How to Bet on the Super Bowl 55 MVP

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When it comes to the Super Bowl, there are no bigger honors than winning the Most Valuable Player award. For many players, it’s the crowning achievement of their careers. And it represents an excellent moneymaking opportunity with Super Bowl LV MVP prop bets.

As we draw nearer to Super Bowl LV, which takes place on Sunday, February 7th, 2021, the excitement is really ramping up. The playoff field has narrowed to a point where we can start to get a much clearer picture of what teams might be participating. And that also means we can start to speculate about which players will come up big in the game.

In terms of betting on the Super Bowl, people only think about it in terms of who will win the game and which team will cover the spread. But savvy bettors at sportsbooks and sports betting sites know that there is a way to make money off individual performances. That’s where prop bets come into play.

The MVP Prop Bet

A prop bet is generally tied to something outside of who wins the game, by how much, or how many points are scored. Instead, prop bets are often tied into the performances of individual players within the game. And nowhere are player prop bets more prevalent than in the Super Bowl, where betting interest is always at a fever pitch.

You can concentrate on prop bets that are tied into statistical performances if you wish. But another way to do it would be to bet on which player you might think will win the Most Valuable Player award for Super Bowl LV. If you choose wisely you can earn a crazy payout on your investment.

Travis Kelce Kansas City Tight End

In the following article, we’ll talk about the process of making Super Bowl 2021 MVP prop bets. We’ll talk about how the odds work, what tips you might use to make a savvy bet, and the possible contenders for this year’s Super Bowl MVP. And we’ll also talk about where you should make your bets, as well as give you the answers to some of your most burning questions on this topic.

How Super Bowl LV MVP Prop Bets Work

Novice football bettors probably know about point spreads between teams, since that information is often included in broadcast reports about big games like Super Bowl LV. Perhaps they even know how to make head-to-head team bets on the moneyline. But prop bets are an exciting area of football betting that the casual fan might know too much about but can offer some lucrative wagering opportunities.

The best way to think of player prop bets is as a wager on an individual performance. In many cases, you’ll find Super Bowl 2021 prop bets tied into some statistic, like how many rushing yards a player will achieve or how many sacks a defensive player might get. These bets are often set up as over/under wagers, where an oddsmaker sets a total and you have to decide whether the player in question will go over and under that total during Super Bowl LV.

But in the case of a 2021 Super Bowl MVP prop bet, there will be a list of players included. Each of those players will have their own moneyline odds attached to them. The moneyline works like this:

  • All bets are based on a $100 hypothetical wager.
  • Any line with a minus sign in front of it means you have to bet that amount to win $100 in return.
  • Any line with a plus sign in front of it means you have to bet $100 to win that amount.

In the case of Super Bowl LV MVP prop bets, it’s most likely that all the players listed will have a plus sign in front of them, meaning you’d be getting more back than you bet if you win. That’s because of the sheer number of players in the game (48 active on each team). Even though there are some players who are much more likely than others to win the MVP award because of their prominence, it’s still hard to pick a single one as a definitive favorite before the game.

Here is a sample of what the moneyline odds might be for an imaginary Super Bowl:

  • Player A: +125
  • Player B: +250
  • Player C: +500
  • Player D: +1000

As you can see, Player A is considered the most likely of this group to win the MVP award. If you bet $100, you would win $125 in return if Player A succeeds in winning the award. Any other player winning means that you would lose your bet.

Keep in mind that you aren’t limited to betting only $100 on a Super Bowl LV MVP prop bet. For example, with Player D, you are set to win $1,000 on a $100 bet. But if you only bet $50, you would win $500 if that player wins the MVP, which keeps the same ratio of payback to bet in place.

You might also see lines for the Super Bowl MVP including something called “the field.” If you made this bet, you’d betting on someone to win the MVP who isn’t listed individually. This would be the bet you’d make if you thought someone off the beaten path was going to win the award.

Keys to Doing Well With the Super Bowl LV MVP Prop Bet

Bettors often think of prop bets as being a fun way to speculate in a different way about a game. But they should be studied and researched in the same manner as any other bets. Here are some of the things you should consider when making your Super Bowl LV MVP proposition wagers.

Position Counts

In the 54 Super Bowls held up to this point in history, 30 MVP awards have been won by quarterbacks. It’s a simple thought really. You’ve got one guy on the field whose hands will be on the football at some point in just about every offensive snap, and that gives him ample opportunities to make things happen.

Mike Evans Tampa Bay Wide Receiver

Once you get past the quarterbacks, whose odds will likely be on the low-paying side, the obvious choices would be the so-called skill position players (running backs, wide receivers and tight ends) who will handle the ball. Defensive players are least likely to win an award, but it is possible. Take a look at the breakdown:

  • 30 quarterbacks
  • 7 running backs
  • 7 wide receivers
  • 4 linebackers
  • 3 defensive linemen (including one case of co-MVPs)
  • 3 defensive backs
  • 1 kick returner

Consider the Story

The Most Valuable Player for the Super Bowl is voted upon, which means it’s subjective. Voters can be swayed by sentiment. As a result, you have to consider which players would make for the best story in the event that they won the Super Bowl LV MVP.

