How to Get Started as a Mississippi Stud Player

Closeup of a Dealt Mississippi Stud Poker Table

You’ve probably walked by the sections of poker derivative games in a casino and thought to yourself that the games looked incredibly fun. Unfortunately, the odds are that you breezed on by and proceeded to a game that requires no knowledge, like slot machines.

Mississippi Stud is a house-backed poker game. Like many other poker derivatives, players compete against the dealer (representing the house) instead of other players.

Many of these games cross between traditional casino table games like blackjack in style and conventional poker principles in substance. Mississippi Stud is one of the latest games to hit casinos across the United States, and it also happens to be a ton of fun.

Let’s look at how to get started as a Mississippi Stud player, and you can finally break away from the mindless spinning reels that drain your money.

Learn the Rules

It’s vital that you have a base understanding of a game’s rules before you begin leveraging real money at the tables.

The typical setup for a Mississippi Stud table closely resembles a traditional blackjack table. Players sit side by side at a semi-circle table facing the dealer.

The object of Mississippi Stud is not to beat the other players as in traditional poker. Instead, the players are all focused on making the best hand.

Here is how the normal Mississippi Stud hand plays:

  • Players make an ante wager.
  • The players then receive two cards face down, and the dealer places three community cards face down.
  • The players are allowed to look at their hands.
  • After the players have seen their cards, the first round of betting begins. Players may wager up to 3x their ante or fold.
  • The dealer then reveals the first community card, and another round of betting commences.
  • Players may bet up to 3x their ante or fold the hand.
  • The dealer then flips the second community card.
  • Players still involved with the hand may again bet up to 3x their ante or fold.
  • Dealers will then reveal the final community card.
  • Winning bets are then paid out according to the pay table.

If you’ve played video poker in the past, you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the two games. Your primary objective is to build a hand that pays the most money.

I recommend playing online until you’re comfortable with the flow and understanding the best-paying hands. That leads us to our next topic for getting started as a Mississippi Stud player.

Develop a Sound Practice Routine

Regardless of what area of casino gambling you’re focused on, practice is paramount to the level of success you’ll achieve. Mississippi Stud is no different than blackjack or poker in this way.

One of the things that makes the practice so easy is that the game is highly entertaining. You can keep the whole gang entertained for hours by busting out the poker chips and a deck of cards.

Merely print out a paytable from the internet, and you’re in business. Mississippi Stud is an excellent choice for a game night because of its simplicity.

Royal Flush

However, it may not be possible to get the gang together as often as you’d like to practice. In that case, you should look into mobile applications.

There are dozens of games in the app store that will provide you with a realistic experience. The great part is that you’ll never have to dip into your gambling bankroll to play the games.

These games will allow you to play on the go, making any downtime you have throughout the day an excellent opportunity to practice.

Another excellent avenue for practice is playing for free online. I feel like setting aside time each week to play online adds more structure to your practice regiment.

Please, be free to practice whichever way suits you the best. The important thing is that you’re practicing; the results will speak for themselves.

Spend Time Watching Other Players

I’m a visual learner; I enjoy watching others play a game or build something and work out the why behind their actions.

Taking time to observe other players in the casino can go to great lengths in expediting your progression as a player. This time will help you see the game flow in the casino and put your online practice in a real-world setting.

If you are sincere about becoming the best Mississippi Stud player you can, try to find a player that is having even minor success and offer to buy them a drink.

You can then pick their brain and get valuable and insightful feedback on your theories and strategy. One of the fastest ways to get started at anything is to have someone show you the ropes.

Focus on Your Bankroll

If you’re new to casino gambling or haven’t learned the fundamentals of bankroll management, you should dedicate time to understanding money management as it relates to casino gambling.

The first step in bankroll management for Mississippi Stud is building the bankroll to an adequate level for your sessions. This money must be expressly set aside for gambling and not be needed for any other expenses.

Handing Out Money

Next, have a plan in place for replenishing your bankroll regularly. Casino games are built to drain on your money over time slowly; without a plan for putting the losses back in the bank, you’ll eventually run dry.

Finally, understand how the house edge is working against you and create a flat bet amount that can weather the session without bankrupting you. Taking steps to develop a sound bankroll management strategy will take you farther than many game strategies could ever imagine.

Avoid the Urge to Go in Headfirst

Some players are tempted to dive into the game and immediately start playing at a level that’s well above the minimum. Even when you have the bankroll to support this action, it’s best to start slowly.

I find it beneficial to begin playing games at the lowest minimum stake I can find. That diminishes the impact of rookie mistakes and enhances my enjoyment of the games.

I’ve seen many gamblers dive headfirst and leave the casino with a sour taste in their mouth. Some of these players are so put off that they never return; I’d hate for that to be any of you.

Keep Tabs on Your Session

It will benefit you to always keep a close eye on how your session is going. That not only relates to your wins and losses but how much time you’re spending at the tables.

Players will often become lost in the atmosphere and forget about the amount of money being spent or plans with friends. Set limits on the cash you take into the casino and how long you spend at the tables.

Taking regular breaks to consider the entertainment you’re getting from the session is fundamental to ensuring your money is being used wisely.

The Scoop on Mississippi Stud Strategy

A few strategies are floating around on Mississippi Stud; most of them suggest that you only raise 3x the ante or fold on your first bet.

From there, you may either hold pat or bet 3x again when you have the potential to hit a high-paying hand.

These are the basics of the Mississippi Stud strategy. Bet max or don’t bet at all seems to be the common theme among the strategies.

Since there isn’t a formula for diminishing the house advantage to blackjack or baccarat-like numbers using strategy, it would seem that most players ignore it altogether.

Know the Payouts

The payouts in Mississippi Stud can get high for the right hands. The best hand in the game, a Royal flush, pays out 500 to 1 in most games.

The game’s payout structure is essential to understand because, unlike video poker, Mississippi Stud pays to your original wager. So, you also get that money back.

Stack of poker chips

Mississippi Stud uses standard poker hand rankings, and anything below a pair of jacks doesn’t pay. However, a pair of sixes to a pair of tens is a push in most games.

So, if you can beat a pair of fives, you won’t lose money on a hand.

Have Fun Playing but Don’t Count on a Profit

Mississippi Stud is a game that players looking to get the most entertainment from their gambling dollars should consider. The game provides a lot of decision-making, and each round of betting is full of drama.

Sadly, those are the primary benefits of Mississippi Stud. Players are at a distinct disadvantage, and there’s no method to gain the casino’s edge.

So, the game is fantastic for recreational gamblers because hands develop slowly, giving the house edge fewer chances to work against them. But there’s no room for advantage gamblers to make a sustainable profit playing Mississippi Stud.


Casinos are full of fantastic games for all varieties of players. Mississippi Stud offers a unique take on elements of more traditional games.

Now that you know how to get started as a Mississippi Stud Player, the game may broaden your casino experience to new levels. As with anything in life, you’ll get out of the game what you put into it.