Hot Attractions Near Bally’s Atlantic City

Bally's Atlantic City Logo and Attractions

Bally’s Atlantic City is one of the hottest casino destinations in America. But don’t think for a second that the casino industry is the only place to frequent when you vacation to Atlantic City. Sure, there are many awesome casinos to visit, and we will talk about them toward the end of the post.

But there are also a lot of other fun places to get excited over as well. Just a few points of interest near Bally’s Atlantic City are the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Tanger Outlets, the Absecon Lighthouse, Quarter at Tropicana, Steel Pier Amusement Park, and Boardwalk Hall.

There’s plenty to get excited over. And if you’re here for the casino tour, don’t forget to check out the overview after we discuss our seven locations.

Ready to discover a few non-casino slices to the pie near Bally’s Atlantic City? Keep reading.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is so popular that it has garnered more reviews per TripAdvisor than a few of Atlantic City’s primary attractions, which are the New Jersey casinos. You’re looking at 4 out of 5 stars out of an astounding 5,510 reviews per December 2020.

The history here is impeccable, with the boardwalk tracing its roots back to 1870, so you can get an idea how many souls have walked this boardwalk.

Stretching over six miles of beachfront, brace yourself for an experience at the boardwalk’s many shops, stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, and a light yet long cardio workout. Because if you walk six up and six back, you nearly walked a half-marathon! That’s not too bad of a workout for the day.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Aerial View

While some reviewers on TripAdvisor reminisce that the boardwalk has seen better days, the younger crowd raves about it. So, if you’re in the older generation and if you’ve come to the boardwalk during the 1980s and 1990s, perhaps you’ll have a different perception over someone who is seeing it for the first time.

Just about everyone on the site has given this hot attraction near Bally’s Atlantic City at least a decent review, and that says a lot.

Tanger Outlets Atlantic City

With 4 stars out of over 800 reviews per December 2020, you’re looking at yet another fantastic outlet when you’re in the area. And while you must brace yourself for the long walks when you head to Tanger Outlets, it’s a fantastic place to embark on a shopping spree.

The shopping center boasts a prime selection of outlets and reasonable pricing with just about any retail outlet imaginable, including name brands like Nike and Adidas. So, you definitely know what you’re getting when you hit this outlet mall.

Reviewers have also commended the affordable and easy parking, the selection of items, and pricing. If you’re looking for a decent bang for your buck, Tanger Outlets is a great place to venture to if you’re looking for a day off from the casino games.

Absecon Lighthouse

You just can’t go anywhere near the ocean or lake without stumbling across a lighthouse. And the Absecon Lighthouse remains the talk of Atlantic City as a fine tourist destination. Having so far garnered a solid 4.5-star review on TripAdvisor, nothing has yet to stop tourists from visiting the state’s tallest lighthouse.

You will find the Absecon Lighthouse between Pacific and Rhode Island Avenue. Enter the lighthouse and get another good cardio workout by climbing those 228 stairs to the top. And each step you cross is another step back in time in one of America’s oldest lighthouses.

Absecon Lighthouse Atlantic City

Reach the top and brace yourself for stunning views of the Atlantic City Skyline and you’ll also find the Fresnel Lens, which traces its roots back to 1857.

Having been recently restored, you will also find a replica of the Lightkeeper’s dwelling, a museum, special exhibits including that of the Fresnel Lens, and expansive grounds, among other hot attractions within one of Atlantic City’s oldest and finest attractions.

The Quarter at Tropicana

Looking for more hot shopping?

The Quarter at Tropicana is yet another fantastic place to frequent, and it’s right up there with Tanger Outlets Atlantic City.

Reviewers agree that the Quarter at Tropicana is a fantastic outlet to shop if you’re into high-end or specialty shops, or if you’d just like to embark on the world’s most exciting window shopping experience.

As the name implies, you will find the Quarter at Tropicana closer to Tropicana Casino, but it’s a great nearby attraction if you plan on visiting it in addition to Bally’s Atlantic City.

Besides the high-end stores, reviewers have also raved about the restaurants and restaurant choices. So, if you’ve exhausted your options at Bally’s Atlantic City or at the Trop, you have a few more options heading your way once you hit the outlets.

If you hit one of those progressive jackpots, chances are you will know where you’re heading next for a shopping spree that will include designer options from the world’s finest name brands. A dynamic shopping and dining experience awaits at the Quarter at Tropicana.

Steel Pier Amusement Park

Looking to add more adrenaline-pumping thrills besides the casino experience?

Head over to Steel Pier Amusement Park and you will find what you’re looking for, especially if you’re willing to take an entire day off from the casino. Steel Pier Amusement Park is more than worth the visit.

While it’s not the largest amusement park and many per TripAdvisor have stated its rides and atmosphere resembles that of a carnival or county fair, it’s a great option if you’re looking for some fun and to take a break from the casino floor.

Steel Pier Amusement Park

Other reviewers have stated it’s an ideal place to go if you’re on vacation to Atlantic City with your entire family. So, if you have younger kids between 5 and 12, a trip to Steel Pier Amusement Park is a must.

They boast a solid number of thrilling rides, games for prizes, concessions, anything akin to your typical amusement park, but a smaller version of what you may be used to.

This isn’t the ideal place to spend an entire day, but it is a great place to go if you’re looking for a different type of adrenaline rush the casino can’t bring.

Boardwalk Hall

Boardwalk Hall is a convention center in Atlantic City that plays host to many events and entertainment. If in the event you cannot find adequate entertainment in the area, be sure to check out what’s happening at Boardwalk Hall.

In the past, this arena has hosted sporting events like boxing, soccer, college football, the Liberty Bowl, the Boardwalk Bowl, Indoor and Arena football, basketball, ice hockey, and so much more.

Boardwalk Hall also hosts hot world-class acts in music. Classics like Journey and The Who have hosted shows at the arena. But they have also seen newer acts like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Rascal Flatts entertain thousands at the venue.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

It’s also home to the world’s largest pipe organ, comprising over 33,000 pipes, eight chambers, seven manuals, and over 1,000 stop keys. So, if you’re looking to see something a bit out of this world, checking out the world’s largest pipe organ at Boardwalk Hall is a great place to begin.

Boardwalk Hall has also won several awards, including recognition as a top-grossing and the top-grossing mid-sized arena in the United States. It also holds the status as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and it became a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Atlantic City’s Casinos

Of course, if you’re headed off to New Jersey, you’re probably looking to play at more than just Bally’s Atlantic City. And while Bally’s has its unique blend of games plus a stellar resort, don’t forget to check out a few other casinos in the area too.

Caesars Atlantic City

You will find Tropicana Atlantic City within a mile from Bally’s, so if you’re planning a trip to the Quarter at Tropicana, definitely check out the Trop itself. Another nearby option is Caesars Atlantic City, which is literally within walking distance from Bally’s.

Just down the road and to the north, you will find Resorts Casino Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, and Ocean Casino Resort. So, this area and its vicinity provides you with many options when you make your next trip to Bally’s Atlantic City.


Bally’s Atlantic City and its neighboring casinos are just a few of several top attractions in Atlantic City. And as you can probably tell from this post, a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey is about more than just hitting the casino; the area has just as many nearby attractions as it does casino attractions.

If you’re looking to take a day or two off from Bally’s Atlantic City and the other casinos near it, use today’s post to begin your vacation itinerary to the region. And you will be glad you made a few additional stops.

Have you been to any of these local attractions or have you played at casinos near Bally’s Atlantic City? Let us know in the comments and share your stories. We are looking forward to reading them.