How to Control Yourself in the Casino for Better Results

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Casino gambling has been and will continue to be among the most entertaining activities on the planet because it combines exciting games with the opportunity to win money.

Casinos exist to allow the players to face off against the casino or fellow players for a tremendous thrill and possibly walk away with a pocket full of cash. So, every aspect of casinos is designed to keep the players engaged and betting money.

Because of this, some players face a more significant challenge when it’s time to call it a night. Luckily, you don’t have to throw money out the window long after you’ve stopped having fun in the casino.

Learn how to control yourself in the casino for better results instantly.

The Dangers of Casino Gambling

Casino gambling is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have. You get to travel to fantastic locales, meet amazing people, experience different cultures, play your favorite casino games, and possibly win a little or a ton of extra cash.

Unfortunately, casino gambling comes with a great degree of uncertainty. You’re almost guaranteed to lose, but the chance of a big win gives you enough hope to press forward.

It’s as if players try to navigate the line between giving themselves the best chance of winning and going broke that the pitfalls of gambling begin to rear their heads. The sad reality is that most gamblers have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Let’s suppose you want to get the most from your casino gambling career. In that case, it’s critical that you learn to take measures that guard against the dangers of casino gambling.

Amateur gamblers are in much greater danger of going down the road to despair. Still, professional gamblers and sharp bettors aren’t immune.

Set a Rock Solid Number for Wins and Losses

Every gambler that walks through the doors of a casino or logs into an online casino should have a hard limit on the amount of money they plan on gambling away.

Taking this step is paramount for several reasons, but all revolve around not blowing more money than intended. Once you’re square in the heat of the moment, your judgment may be skewed by the rush you’re feeling.

Having a predetermined spending limit will ensure that you don’t completely deplete your bankroll and ruin your casino vacation on the first day. It also prevents players from dipping into the reserves and stealing money that’s dedicated to other expenses.

For example, if you’re going on a three-day casino trip and your gambling budget is $1,000, your daily loss limit needs to be set at $333. That guarantees that on the third day of the trip, you won’t be stuck on the outside looking in as your friends enjoy the excellent casino.

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Still, burning through resources needed to pay your bills is a far graver scenario. I’ll touch more on that later.

If you’re setting a loss limit, it will make sense that you have a win limit in mind. However, many gamblers find this to be a much less intuitive discipline.

By setting a win limit, you’ll walk out of the casino with a profit more regularly. How many times have you been up a few hundred bucks and watched it all vanish?

Having an actual number in mind to walk away at is an instantaneous solution to watching your winnings disappear. All of the tips I’ll give you will require a degree of discipline. Show the proper amount of self-control, and you’ll become a better casino gambler.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

Another crucial area of your gambling that needs to be closely monitored is the time you’re spending gambling.

Casinos are noticeably void of any clocks or windows. This design hack prevents players’ internal clocks from operating at peak efficiency.

So, players will often lose track of time and gamble for much longer than intended. That may cause a few issues for gamblers.

First of all, you may miss out on an important date you have with friends or loved ones. Skipping meals or a show from a top performer is not embracing the casino to its fullest.

On the contrary, you’re missing out on a fantastic casino experience by spending all of your time on the casino floor.

Secondly, as you begin to push the limits of what your brain and body can handle, the mistakes will start to happen with more regularity. Online gamblers need to pay incredibly close attention to this dangerous behavior.

Setting the alarm at regular intervals will ensure that you’re taking frequent breaks and evaluating where you’re at mentally and physically. The same as with fixing a money limit, it’s essential to limit the amount of time you’re spending on the games.

Limit Your Deposit Amount

Some players have poor bankroll management skills or find it difficult to stop when they’ve reached the limits of their gambling bankroll. Let’s say you’re gambling in a land-based casino. In that case, you can’t really set a boundary with the casino on how much money you take into the casino.

The most beneficial course of action will be to only take what you intend to gamble to the casino with you and leave the debit or credit card at home. That will establish a natural limit on the money you have to bet with for the trip.

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Online casino gamblers have a more straightforward approach to stifling the money they have to gamble. These come in the form of deposit limits. I’d recommend everybody put a firm limit on their deposit amount.

However, if you’re having challenges sticking to the deposit you make, many online casinos will allow you to set limits on how much and how often you can deposit funds.

Unfortunately, this won’t prevent you from establishing an account with another casino and gambling there. So, if you haven’t got the control to not continue burning through money, it’s not likely that you have enough power to avoid other online casinos.

Still, the option exists and does a fantastic job of curbing the gambling activity of many gamblers.

Don’t Stumble Into a Pattern of Chasing Losses

Chasing casino losses can affect all gamblers, from the newbie to the seasoned veteran. I watch gamblers go down this dark path every time I’m in the casino.

It usually starts with a short string of losses followed by a quick double-up where the player gets back to even with one lucky bet.

Eventually, more significant losses begin piling up. The gamblers start chasing these losses by vastly increasing their average bet amount. Ultimately, this causes the gambler to bankrupt their bankroll.

Since the gambler was chasing losses by increasing their bet size, it happens much faster than it would typically occur. I’ve seen gamblers go from flush with chips to exiting the casino in a panic in under an hour.

Avoid the urge to start chasing losses when things aren’t going how you hoped. The object is to stay in the casino and gamble for as long as possible.

Have an Exit Strategy

I’ve already spoken about the importance of knowing when to quit gambling and get out of the casino when you reach your limit. These limits may include wins, losses, or the time spent gambling.

Whatever the case, when you hit your limit, get out of the casino. Go see a movie, play a round of golf, read a book, lounge by the pool, or anything else that suits your fancy but leave immediately.

One helpful trick I prefer is planning what I’ll do after my gambling is done. Sometimes, that’s as mundane as going to the room and getting a good night’s rest; other times, it’s a fun activity that I can hardly wait for.

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In any case, knowing how to make an exit is essential. Strike “one more” from your vocabulary.

If you’ve ever partied with me, you know how quickly “one more” turns into 4am; on the following Tuesday. Make your exit strategy before you get to the casino; this will make it much easier to get out on time.

Self Exclusion When All Else Fails

When you’ve exhausted all of your discipline hacks and simply can’t stop burning through your bankroll. Most casinos will allow gamblers to put themselves on a self-exclusion list.

This ban can range from the temporary, which usually comes with a minimum of six months, to the permanent. It’s undoubtedly a difficult decision and should never be made without careful consideration. Still, for some gamblers, it’s the only way to rid yourself of the mounting troubles of problem gambling.

You may not see how excluding yourself from the casino could help instantly give you better gambling results, and you’d be correct. However, when you eliminate the main culprit, other areas of your life will become much more fulfilling and less stressful.


I know that it’s not as simple for some gamblers as learning to control yourself in the casino for better results instantly. However, the effects will be immediate and welcoming for those who aren’t currently utilizing limits on their casino activities.

I should note that the self-exclusion list isn’t the “be all, end all” solution for problem gamblers. There are tons of resources to assist you in the battle against your addiction, and many are anonymous.