you are going to succeed will enhance your overall enjoyment. In casino gambling, your entertainment should come first and foremost.

So, players that head to the casino with the understanding that the entire experience is geared towards having fun and not striking it rich are far better equipped to handle the swings of casino gambling.

Silhouette of Woman Giving Thumbs Up With a Casino Background

Overall, having a positive mental attitude will make your casino gambling sessions more enjoyable. In my experience, that will keep things in perspective when things don’t go your way.

If you can objectively look at how the losses are coming, you may be able to find your best exit strategy and be a happier gambler at the end of the trip.

Stop Relying on Luck

Many casino gamblers would be much better served if they merely threw luck out the window. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to win games of pure chance without a bit of luck.

Still, there are plenty of games in the casino where you can circumvent luck.

Poker immediately comes to mind as a game where a lucky player may steal a pot or two but still lose in the long run. That’s primarily a result of poker being a skill-based game. Regardless of how lucky you are, a table full of skilled poker players will pick you apart chip by chip.

It’s one of my favorite aspects of the game because it demands strategy and technique. You aren’t even required to be a great poker player to win money playing the game; you merely need to be better than your opponent.

Luckily, the fish are pretty easy to find in poker rooms across the globe. So, study up on your poker, and you won’t need the luck to win more often.

Blackjack is another excellent game for players who don’t believe in luck. A vast majority of the blackjack players that I see tend to play based on hunches.

That leads to unnecessary risks and mistakes that significantly increase their losses. Luckily, there’s a foolproof way to play blackjack while maintaining one of the lowest house edges in the casino.

Basic strategy cards can be found online and in most casino gift shops. The cards use a strategy that was developed using the outcomes of millions of computer-generated blackjack hands.

Closeup of a Blackjack Hand

When you use the strategy card for every decision you make at the blackjack table, you can reduce the house edge to below 0.5%.

When the house’s advantage is low, it doesn’t take many extra wins to generate a profit. Instead of relying on luck to carry you through your casino sessions unscathed, become a better gambler and you’ll soon see consistent results.

Learn to Minimize Your Risk

The best way to minimize your risk in the casino is by avoiding the litany of sucker bets that are spread across the casino floor.

Nearly every game in the casino has at least one sucker bet, and the problem facing many gamblers is that they’re often disguised as good deals.

For example, the insurance bet in blackjack is an even-money bet that the dealer has a natural. Win this wager, and you’ll break even on the hand because your initial stake is lost.

However, when the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, which is far more common, you may still lose your original bet. So, you’ve doubled your losses on a single hand.

It won’t take many losing insurance bets to devastate your bankroll. Taking insurance each time it’s offered will double the house’s edge.

Baccarat is another game with great odds for the player. The player and banker bet are both slightly over 1%.

Yet, players regularly chase the larger payout offered by the tie bet. This wager increases the house edge by more than 10%.

I chose these examples because they’re beautiful games for the player, but consider the following: If the casino can manipulate the house edge by this much on great games, how much are they making suckers out of players on the bad ones?

In Summary

These keys to changing things up when your luck seems to have run out are guaranteed to immediately impact how well you do in the casino.

I’m not trying to convince you that there’s no place for luck in the casino.

I merely want you to understand that you may not need to be as lucky as you think.