7 Awesome Hotspots Around Seneca Allegany Casino

Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino

Seneca Allegany Casino provides enough thrills to make for a complete vacation. But if you’re looking for more than just a getaway at the casino, the City of Salamanca, New York, and its surrounding areas are guaranteed to impress.

As with many small town vacation hotspots, you’re looking for hidden gems that contain their unique flair. Antique shops, small museums, state parks, and other prototypical small town venues grace this list.

So, if you’re looking for fun that only the city can bring, many of the attractions on this list will disappoint. However, if the small town life suits you or even allows you to step back to another place and time, you must check this area out.

Nature, history, and a quaint feel define the area. And if that describes you, it’s time to build your vacation itinerary.

1 – Salamanca Mall Antiques

First up is the antiques shop, Salamanca Mall Antiques. And one reviewer per TripAdvisor estimated the shop’s collection at close to a million items. With that said, it’s likely you will find something of value at this shop, even if antiques aren’t your thing.

Some reviewers liken the shop more to a flea market, given the number of items available. In short, if you name it, chances are you will find it here. And it’s far bigger than it looks on the outside.

If you opened a dictionary (online or hard copy) and looked up the definition of “hidden gem,” Salamanca Mall Antiques would pop up. And you’ll probably find several flea markets rather than antique shops.

One such reviewer noted they stop here every time they stay at Seneca Allegany Casino. They commended the reasonable pricing, friendly staff, their professionalism, and the number of displays.

While a shop like this looks like the place you would frequent for an hour or two, it’s easy to lose track of time to spend an entire afternoon looking for your next hidden treasure. If you entered the museum’s doors at noon and stayed until 5 PM, chances are you still haven’t seen everything.

So, if you’re looking for a popular place in the area, especially one where actual guests at Seneca Allegany like to frequent, look no further than Salamanca Mall Antiques and find your next hidden gem.

2 – Seneca Iroquois National Museum

Come and discover this hidden gem of a cultural center that experienced a well-publicized, grand reopening on August 4th, 2018. You will find over eight exhibits at this facility, a retail shop, an education wing, a capacity-400 amphitheater, and so much more.

Even more impressive, the Seneca Iroquois National Museum is the product featuring four decades of collective work from tribal officials and members. So, not only will you find one of the area’s magnificent cultural centers lurking in this spot, you will also discover a venue that epitomizes perseverance.

And the reviewers per TripAdvisor love what they’ve seen, giving the venue a solid 4.5 stars out of 41 reviews. Get ready for a memorable experience when you visit this location.

3 – Allegany State Park

Ranking as the top attraction in Salamanca and carrying a 4.5-star rating out of over 200 reviews, immerse yourself in the area’s natural beauty when you visit Allegany State Park.

The largest state park in New York offers a variety of hiking trails and camping options, this park welcomes the public regardless of the time of year. So, whether you’re visiting Seneca Allegany Casino in the summer or winter, Allegany State Park is open.

Catch the stunning views from the lake and watch the leaves fade from their forest-green shade in the summer to red, rust, and yellow in the fall. You’ll catch a winter wonderland in January and if you venture here in April, watch nature blossom to life before your eyes.

Saratoga Spa State Park

Just how much of a hotspot is this location to those who visit Seneca Allegany Casino? Many of your four and 5-star reviewers on TripAdvisor mention the casino, so this attraction gets a lot of attention to those who frequent the venue.

If you want to take in the best scenic and surreal atmosphere in the area, find it at Allegany State Park.

4 – The Crosspatch

The Crosspatch is one of those hidden gems that you can only discover in small town and rural America. It encompasses a scenic view of the New York countryside and woodlands, taking you through an area that will give you an idea of what it’s like to live locally.

Set yourself up for a guided tour when you visit the Crosspatch, where your tour guides will ensure you’re paired with the right horse. Yes, you will ride on horseback through this scenic tour. But don’t worry, they have trained these horses well and even beginner riders have had nothing but wonderful experiences.

Reviewers have commended the engaging staff, the ease of riding the horses, simple scheduling, and of course, the scenic views.

5 – Sky High Aerial Adventure Park

This is a sports complex, in case you wondered, and it requires you to be physically fit to have the best experience. But if you’ve completed Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Warrior Dashes, and similar events (I’ve done a Mud on the Mountain), then you will have a blast.

But don’t stress out too much. Photos via TripAdvisor show guests of all ages, including children and even a few who could pass as senior citizens, taking part in and completing these obstacles.

So, they aren’t too physically demanding—not that they won’t give you a solid workout or a case of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), because it’s a guaranteed winning bet that they will.

Now, if you spent all morning sitting at the table games or real money slot machines over at Seneca Allegany Casino and feel the need to get a fun outdoor workout in, skip the gym and head off to this location because you will use muscles you may have never known existed.

Strap yourself into a harness and embark on the many obstacles that this facility has. If you love heights, it’s a bonus. Because you’re up there with the trees. And if you don’t like heights, just don’t look down. But you will probably discover you have more strength and coordination than you ever thought.

6 – Mel Sole Golf School

Ready to enhance your golf game? While I haven’t listed any golf courses in this post, you will find a nifty golf school in the area to give you an edge the next time you step onto a golf course. Per a handful of reviews on TripAdvisor, the golf school is enjoying a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, so the locals are talking.

Golf Course in Atlantic City

This golf school includes short, three-day courses. So, if you’re only in the area for a week, you don’t need to spend an extended period enhancing your game.

In fact, it’s a great way to catch a break from the casino gaming at Seneca Allegany and spend an afternoon improving your game before heading back to the floor for another few hours at the slots and live dealer tables.

Another common denominator you’ll find in the reviews is that they praise the owner, Mel Sole, for his attention to detail, knowledge, and experience in every golf avenue you can imagine.

Best yet, you won’t change your swing or technique when you work with Mel or his instructors. Instead, they tailor their instruction to your unique playing style, tweaking things to help you hit the ball better and with greater accuracy.

So, if this is something that interests you during your getaway to Seneca Allegany Casino, bring your golf bag and prepare for a few lessons on the fairway.

7 – Holiday Valley 

Seneca Allegany has its pros, and you’ll hardly find a con in sight. But if you’re looking for arguably the area’s top resort, you will find it at Holiday Valley.

Immersed inside Southwest New York’s rolling hills and deciduous forest, a traditional Swiss village nestled in the Alps will come to mind when you visit Holiday Valley.

You’ll find plenty of recreational activities scattered about the resort, including skiing and snowboarding in the winter, plus golfing, ziplining, and the Mud Run I mentioned in the above section during the spring/summer.

It’s also a popular place for weddings, receptions, conferences, and other special events. Oh, and they also host annual beer and wine festivals. So, if those float your boat, you’ll want to check this place out.

Open all year long, you can place a winning bet that a getaway at Holiday Valley paired with a few days at Seneca Allegany Casino completes an ideal vacation destination in Salamanca, New York.


You have your usual small-town hidden gems when you visit the area surrounding Seneca Allegany Casino. But the common denominator in these regions remains the same: scenery, scenery, and more scenery.

The nature lover in you will fall for the stunning views Southwest New York’s rolling hills offer. Add in a museum and an antique shop, and it will complete your trip to the area.

Have you visited Salamanca, New York, and played at Seneca Allegany Casino? Did you pair your stay with another at Holiday Valley, or did you visit any of the attractions on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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