How Do Cashless Casino Table Games Work?

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Unlike slot machines, casino table games have always required cash. You bring bills to the table to exchange for chips. You can then cash out chips at the cashier’s cage when leaving.

The only exception to this scenario is if you’re a high roller. In this case, you can request a marker and pay off any losses at a later date. If you’re not a high-stakes player, though, then you’ll be dealing with cash at the tables.

However, this scenario is now starting to change. Some Vegas casinos will be rolling out cashless table games.

If you’re like other gamblers, you might wonder how in the world cashless tables will work. The following guide explains more on how these games are going to operate.

Everything Begins With a Digital Casino Wallet

Casinos that offer cashless tables will roll out their own digital wallets. You’ll use these wallets to virtually pay for casino games and other services in resorts.

For example, Genting will provide a Resorts World Mobile App. This app will let you pay for food, drinks, casino games, and other entertainment at Genting properties. It’ll also allow you to check your rewards account and receive promotions from the company.

Many other casino corporations will likely use a similar setup. The idea is to make online payments as seamless as possible while eliminating the need for cash.

Players Can Use Multiple Methods to Deposit Funds

You’ll have different options for funding a casino wallet. First off, you can visit a relevant kiosk and deposit cash. Your digital wallet will then increase by the amount you’ve deposited.

You can also open up an account that allows you to pull money from online sources. For example, a casino digital wallet might accept bank transfers, credit cards, and/or e-wallets.

Assuming you’ve played at real money online casinos before, you’re probably well aware of these payment methods. Now, they’ll indirectly be available for use at land-based casinos, too.

Gamblers Will Log in at Slot Machines and Table Games

You might still be wondering how you bet money through a digital wallet. The answer is that you’ll log into any table you sit at.

Each casino game will feature a system that allows for these logins. After signing in, you’ll be able to transfer digital credits to whatever game you’re playing. You can then use funds from your digital wallet to play baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and other games.

Roulette Wheel and Row of Slot Machines

Casinos are planning on implementing the same cashless system to slot machines as well. Of course, slots already have a cashless method in the ticket-in, ticket-out (TITO) system.

Now, though, you’ll log into the slot machines as well. This system will ensure that you can use the same method of playing every game in the casino.

Advantages of Cashless Table Games

Gaming establishments are rolling out cashless tables with certain benefits in mind. You can see the key advantages to this upcoming system below.

No Need for Handling Casino Chips

One thing that the pandemic made gamblers leery of is handling chips. Some players still don’t like the idea of using clay chips that many others have touched.

Cashless tables eliminate the need for handling and carrying around these chips. All you’ll need is your smartphone and a digital wallet.

Chances are, you won’t miss having to carry around chips and cash them out at the end of the night. Instead, you can just pull out your phone and add funds at a table or slot machine any time.

Many Gamblers Are Used to Online Wallets

Digital wallets are certainly nothing new. These wallets have been around for over two decades now. Cryptocurrency wallets offer yet another way to make digital payments.

With that said, you’re likely well-versed in using an online wallet. You shouldn’t experience too much difficulty in transitioning to the cashless gaming world.

The casinos themselves will provide simple instructions on using their new systems. When in doubt, you can just refer to their information.

Blends the Online and Land-Based Gaming Experience

Up until now, the land-based and online gaming worlds have featured distinct lines. You either opt for the experience of brick and mortar gaming or the convenience of online casinos.

However, cashless table games will blend these experiences into one. You’ll now be able to enjoy live gaming with the same payment conveniences of digital wallets.

E-wallet Payment With Phone

You won’t have to worry about carrying lots of cash to the casino and further having to haul around chips. Instead, you’ll just use the wallet on your phone.

Reduces Cheating in Casinos

Casinos will benefit from cashless tables in the form of less cheating. Players won’t be able to use tricks like past posting in roulette.

The removal of chips from tables prevents various cheating methods. Gambling venues will lose less money to nefarious players as a result.

Of course, some cheating methods will still remain—especially those involving cards. Again, though, casinos will have one thing to worry about in this regard without chips.

Drawbacks of Cashless Table Games

If you’re somebody who enjoys the old way of gaming, then you might not be thrilled with the incoming system. Here are some downsides to consider with cashless tables.

Gamblers Can’t Use Cash

As covered before, certain advantages exist to eliminating cash from casinos. Namely, you won’t take the risk of walking through the parking lot with large amounts of bills in your pocket.

On the other hand, you might appreciate the chance to use cash. You’ll especially feel this way if you don’t commonly use online payment methods.

Must Get Different Apps for Different Casinos

Each casino company will roll out its own digital wallet. As mentioned before, Genting is going to feature the Resorts World Mobile App.

Of course, you won’t be able to use the Resorts World app at MGM properties. Instead, you’ll need to get a separate app/wallet for MGM Resorts casinos.

The same situation applies to Boyd Gaming, Caesars, or any other casino company. You might even end up with five to six apps on your phone if you gamble often enough at different properties.

May Require Some Adjustment

Provided you’re comfortable with online banking, then you shouldn’t struggle too much with cashless gaming. Nevertheless, you might experience some adjustment period.

This is especially true if you’ve been bringing cash to tables for years. You’ll have to suddenly pivot to signing in and paying with your online wallet.

Over time, this process shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. It will probably be annoying, though, in the short run.

When to Expect More Cashless Tables in Vegas and Beyond

No timeline has been offered on exactly when the majority of Vegas casinos will switch to cashless tables. However, more and more gaming establishments are considering this concept.

My guess is that the first system will be rolled out at some point in 2022. Genting appears to be well on the path to being the first casino corporation with cashless gaming. Another company, though, could conceivably launch this type of system before Genting.

Loads of Casino Chips and Wads of Dollar Bills

Whenever cashless tables do become available, casinos will need to work through bugs. No new technology experiences a completely smooth launch in the beginning. Potential problems could include the app not connecting with tables and money-transfer problems with the app.

That said, not every casino will hop onboard this trend immediately. Some will take a wait-and-see approach to observe how things are going.

Considering this aspect, I don’t expect the majority of Las Vegas casinos to go cashless until at least 2025. The majority might not even go this route until the late 2020s.

In Summary

Implemented in the late 1990s and early 2000s, TITO (ticket-in, ticket-out) was the last major upheaval in the way that Las Vegas casinos handle money. Every Vegas casino eventually switched from coin-operated to ticket-operated slot machines.

Cashless gaming appears to be the next be evolution in this area. It’ll see casinos go from accepting cash at tables to requiring electronic funds via digital wallets.

Even slot machines figure to switch from TITO to this new system. Players will again use their digital wallets to spin the reels.

There’s no definite date on when casinos in Vegas and beyond will go cashless. This system will come at some point, nonetheless.