How to Deal With the Worst Parts of Casino Gambling

Woman With Smoke Coming Out of Ears With a Casino Background

Don’t get me wrong when you read the title of this article. I enjoy gambling in casinos. But there are also some things that I hate about casino gambling.

Most of the things I hate about gambling in casinos are things that I can’t change. So I try to avoid as many of them as possible, and have learned to deal with them over the years.

In this article I cover six things that I don’t like about casinos, and give you a little bit of information about how I deal with these things. Hopefully you can learn a few things to make your real money gambling experience better.

The Consistent House Edge You’re Fighting

It’s important to never forget why casinos exist. They don’t exist to entertain you or help you win money. Casinos exist for the sole purpose of making money for the people who own the casino.

At a base level, everything you do in the casino is designed to make money. Every game offered has a built in casino house edge. All the casino needs to do to make money is offer the games, get players to gamble on the games, and make sure the players don’t cheat.

This also means that you’re fighting a consistent casino edge. It doesn’t matter what casino game you play, the edge is always there. Now, there are a few things you can do that might give you an edge, but these are few and far between.

The best way to deal with all of this is to learn as much as you can about the casino edge, how they create an edge, and how you can fight this edge using advantage gambling tactics. Most casino gamblers never learn how to overcome the casino edge, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Gambling Options That Aren’t Good Enough

Casinos tend to have lots of gambling options. The casino wants every person that walks through the door to find something to play. But this doesn’t mean that there are lots of good options.

For example, every casino I’ve been in offers blackjack games. But some casinos don’t have a single blackjack variant with decent rules.

I like to play video poker, but I won’t play unless I can find a machine that has a game I like that also has a decent pay table. This is getting harder to find every year.

Player and Dealer at Casino Blackjack Table, Casino Chips

Over the years I’ve learned that I need to know how to play several different games so that I have more options when I go to the casino. This way if I don’t find good versions of online blackjack, or a good video poker machine, I still have something I can play.

If you’re not prepared, you might end up playing a casino game that has a higher edge than you want to play. This is costing you money every time you do it.

The Casino Can Toss You Out When You Win

This is the thing that irritates me most about gambling in casinos. I’m a student of advantage gambling tactics that let me use my brain to get an edge. But the casinos have all of the power and they can ban me from playing even though I never do anything against the law.

It’s not against the law to use the card counting strategy to make more money when you play blackjack. But the casinos act like it’s against the law and when they think you might be counting they will kick you out.

To be clear, it’s not against the law to count. But if the casino bans you from playing and you come back to play you’re then breaking trespassing laws.

Casinos want gamblers to risk their money, but the casinos don’t want to take any risk at all. This is simply not fair. But this is the way that it is, so you can either accept it or be mad all of the time. The best way to deal with this is not getting caught if you’re using advantage play methods.

Dealing with Other Gamblers

I find that people fit in one of two groups. They either enjoy spending time gambling around lots of people or they hate it. I admit that I’m not a fan of being around a lot of people, but I enjoy gambling in casinos so I’ve learned to deal with it.

You can play most of the same casino games when you gamble online as you do in a land based casino. This might be a good option if you want to avoid some of the worst people at casinos.

Excited and Frustrated Casino Gamblers

When I play in a live casino environment I’m polite but I do my best not to interact with people. I don’t make eye contact and I don’t start conversations. When someone starts a conversation with me I try to give short responses and move on as quickly as possible.

The truth is that even though I don’t enjoy being around many people, I have had some great conversations in casinos. Casinos are filled with people from all walks of life, and if you keep an open mind you can have some fun, even with other people. But on the other hand, gambling at real money casinos online is always a great option.

Getting From Here to There

Online casinos and mobile casinos are an option for gamblers that hate what I’m covering in this section. But you can’t get the same experience online gambling or playing at mobile casino apps as you can when you gambling in a live casino.

The worst thing for many casino players is getting ready and traveling to the casino. The closest casino to where I live is almost two hours away, so I have to plan my entire day around a trip to the casino. Even if you live closer to a casino, you still have to deal with traffic and parking.

Of course, I remember when I had to fly four hours to get to Las Vegas to play in a casino, so it’s better than it used to be. Every time I start complaining about driving to the casino I try to remember how bad it was when my only option was to fly.

If you’re like me and don’t like the experience of getting from where you are to the casino, try to make it an adventure. Look for something to do on the way that makes the trip better. And if you can’t make the trip enjoyable, try your hand at real money online gambling sites or mobile casino apps!

It’s Easier to Work for a Living

I mentioned advantage play methods in an earlier section. And there are some methods that you can use to win. But these methods are challenging and it’s hard to make enough money using these methods to make a living from gambling online or in person.

In fact, most advantage gamblers would make more money if they worked a regular job instead. The problem is that not only do you have to find an advantage method that works, but you also have to be able to get enough money in play to make good money.

The edge you can get using most advantage plays is small. It’s usually less than 1%. This means that you have to bet a large amount to make much money.

Empty Casino Gaming Floor

With a .5% edge you have to get $10,000 in play with the edge to make $50. And a .5% edge is close to what most advantage gamblers work with. How much do you need to make in a day to consider it good money?

If you need to make $200 a day you have to get $40,000 in play with a .5% edge. Do you have a big enough bankroll to do this and can you get away with it without the casinos kicking you out? This is why most advantage gamblers are better off getting a regular job.

Consider Your Casino Gambling Options

Nothing is worse about online gambling than the constant battle against the house edge. And there’s not much you can do about it in the long run.

While it might look like you have plenty of options when you walk into a casino, the truth is that there are only so many games to play. And most casino gamblers only enjoy a few of the available options.

If you do figure out how to win in the casino, they have the legal right to toss you out. This is true even if you’re not doing anything against the law.

You also have to deal with the hassle of travel and being around other people when you go to the casinos. All in all, there are plenty of things to not like about gambling in casinos.