Hot Locations Surrounding the St. Croix Casinos

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You’ve been to the St. Croix Casinos and now, you’re looking to branch out and see what there is to do in the Northwest Wisconsin area.

Fantastic, as you’ve come to the right post. Today’s post will cover nine hot locations surrounding the St. Croix Casinos. Given their proximity to one another, the following nine locations are fantastic places to visit regardless of the three St. Croix Casinos you’re frequenting.

And since they’re found in small-town America, you’re also in for a real treat given the odds and ends attractions you will find near these three small but dynamic casinos.

Ready to take a quick tour around these Wisconsin gambling locations?

Let’s get started.

Pioneer Village Museum

This is a fantastic place to spend a few hours. So if you need an afternoon away from the casino games floor at any of the three St. Croix Casinos, Pioneer Village Museum is the place to be.

The museum includes 35 acres, and 27 log cabins built and furnished in the nineteenth century. And with the furnishings come thousands of artifacts. If you’re into history and you’re looking for a firsthand experience of what life was like way back in the day, the Pioneer Village Museum is your landing spot.

Pioneer Village Museum

Oh, but just so you know, they have added climate control to each building. So you’re seeing what life was like, along with the modern luxury of AC and heat. If you’re a purist, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. If you’re cool with some modern luxuries immersed in history, it’s a bonus.

Anyway, you’re in for 36 cubicles of antiques dating back to the Civil War. But you’ll also find articles from as recently as World War II. They’re open from Memorial Day until Labor Day Weekend, so if you’re in the area between two of our major holidays, head over to Pioneer Village Museum.

Comstock Creamery

Established over 100 years ago in 1910, Comstock Creamery is one of the finer places in the area if you’re looking for fresh, local food. Run by the Ellsworth Creamery Family, Comstock Creamery is more well-known for their varieties of cheese than anything else.

And is there anything better than dipping cheese into more cheese?

Of course not. It’s one of those strange foods that works well.

If you’re not into cheese, don’t worry. They also serve ice cream on those hot, Wisconsin summers. It’s a fantastic place to frequent if you need to cool off for a while. They also have a gift shop on the site too, giving you even greater options to get your hands on hot, local items.

Other items you will find at Comstock Creamery include knickknacks, fudge, and deli sandwiches. Good deal of services for creameries, right?

Stower Seven Lakes Trail

If you’re looking for a hiking trail in the area, the Stower Seven Lakes Trail is calling your name. You can also take your mountain bike over if you wish. It’s a widened, limestone trail that sort of resembles a rail trail. In fact, one reviewer on TripAdvisor strongly implied this to be a rail trail.

So bonus points there, as they’re the finest trails in America. And best yet, the trail is not wide enough for motor vehicles.

Stower Seven Lakes Trail

It’s also a fantastic way to absorb the countryside in nearby Amery, Wisconsin. If you’re into the rural setting, it boasts more than its fair share of spots. Some of its variety includes forested areas, lakes, and rolling farmland.

If you’re near the Western Terminus, you will stumble upon Lotus Lake for even further breathtaking views and picnicking options.

Valkyrie Brewing Company

You’ll find the Valkyrie Brewing Company in nearby Dallas, Wisconsin. And with a name like Valkyrie, you can place a winning bet that this brewing company holds a true Scandinavian flair.

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor have described the bar as “quirky, but comfortable.”

Valkyrie Brewing Company

When you come in, the owners will actually give you a tour of the brewery, explaining their techniques behind hot, local crafts like Big Swede and Raven Woman.

The bar itself boasts a slick atmosphere, even if it appears to have some of the cheapest seating in town. You won’t find many real booths here; mainly folding tables and chairs behind the bar. But if you’re up for a tour and you’re cool with the setup, it’s a real gem in the area.

Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park

You’ll find Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park near the banks of the beautiful Yellow River close to St. Croix Casino Danbury on over 80 acres of epic woodlands. The site comprises two trade posts; Northwest Company and XY Company. Both posts have been reconstructed on the site.

