How to Get Around Safely on the Las Vegas Strip

Overhead View of the Las Vegas Strip at Night

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Whether it is for wedding parties, spring break, or just a weekend away, Sin City has something for everyone. For many first-timers, Vegas can be intimidating.  Specifically, trying to navigate the Vegas Strip can cause a lot of distress for tourists.

The Las Vegas Strip can be overwhelming the first time you see it, but fear not. We have compiled a list of ways to help bettors get around the Strip. Keep reading for more on how to safely navigate the Las Vegas Strip.

Can You Walk the Las Vegas Strip?

For people making their first trip to Vegas, opting to travel the Strip on foot can seem like a way to save money. After all, the less money you spend on transportation, the more you will have to gamble with. That plan is sound on paper, but it falls apart fairly quickly when you try to test it out.

Technically, yes, you can choose to walk the Las Vegas Strip. If you are planning on staying near your hotel, then walking may be the best option. However, if you are planning on traveling a significant portion of the strip, you will probably be better off finding another option.

There are plenty of reasons why walking the Vegas Strip would be inadvisable. First and foremost, the size of the Vegas Strip itself. The Strip starts at Mandalay Bay and goes all the way to Stratosphere. From start to finish, the Las Vegas Strip is roughly 4.2 miles long.

Another issue to consider is the amount of traffic on the Vegas Strip. An estimated 37,000 vehicles can be traveling on the Strip at peak times. If you do decide to travel on foot, avoid jaywalking.

Walking a mile or two on the strip may not sound like much at the beginning of your night out. However, when it is time to return to your hotel, that may be a different story. The last thing anyone wants to do after a night of drinking, partying, and gambling is to go for a half-hour, or longer, walk.

If you do decide to travel on foot, make sure you stick to the pedestrian walkways. Las Vegas has spent millions of dollars to make travel on the strip safer for tourists. For instance, there are more than a dozen pedestrian bridges on the Strip. The bridges make it easy to get from one casino to another. Planning your route out around these bridges ahead of time can be a major help.

Public Transportation on the Las Vegas Strip

Walking the Strip is not the only way to get around if you are on a budget. Las Vegas is a town built on tourism and has heavily invested in its public transportation. You have two major choices of public transportation on the strip: the bus or the tram.

The Deuce on the Strip

The Deuce is a double-decker bus that doubles as a sightseeing tour on the Vegas Strip. It starts in Downtown Vegas at the Freemont Street Experience and goes all the way to Mandalay Bay. Buses travel on a set route and stop at nearly every major hotel along the way. The Deuce is a great option for night owls because it runs 24/7.

People Walking Along the Vegas Strip

One of the biggest perks of The Deuce is that you can pay ahead of time. A three-day pass at the regular price is just $20 and there are many discounts available. To get tickets for The Deuce, all you need to do is visit a ticket vending machine (TVMs). There are plenty of TVMs located on the Strip.

If you are planning to pay at a TVM, make sure you have the exact change. You can also purchase tickets through an app on your phone.

Monorails in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a more high-tech way to navigate the Strip, check out one of the many monorails. The city of Las Vegas has public monorails that travel along the Vegas Strip. Casino developers also have their own tram systems between their properties to make travel easier.

The Las Vegas Monorail has a total of seven stops and runs from the MGM Grand to the Sahara. It takes between four and eight minutes to get from one stop to another. Unlike The Deuce, the monorail does not run 24 hours a day. The price of the monorail is fairly cheap, with day passes as low as $13.

Many of the major casino developers in Las Vegas also operate their own monorails. For example, there is a tram between the Bellagio and the Park MGM. Both the Bellagio and Park MGM are operated by MGM Resorts International.

Ride-Sharing Options in Las Vegas

For a more private transportation option, you should explore the ride-sharing and taxi options available in Las Vegas. Prices for these options vary, so make sure you budget accordingly. Vegas allows both Uber and Lyft, so you can choose your preferred ride-sharing provider.

On the taxi front, many hotels have taxis waiting to take you to your desired location on the strip. However, when it is time to return to your hotel you need to remember you cannot hail a cab. Instead, the hotel will provide you with a pickup location before you leave.

Uber and Lyft Sign at Aria Las Vegas

Another option to consider if you are in a large group is renting a limousine. Limos have long been the symbol of traveling in style. The price for renting a limo will vary by service provider. However, when split amongst a group, they can be a very affordable alternative for traveling on the Vegas Strip.

How to Get to the Las Vegas Strip

Navigating the Las Vegas Strip is one thing but getting to the Strip is another issue altogether. Many of the best-rated casino resorts are located on the Vegas Strip itself. However, there are plenty of other resorts located off of the Las Vegas Strip as well.

If you are staying at a resort off the Strip, the best option to get to the Strip is likely to take a cab. As we stated earlier, many resorts will have taxi services waiting to take you to the set locations on the Vegas Strip. Other hotels, such as the Rio Las Vegas, will have shuttles that take guests to the Strip.

For bettors who are flying to Sin City, make sure you have a plan for how to get from the airport to your hotel. Most likely, you will be using the McCarran International Airport. One option that is available is taking a cab.

However, many people are worried about being ripped off with a high fare. Luckily, the Deuce has regular routes from the McCarran International Airport to the Vegas Strip. The Deuce is also a great way to get back to the airport for your return flight.

Our Thoughts on Traveling in Las Vegas

Sin City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, make sure you plan out your transportation options before you start gambling. For more tips about navigating the Vegas Strip, check out our dedicated Las Vegas section.