How Mini Baccarat Changed the Baccarat Scene Forever

Live Dealer Baccarat and a Casino Chip Stack

Baccarat is one of the most-popular casino games in the world. In locations like Macau, it’s easily THE most-popular game.

Just a few decades ago, though, baccarat was lightly played. Only high rollers who were willing to bet $100 or more per hands could enjoy it.

Fast-forward to today and baccarat has changed greatly. It’s now widely available across casino floors and gives everybody a chance to play.

What’s different? Below, I’m going to discuss why mini baccarat is the key catalyst behind this game’s modern-day success.

What Was Baccarat Like in the Past?

Baccarat began appearing in American casinos in the mid-20th century. It became a hit among high rollers due to its large minimum bets and exclusive settings.

Regarding the latter, tables were featured in roped-off VIP areas. Players needed to meet the dress code, which consisted of tuxedos for men and evening gowns for ladies.

Every baccarat table during this time required a hefty $50 minimum wager. This amount is worth around $500 today when accounting for inflation.

Man and Woman Dressed in Casino Attire

Tables also included between 12 and 14 seats along with three different dealers. Still around in limited capacity today, this version is known as big baccarat.

High-stakes gamblers appreciated, and still do enjoy, big baccarat. However, this variation kept normal gamblers from enjoying baccarat for years.

Basics of Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat bears many similarities to the big version. It features the same bet types and scoring rules.

Therefore, you shouldn’t experience much trouble transitioning from one variation to the other. But mini baccarat features unique characteristics that set it apart.

First off, it offers much lower stakes than big tables. You can play mini baccarat in land-based casinos for as little as $5 per hand.

Secondly, it presents a smaller table than big baccarat does. A mini table only seats a maximum of seven players.

Mini baccarat is also much more prevalent than the VIP-preferred big version. In some casinos, it’s even more prevalent than blackjack and roulette.

Finally, the dealer handles all of the action in the mini game. Contrast this to big baccarat, where players can choose to act as the banker and dealer.

5 Ways that Mini Baccarat Is Different From the Big Version

Mini and big baccarat revolve around the same game. As you’ll see below, though, the mini version is decidedly different in several ways.

1 – Smaller Table & Faster Play

Again, mini tables only seat seven players. Given the quantity of mini baccarat throughout casinos, you’ll find plenty of tables where only 2-3 people are playing.

Considering that the dealer handles everything, the smaller tables lead to lightning-fast play. In a game with 0-2 other gamblers, you might see up to 200 hands per hour.

This rate may not be as fast as slot machines and video poker. However, it’s much quicker than any table game. Assuming you like action-packed gambling sessions, you should appreciate these fast play rates.

2 – Low Stakes

You don’t have to risk a fortune to enjoy mini baccarat. Instead, you can play for just a few dollars per hand.

$5 minimum bets are common in this game. $10 is the most that’s needed to play mini baccarat hands at brick-and-mortar venues.

By comparison, the big version is much more expensive. It normally features minimum wagers worth $100.

3 – Available on the Regular Gambling Floor

Mini baccarat doesn’t require you to dress up and gain access to a special VIP area. It’s available on regular gambling floors right next to other table game classics, such as blackjack, craps, and roulette.

If you’re somebody who likes dressing casually when visiting the casino, then you’ll really appreciate this aspect. You can also bring friends to the table with you and have a fun evening.

4 – Available at Online Casinos

Online baccarat is modeled after the mini variation. It offers low stakes and sees you play a one-on-one game with the dealer. You only need to wager $1 per hand to enjoy this virtual game.

El Royale Online Casino Baccarat

Live dealer baccarat is also relatively cheap, with minimum bets ranging from $1 to $5. Live gaming streams baccarat action directly from a land-based casino studio to your smartphone.

5 – No Dress Code

As mentioned before, big baccarat features a dress code. You’re not getting into the roped-off area wearing basketball shorts and a tank top.

Assuming you like the extravagance of high-roller gambling, you might enjoy the dress code aspect. But chances are higher that you just want to play in comfort.

The mini game doesn’t force you to dress like James Bond. Instead, the only dress code you must meet is the one that’s required to get into a casino.

Why Do People Love Mini Baccarat So Much?

Mini baccarat has several things going for it when compared to the big variation:

  • Low stakes
  • Laidback atmosphere
  • No dress code
  • Widespread availability

Most gamblers are high and mid-rollers. They don’t want to bet $100 per hand or throw on a tuxedo every time they head to a casino.

Instead, many players simply want to enjoy a fun game amid the bustling casino atmosphere. Mini baccarat satisfies the common gambler’s needs.

Mini Baccarat doesn’t demand high bets or the credentials/attire to enter a VIP area. Instead, it’s readily available for cheap stakes.

The mini version is also popular thanks to its fast play and simple strategy. Gamblers will never experience a dull moment when seeing 150 to 200 hands each hour.

Do Gamblers Even Care About Big Baccarat Anymore?

Big baccarat deserves some credit for introducing this game to gamblers. It acclimated players to the rules and bet types years ago.

However, many gamblers don’t even know what big baccarat is today. They think that mini baccarat is the only variation available. That said, it’s worth wondering if most players even care about the big version any longer.

In truthfulness, most gamblers don’t pay it a second thought. They have enough fun betting low stakes and seeing lots of action on mini tables.

Busy Casino Baccarat Table Game

The average player isn’t a high roller who’s willing to risk thousands of dollars every hour.  They’d rather play for low stakes and rely on hot streaks to win big.

Of course, a small subset of gamblers still appreciates big baccarat. They have the money to place large wagers and revel in the elegant atmosphere.

But this is just a tiny part of the overall gaming crowd. Most players only look to mini tables when they’re in the mood for baccarat.


Big baccarat has both humble and elegant beginnings. The humble aspect refers to how few gamblers it attracted after being introduced in the 1950s. The lavish part refers to how it’s always been a high-roller game.

The average person isn’t a high-stakes gambler who shows up to the casino in formal wear. Instead, they’re an average Joe who wants to blow off steam and hopefully leave with a profit.

Mini baccarat satisfies the regular gambler’s needs much better than the big variation does. It offers low stakes and doesn’t discriminate against players based on what they’re wearing.

If you’re just getting started with baccarat, then you’ll want to choose the mini version. The latter provides an easy and non-intimidating introduction to one of the most-entertaining casino games.