Hotspots to Get Excited About Near the Ojibwa Casinos

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The Ojibwa Casinos are located near the northern portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and as with the Kewadin Casinos, Bay Mills, and others, you will find about a dozen of activities in and around the area.

We’re looking at ski resorts, national and state parks, museums, arena’s, and even a mine. So, while you will find a plethora of nature-based attractions in the region, you will also discover a few indoor attractions in which you can frequent.

A trip to Ojibwa Casino Baraga and Ojibwa Casino Marquette comes with a lot on the table. And since the venues sit close to one another, you can play at both while you also enjoy the surrounding attractions of these Michigan casinos. Let’s get started.

Keweenaw National Historical Park

Here are a couple of cool facts: Keweenaw National Historical Park boasts the oldest and largest known lava flow on Earth, and it’s also the only known site in America of prehistoric aboriginal mining.

The park sits on 1,869 acres in Calumet, Michigan, and found its place on the National Register of Historical Places in October 1992.

If you love heritage sites, this is definitely the place to check out given the number found at the park.

Keweenaw National Historical Park

A few of the heritage sites include the Adventure Mining Company, Carnegie Museum of Houghton, Delaware Copper Mine, Finnish-American Heritage Center and Historical Archive, Fort Wilkins State Park, and Old Victoria, among others.

This is the ideal place to spend the day or a few days if you love the outdoors or if you are just into visiting old heritage sites to hone in on your knowledge of the area.

Marquette Lighthouse

Also known as the Marquette Harbor Light, this 150-year-old structure graced the National Register of Historical Places in 1984.

Constructed in 1852 to help sailors navigate toward ore docks, the lighthouse today has become a popular destination for guided tours, headed up by the Marquette Maritime Museum.

So, if you find yourself in the area between mid-May and mid-October, this is a great place to take a walk to and through on the shores of Lake Superior.

Marquette Mountain Ski Resort

Also known as the Marquette Mountain Resort, this area attraction offers so much more than just winter sports; it provides action and adventure for all four seasons of the year.

So, if you need something to keep you occupied when you want to spend an hour or two away from the Ojibwa Casinos, head on up here even if it’s mid-July.

Marquette Mountain Ski Resort

Besides skiing and snowboarding in the winter, you can immerse yourself in mountain biking, volleyball, and hiking during the other three seasons of the year.

And if you’re looking to catch some much-needed grub when you’re done on the slopes, the resort is home to a restaurant, a bar, a retail center, indoor seating, plus wedding, party, and conference space, etc.

Mount Bohemia

If you’re looking for a thriller like none other, head over to Mount Bohemia, where you will find a 900-foot drop comprising 95 runs encompassing 550 acres of skiable area. Occasionally, the resort offers night skiing. This is your opportunity to hit the slopes after hours!

Be warned, however, that these aren’t groomed runs. That means if you are a beginner or if you have never skied before, you may want to begin your journey on the slopes somewhere else. But if you are an intermediate or advanced skier, you should love the challenge at this ungroomed terrain.

Hiawatha Music Festival

You will find this music festival happening during the second-to-last weekend in July, so if you are at Ojibwa Casinos during this time of year, make room to attend the fest.

Here, you will discover several genres of music that you may have never known existed. They include traditional and acoustic American music, but you will also find bluegrass, old-time, Cajun, Celtic, classic blues, and Gospel.

Hiawatha Music Festival

It’s definitely a little distinct sound than what the latest BLACKPINK album provides, but if you are into the music listed above, attending the Hiawatha Music Festival is a must.

Quincy Copper Mine

This old copper mine saw operation for nearly 100 years and was one of a few Quincy Mine properties in the area that also included the Quincy Mining Company Stamp Mills, Quincy Smelter, and Quincy Dredge Number Two.

Today, the mine has become a tourist attraction. So, if you’re looking to gain insight on the area’s industrial sector, mark this attraction high on your vacation itinerary. The Quincy Mine Hoist Association offers guided tours during the summer.

Better yet, you will find the property in the Keweenaw National Historical Park. So, if you are frequenting the area you are already nearby.

Suicide Hill Ski Jump

Part of the Ishpeming Ski Jump, Suicide Hill has been around for nearly a century and finds itself nestled in a valley known as the Suicide Bowl. Yep, this one is for serious skiers only, considering the nature of the jumps.

But don’t worry, you also have two shorter jumps available. If you aren’t ready for the big one, you have a couple of solid options at your disposal.

Suicide Hill Ski Jump Michigan

You are looking at five total jumps, the shortest of which is just 13 meters and the longest, known as Suicide Hill, is 90 meters.

If you’d like a thrill that doesn’t involve the real money slots or tables at the Ojibwa Casinos, head on over to this location and you will satisfy that craving for an experience that is sure to take your breath away.

Baraga State Park

This recreation area is a smaller attraction, offering just 56 acres of real estate. Don’t be fooled, however, because you will still find a solid number of things to do here if you are looking to immerse yourself in outdoor activities.

Baraga State Park

Baraga State Park is the perfect place for a picnic, swimming, fishing, paddling, camping, hiking, cross-country skiing in the winter, and even metal detecting. So, if you’re into variety, Baraga State Park is the perfect venue to frequent.

Marquette Maritime Museum

You need not venture too far from Ojibwa Casino Marquette to visit this lighthouse slash museum. And if you’re already interested in venturing to the Marquette Lighthouse, you may as well take a tour of the nearby museum.

The museum specializes in the area’s maritime history and iron ore trade. Outdoor features include a harborside World War II Memorial to the USS Darter and USS Dace, which took part in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.

Presque Isle Park

Presque Isle Park sits on 323 acres, and it is right in Marquette, Michigan. Founded in 1886 and open all year long, this is the perfect place to glimpse nature if you need a break from the casino gaming over at the Ojibwa Casinos, probably the Marquette location if you’re venturing here.

The small, over-shaped peninsula park surrounds Lake Superior, and it contains several facilities you will find useful. Included at the park are restrooms, a concert shelter, hiking trails, and more.

It is also an ideal location for walking on the Drive, which is open to foot traffic only during specific hours.

Lakeview Arena

Hosting the Marquette Mutineers of the Great Lakes Hockey League, you can head over to Lakeview Arena to catch a game of amateur elite senior men’s ice hockey if you’re in line for a sports fix.

Lakeview Arena Michigan

And while the arena doesn’t host high-level professional hockey, the NHL will frequent the arena during specific seasons for preseason action. So, if you’re lucky and you’re in the area at the right time of the year, you may just get to view some NHL preseason hockey if the league comes to town.

If not, the GLHL provides a decent product that is a sure bet you will enjoy.

South Park Beach and McCarty’s Cove

If you are looking to head out to Lake Superior for a day at the beach, Marquette holds two prominent beaches in the area called South Park Beach and McCarty’s Cove.

So, take a day or two off at the Ojibwa Casinos and head on out to the lakes for an unforgettable day at the beach.

Go sunbathing, sun gazing in the evening, running on the shoreline, or swimming in the ocean-like freshwater lake.

If you’re planning your casino trip during the summer, the weather is always ideal. Take advantage the next time you head over to the beaches when you’re on the shores of Lake Superior.


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is ideal for you if your idea of fun resides in outdoor activities. While they have a few solid indoor options, most of the action takes place outside, fully immersed in Michigan’s natural beauty.

When you are playing at the Ojibwa Casinos and you hear nature calling your name, know that you are only a few steps away from ideal weather and scenery, even in the winter!

Have you played at the Ojibwa Casinos? If so, share your experience and tell us if you visited any of the 12 nearby attractions on the list. We are always glad to hear from you.