Hollywood Casino Toledo’s Best Nearby Attractions

Toledo City Seal With Local Attractions

Hollywood Casino Toledo may find itself located in the center of a city in transition. But that doesn’t mean it’s Toledo’s only attraction. With that said, there’s plenty to love about venturing out into this city.

Toledo boasts seven excellent attractions near Hollywood Casino for both you and the family if you decide to bring the crew along for this underrated vacation destination. And there is something for people of all ages to get excited about.

Some of what you’ll find in the city’s heart includes the Toledo Zoo, the Toledo Museum of Art, Fifth-Third Field, Imagination Station, and the Maumee Brewery Club, giving you a well-rounded plethora of activities to lose yourself in if you need time off from the gaming floor.

Ready to take a quick tour to Northwest Ohio gambling scene and discover all of what Toledo offers? Let’s get started.

Toledo Zoo and Aquarium

Leading off on the list is the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium, which is home to thousands of domestic and exotic wildlife from around the world. This 120-year-old zoo and aquarium is set on 51 acres of land and is home to over 10,000 animals and marine life across 720 species.

So, if you need a break from the endless real money gaming at Hollywood Casino Toledo, come on down and become just another of the 1,000,000-plus visitors this venue attracts year-round.

Just name the exhibit, and you’ll find it at the Toledo Zoo. The most popular ones include Kingdom of the Apes, Africa, the Arctic Encounter, Rescue Roost, Penguin Beach, Primate Forest, the Tiger Terrace, and the popular Snow Leopards.

Toledo Aquarium Santa Scuba Diver

Accredited through 2022 by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Toledo Zoo turns much of its focus on conservation efforts, with 80 species’ survival programs. With that said, you can expect to find some of the world’s most endangered species of animals calling this zoo home.

Animals like the Aruba island rattlesnake, West Indian boa, and the once-thought-extinct Kihansi spray toad are just a few prominent conservation programs found at Toledo Zoo and Aquarium.

So, go on that quest to find exotic and rare animals lurking on the 51 acres in Northwest Ohio once you’re finished gaming for the day.

Toledo Museum of Art

Founded just one year after the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium opened its doors is the Toledo Museum of Art. Its collection, educational programs, and campus have earned itself a reputation as one of the top art museums in the world.

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll love the high-quality collection you’ll find here if you don’t fall in love with the outdoor architecture upon arrival.

Admission to the museum is free. So, if you had a bad day at the casino, you’ll still win with a freebie when you walk through the doors of the museum. They do charge for parking, however, which is a measly $8. Pocket change, right?

But if you’re up for stretching your legs and venturing to the museum the old-fashioned way, you need not worry about paying for parking.

So, come over and discover one of the greatest collections of art in the United States and perhaps the world if you’re on break from the slots and table games at Hollywood Casino Toledo.

National Museum of the Great Lakes

It’s ironic that Toledo is often stereotyped as a city long past its prime. But if that were the case, the nation’s most prominent museums probably would have gone elsewhere. Including the National Museum of the Great Lakes, which explores the region’s rich history.

Here, you’ll get a look at the canoes and schooners of old all the way to the steamships and freighters of the modern age. Many of which you’ll still find on the Maumee River, whose banks the museum has found a home on.

National Museum of the Great Lakes

The average cost of admission is $10 for the museum and a reasonable $16 if you’re looking for admission into the boats. Children five and under enter for free. So, if you have young kids with you, bring them along for this experience.

Youths between the ages of six and 17 receive a discounted entry, so you won’t break the bank here. And with the museum constantly boasting their “educate and entertain” exhibit philosophy, you will profit in the knowledge category while the friendly staff and tour guides ensure you have a good time doing so.

Fifth-Third Field

Home of the International League’s Toledo Mud Hens, Fifth-Third Field is the premier venue for minor league baseball. And if you’re a fan of the local Detroit Tigers, then you can rejoice because you’ll find this venue loaded with future stars of the MLB team’s Triple-A affiliate.