Here you’ll also find the Ojibwe Village, which gives you a glimpse of what life was like for the Ojibwe People during the fur trade era. Several museums also frequent the site, giving you even further knowledge of life from yesteryear.

Such buildings include a schoolhouse along with local history exhibits. It’s surely the site to see if you’re looking to taste local history, or if you’d like to increase your knowledge of the area’s fur trade.

Tommy’s Too High Winery

Fix your wine craving at Tommy’s Too High Winery. And while the St. Croix Casinos may offer some wine with a local flair, they’re nothing compared to what you’ll experience at Tommy’s Too High Winery.

It is just outside Danbury, giving it one of the most convenient locations near the casinos on today’s list. They offer roughly 10 wines to taste test, along with popcorn and pretzels if you’re looking to add some crunch in between local wine flavors.

Tommy’s Too High Winery

Best yet, Tommy’s Too High Winery epitomizes the small-town flair. Much like the Valkyrie Brewing Company listed above. It’s a small winery, family-owned, and it takes on the no-frills approach. Simple, but a well-known staple in the area.

St. Croix State Park

If you’re looking to experience the great outdoors near the St. Croix Casino Danbury location, St. Croix State Park is the place to be. It’s a fantastic option to fuel the flair for recreational activities, including canoeing and kayaking, to name a couple of fun activities.

They have clean beaches and the river water also appears to be well taken care of.

One word of warning: If you plan on kayaking down the river, be sure to come with a group of friends and take two vehicles. Park one vehicle at the far end, and the other at the near end. If not, you’ll be hiking back to the car for at least an hour.

But if you’re into hiking after a good workout of canoeing or kayaking, by all means, take it.

You’ll also find the clean beaches of Lake Clayton at the site, which offers an even greater amount of activity to take part in, including swimming, fishing, picnicking, and nature watching. You’re getting a lot of awesome recreation here.

Tjader Acres Disc Golf Course

Are you in for some serious disc golf?

Or, are you with a travel group that doesn’t care much for traditional golf and is in need of adding a flair to the game?

Head over to Tjader Acres Disc Golf Course and you’ll discover what you’re looking for. Here, you’re getting a bit of everything. From high elevation holes to well-maintained and scenic fairways, the Tjader Acres Disc Golf Course offers more than just a fun game of disc golf.

Tjader Acres Disc Golf Course

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re finished with the real money slots and table games at one of the St. Croix Casinos, head on over and try a new game. One fit for the entire family and a variety of interest levels.

West Point Lodge

A day at West Point Lodge offers epic scenic views of the nearby river and valleys. Head over to Spooner, Wisconsin, venture to the overlook, and brace yourself for a breathtaking display of Wisconsin’s rural living.

Coming to West Point Lodge is also a fantastic opportunity to indulge in some fine, local fare. Everything from their famous walleye to their Ruben sandwich has become a hit with customers.

Plus, they’re a hotbed for entertainment. When you make a trip out to West Point Lodge, you may experience a fantastic upcoming local act or two. It makes for a brilliant afternoon or evening when you’re in the Hertel area.

If you’re done for the day at St. Croix Casino Hertel and you’re interested in local fare along with local bands and a scenic experience, you’ll find it at West Point Lodge.

Enjoy the Attractions Near the St. Croix Casinos

The St. Croix Casinos are smaller venues within proximity of one another. Therefore, you won’t travel too far in either if you’re looking for a few hot locations surrounding the casinos.

Best yet, you’re getting a plethora of categories as well, including historical sights, breweries, wineries, and even a few fantastic local eateries. There is never a shortage of entertainment here. Even in one of America’s more rural areas.

Have you been to the St. Croix Casinos? If so, tell us which location was your favorite and let us know if you frequented any of the attractions listed above. We are looking forward to reading about your experience.