Obviously, we’ll know which stories might arise once the final two teams are set. But think in terms of a veteran who might never have won the award before who could be in a position to do so or a youngster who has suddenly emerged as one of the game’s best players and can cement that status with a Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award.

Look for Value

While a quarterback might be most likely to win the Super Bowl LV MVP award, it’s also probable that they will pay the least out of all candidates.

With a prop bet, you might be thinking about getting good value for your wager. And that’s why you should check the odds and decide which plays that have a legitimate chance of winning might make the most money for you.

In this scenario, you should really be looking at how the game might play out to identify some potential sleeper candidates. For example, maybe there’s a receiver who is normally a second or third option but might be able to take advantage of a weaker cornerback, or perhaps a pass-rusher who can be disruptive against the offensive lineman he happens to be facing. If you can pick these out, a surprising MVP pick could win you a lot on a small wager.

Possible Super Bowl LV MVP Contenders

We don’t yet know the two teams playing in Super Bowl LV. But we do know that the final four include the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From those four teams, here are the best Super Bowl LV MVP candidates.

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City

We’re assuming that Mahomes recovers from the concussion suffered in the NFL Divisional Round win over Cleveland just in time to play the Super Bowl.

Mahomes is widely regarded as the most electric talent in the entire sport and just enjoyed another massive statistical season.

If he can win the Most Valuable Player in the Super Bowl for the second straight year, he would be the third player in history to go back-to-back for this award, joining Bart Starr and Terry Bradshaw.

Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City

Hill is the most dangerous big-play receiver in all of football and is coming off a year in which he tied for third in the NFL in touchdowns. Obviously, he is dangerous on deep passes. But Chiefs Coach Andy Reid does an amazing job of getting him free in the open field with screens, reverses and sweeps as well.

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City

Kelce broke the single-season receiving yardage record for tight ends in 2020, and came up just short of Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs in terms of leading the league in that category. Opposing defenses know they have to stop him, yet he keeps lighting them up. And he would be a great story, since no tight end has ever won Super Bowl MVP honors.

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo

Allen had proven himself as a standout running quarterback in his first two years in the league. But this season saw him take major steps as a passer, while still adding the running threat. He can hurt defenses in a lot of ways.

Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo

Many thought the Bills giving up a first-round pick to trade for Diggs was way too much. But he proved worth it and then some as he led the league in receiving yards for the first time in his career. Diggs was simply unstoppable at times this year and will be hard for any opposing cornerback to stop, plus we know that he has a flair for the dramatic.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay

The symmetry is there, as Rodgers won the Super Bowl MVP 10 years ago for his performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Packers last championship. He is coming off an incredible bounce-back season, one which will likely lead to him winning the NFL MVP. Adding the Super Bowl LV MVP to that would be an amazing feat.

Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay

Oddly enough, the other three teams left standing don’t really have a running back that really stands out as a crucial part of the offense.

Aaron Jones Green Bay Running Back

But Jones really fills that role for the Packers with his breakaway ability and efficiency near the goal line. If the Packers do win it all, you would have to expect Jones to play a huge role.

Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay

Even though defenses know that he is by far and away the biggest threat in the Green Bay passing game, Adams continues to get open. Look at how he schooled top cornerback Jalen Ramsey in the Packers Divisional Playoff win over the Rams. Expect him to be targeted early and often if the Pack makes it to Super Bowl LV.

Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay

Incredibly, Brady will be looking for a possible fifth Super Bowl MVP should he reach the big game. This, of course, is his first year in Tampa, and the offense really kicked into gear in the second half of the season. A huge statistical effort, at age 43, would almost guarantee him a look as the game’s MVP should be able to manage it.

Mike Evans, WR, Tampa Bay

The Buccaneers are known for having plenty of offensive weapons. But when it comes to long passes and throws in the end zone, Evans is Brady’s biggest target both literally and figuratively. He would love to shine in his first time on the biggest stage in the game.


  • Has a Player From a Losing Team Ever Won the Super Bowl MVP?

    It happened once. In Super Bowl V, LB Chuck Howley of Dallas won the honor. This was despite the fact that the Cowboys lost the game to the Baltimore Colts.

  • Who Was the Youngest Player to Win Super Bowl MVP?

    Marcus Allen was just 23 years old when he managed the feat for the Los Angeles Raiders in 1984. Allen’s Raiders crushed the Washington Redskins. His electrifying running was a big part of the success.

  • Who Was the Oldest Player to Win Super Bowl MVP?

    Tom Brady pulled off this feat with the last of his four MVP efforts in 2017. Brady was 39 at the time. That broke the record of 38 that was held by John Elway.

  • Who Votes on the Super Bowl MVP?

    16 members of the press comprises 80% of the vote. In recent years, internet voting by the public counts for the rest. Voting is cut off once the game is over.

  • What Are the Best Betting Sites for Super Bowl LV MVP Prop Bets?

    We suggest using the following sports betting sites, which are all reliable in terms of fast payout and offer the best variety of bets, odds and banking options:

Get a Jump on Super Bowl MVP Prop Bets

We hope that you this article gives you a jump-start to your Super Bowl 55 MVP prop bets. This is one of the most popular prop bets you’ll find at sports betting sites. It’s also, potentially, one of the most lucrative if you choose well.