If you’re a baseball enthusiast, you also have a lot to get excited about with a trip to Fifth-Third Field. Over the years, Newsweek has labeled the park as one of the best in minor league baseball while ESPN went further, stating The Roost section as the very best place to catch a minor league game.

And nothing boasts itself as a better stress reliever after a day of casino gaming than a good old game of baseball—especially when you’re watching the stars of tomorrow make their case to move up in the ranks to become true members of the Detroit Tigers organization.

Imagination Station

A nonprofit science center, Imagination Station looks to make science education fun and energizing for guests of all ages and interest levels. They seek to prove science is far more than just a bunch of complicated equations, formulas, and theorems. Thank goodness, right?

If Hollywood Casino Toledo serves just a portion of your family vacation or if you’re out with a group of friends who are science enthusiasts, Imagination Station is more than worth the trip as you venture around town. Come in and experience hundreds of interactive exhibits you and the crew can enjoy.

Imagination Station in Toledo

As with the National Museum of the Great Lakes, admission is cheap, with the Big Kid Admission (for those between the ages of 13 and 64) to the science center and theater an affordable $19. If you’re a senior or under the age of 13, you’ll enjoy a discounted entry of $18 and $17, respectively.

Ready for an interesting ride that makes science an exciting endeavor for a change? Head on in. Because these tour guides will probably sound 100 times more interesting than your boring high school science teacher who pulled off their best impression of Ben Stein.

Oak Openings Preserve

Looking to satisfy your love of nature? Well, take a day away from the casino gaming and head on over to the 5,000 acres of land comprising Oak Openings Preserve.

And if you’re a hiker, you’ll easily fall in love with the 50-plus miles of trails you’ll come across here at Oak Openings preserve. So, on your day off from Hollywood Toledo, lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery this nearby attraction guarantees. Bathe in the sunlight. Breathe the fresh air.

With so many trails available, it is hard to take just one day from the gaming at the casino. But hey, nothing cures the soul better than a good old stroll through the forests.

Oak Openings Preserve in Toledo

The scenery is calling. But if you’re one who’d rather lodge away from the city life and Hollywood Casino, you need to take advantage of the Caretaker’s Cottage. It makes the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

Did you hit up Hollywood Toledo with a large group of people and are looking to add a bit of nature and seclusion to your vacation to the area?

Well, the Buehner Center is your answer, given this newly renovated structure can hold up to 75 individuals. Inside, you’ll find a spacious 52 by 29-foot main room along with an attached patio, nearly two-dozen tables and chairs, and a nearby playground.

Just be sure to bring your own utensils and cooking supplies because the venue does not provide them.

Maumee Brewery Club

While you’ll find your fair share of local craft beers around Hollywood Casino Toledo, you’ll find an even greater selection at the Maumee Brewery Club.

Alright, so what brews can you expect to find here? Maumee Bay Brewing is pleased to present you with local crafts like Bermuda Triangle, Creature from Algae Bloom, Blood Orange, Oktoberfest, Summer Stinger, and more.

Maumee Brewery Club in Toledo

So, if you can’t resist heading out of town to try the best locally brewed crafts out there, the Maumee Brewery Club is your premier destination out of anything else on this list.

What are you waiting for? Play a few real money slots and table games at Hollywood Toledo, then head on over to the Maumee Brewery to relax, reset, and unwind.


Take that city in transition and strap a revitalization label onto it. You can clearly see Hollywood Casino Toledo is just one piece of a long puzzle clearing the path for Toledo, Ohio, to transition its label from manufacturing sector to one thriving in a variety of industries.

And you can place a safe bet that everything listed above is only the beginning of what types of nearby attractions you’ll find in Toledo if you make annual trips to its Hollywood Casino. If the location isn’t already a prime vacation destination, bet that it will be by 2030.

Have you been to Hollywood Casino Toledo? And if so, share your experiences with us. We’re always happy to hear from you.