How Online Casino Players Can Use Math to Win

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If you’re going to gamble in casinos you should be using as much math as you can. Math is what casinos use to make money, so you can learn how to battle them by using math as well.

Online casinos use math just like land based casinos, but there are a few additional things that you need to know about online casino math.

This article includes six math lessons that every online casino gambler needs to know. If you master online casino math you might just have a chance to win.

The Math Behind Return to Player Percentages

This section isn’t really about how online casinos are different than land based casinos. But the subject of this section is so important that you don’t have any chance to win playing in an online casino if you ignore it.

Every casino game and every bet option in each casino game has a percentage that’s based on the math that runs the game. This percentage is called a return to player, and it simply shows how much of your bets you win back.

The return to player percentage for each game and bet option is derived using math. It doesn’t matter if the game you play uses dice or cards or is machine based. All gambling games are math based.

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Finding games and bet options that have the highest return to player percentages is the main way to improve your results. For example, if you’re playing a slots game with a return of 94%, you’re losing a higher percentage of every dollar you risk than if you play a blackjack game with a return of 99%.

The truth is that it’s extremely hard and time consuming to determine the RTP for slots and other casino games. But you don’t have to know how the numbers are computed. You just need to learn the numbers for the games you want to play and the best you want to make.

The Relationship Between Math and Speed in Gambling

If you play real money blackjack online it’s basically the same as when you play in a live casino. The same is true for baccarat as long as the rules are the same, roulette, and other casino games. But there’s one big difference that you must know about. And you must understand why this difference can be so costly when you gamble in online casinos.

When you play 1,000 hands of blackjack at tables that have the same rules, making the same size wagers, your results are going to be the same. This is true if one game is live and the other is online. The problem is that when you play blackjack online you have the ability to make far more wagers in the same amount of time than you can playing live blackjack.

What this means is that when you play online casino games you can put far more money at risk over the same amount of time as you can when you play live casino games. This is important because the more you put at risk the more you’re going to lose.

This is simple math, but most online casino players ignore it. If you’re playing faster when you gamble in online casinos than you play in land based casinos you’re losing too much money.

Using Math Playing Online Blackjack

You can use math when you play most online casino games, but some games are better than others. The three games I recommend for online casino players are blackjack, baccarat, and poker. I cover a little about how to use math playing these games in this section and two more sections in this article.

You can use math when playing blackjack in two important ways. The first way is to learn how the math of each possible rule changes the return to player percentage. Some blackjack rules make the return higher and some blackjack rules make the return lower.

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Learn the blackjack rules that make the return higher and find and play online blackjack games that have these rules.

The second important math thing that you can use when you play online blackjack is strategy. Strategy in blackjack is all about how you make playing hand decisions. If you make one decision it improves the return, and if you make any other decision it hurts your return.

Get a strategy chart when you play online blackjack and use it on each hand. This guarantees you get the highest return possible.

Incorporating Math in Online Baccarat

You can also use math when you play live online baccarat to get the highest return possible. The good news is that it’s much easier to find baccarat games with good rules than blackjack and it’s much easier to use the right strategy.

All basic baccarat games are the same. This is true whether you play online baccarat or live baccarat. These games have the same basic betting options. Some baccarat games offer a side bet option, but all side bets are bad so you can ignore them.

The proper strategy for baccarat is betting on the banker. This bet has a commission, but it’s still the best strategy. The normal commission is 5%, but if you can find an online casino that offers a lower commission than 5% it’s even better.

Online baccarat is the best game for casino players who don’t have much experience or who want to play a game that doesn’t involve a complicated strategy. Just remember not to play too fast when gambling online.

Online Casino Bonus Math Considerations

You have to learn how online casino bonuses work or you’re going to get sucked into a trap that you don’t want to be sucked into. Not all online casino bonuses are bad, and even some of the worst ones can be useful. The secret is knowing what you’re signing up for so you don’t get a nasty surprise later.

The first thing you need to know about online casino bonuses is that there are many different types. Most of them are tied to you making a deposit, but there are some that don’t require a deposit.

Two main types of deposit bonuses exist. The first kind lets you cash out any part of the bonus you have left after clearing the bonus, and the other is deducted from your balance when you cash out.

The way to find out which type of bonus you’re being offered is to read the rules. Never take an online casino bonus without reading the rules first. This also teaches you what you have to do to clear the bonus. This is going to help you avoid getting into a bad situation.

Math and Online Poker

Online poker isn’t always offered in online casinos. Sometimes you have to play in an online poker room. For the purposes of this article it doesn’t matter if you play poker in an online casino or in an online casino.

When I say poker, I mean traditional poker games like Texas holdem, stud, or Omaha. Online casino table games often have a poker theme, but these games aren’t the same as traditional poker games.

Traditional poker games use cards and this lets you use strategy to help you win. The strategies that you have to use to win playing poker are more in depth than the strategy for other games in the casinos.

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But the big difference is if you learn how to use the right strategies you can make money playing poker. This isn’t the case when you play other online casino games.

It takes a long time and a lot of study and practice to learn all of the correct poker strategies that you need to win. But once you master the right poker strategies you can use your online gambling skills to make money for a long time.

The way to get started is find a few good poker texts and read them. Then put what you learn in action and learn from your mistakes.

Use Math to Win Money Gambling Online

You need to use the math of return to player percentages whether you gamble online, land based casinos, or play at real money casino apps. But the math you can use when you gamble in online casinos has a few more options than playing live.

The most important thing about online casino math you need to know might be the relationship between speed and losses. This alone can change your results quite a bit.

Gambling math can be very beneficial and help improve your results when playing real money online casino games. These include blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Finally, learn about the math behind online casino bonuses so you avoid getting trapped doing something you don’t want to do.