Here’s Why Online Casinos Will Dominate the US Gambling Market

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Few things get the avid casino gambler’s adrenaline pumping like walking into a massive Las Vegas casino resort. These behemoths have long stood as the standard for casino gambling in the US, but the tides may be shifting.

The new giant on the horizon isn’t the looming casino boom along the “Mighty Mississippi,” the great plains of Oklahoma, or the vast casino network of the midwest. No, the greatest threat to the Las Vegas casino industry is real money online casinos.

Some of you may balk at the notion that online casino gambling could ever rival the empire known as Sin City. Well, I’m going to tell you why online casinos are poised to dominate the US gambling market.

Online Casinos Make It Much Easier to Walk Out a Winner

Players with access to online casinos discover pretty early that it’s much easier to stop while you’re ahead.

For many of us, a casino gambling trip requires planning, travel, and expenses. So, once we finally arrive in the casino, we’re in no rush to get out of the action if we win.

However, online casinos are always a click away. Many of the top online sites include mobile casino apps, so the action is rarely further than arm’s length.

This ability to quickly come and go to your favorite online casino makes it much easier to leave with house money.

Imagine walking into your favorite casino and immediately winning $1,000 on a slot machine spin. You’re up significantly on the house, but you’re staying at the casino for a full three nights.

Now, you must protect your winnings for several casino sessions. The most disciplined gamblers may not have any trouble managing this task. Still, for many more, it’ll surely end with the cash safely in the casino vault.

If you make the same lucky pull in an online casino, you could just as quickly log out and bask in your own glory. The ability to easily get out when things are going your way is paralleled by the ease of getting out when things get a little sideways. I regularly stress the importance of walking away when things get bad.

Casinos are designed to make your departure as tricky as possible; online casinos don’t have the tool bag of tricks to keep you gambling that brick and mortar casinos carry.

Online Casinos Offer Nearly Endless Choices

If variety is indeed the spice of life, online casinos are as potent as they come. Browse any of the major online casinos, and it’s clear that you are going to have more choices than you’ve ever imagined.

It’s not uncommon for online casinos to have over 200 titles for slot machine players to choose from 24/7. These games never fill up, and you don’t have to spend upwards of an hour looking for your favorite machine.

Online casinos will allow you to set favorites and these games are always at the ready. It’s like having the casino reserve your seat for you, and the velvet ropes will be lifted for you at your command.

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A problem facing many casino gamblers is matching their favorite game to the proper denomination for their bankroll. This task is as simple as selecting your game in online casinos.

Most popular titles come in a wide range of denominations. And once you select the game you prefer, you’re set. Fortunately, you’re not locked in and can freely float between games without any limitations.

Don’t think that the online casinos would dare ignore the table game lovers. You’ll find all of your casino favorites and several variants of classic games that you’ve probably never heard of.

From classic blackjack utilizing RNGs to spit out results to live dealer games with interactive buttons and a human dealer dealing real cards via webcam, online casinos have everything.

Americans love variety, and having nearly unlimited options will appeal to the more is better mentality shared by many.

Online Casinos Are the Epitome of Convenience

Even if you lived in a penthouse at ARIA, a casino gambling session would require you to put on clothes, walk to the elevators, and find a game to sit at in order to play. That sounds amazing, and it surely can’t get much more convenient than that.

Well, online casino gamblers face an even more convenient gambling experience. You merely log into the online casino from your computer or mobile device and begin playing your favorite games.

No shirt, no shoes, no pants are no problem. Unless you’re at a wedding or playing from the airport terminal, but the online casinos won’t have a problem with it.

More importantly, you can gamble anytime you like. Most of us have hobbies, careers, families, and other interests, all competing for our time and attention.

Those responsibilities can have tremendous impacts on how often we can make time to plan and enjoy a casino vacation.

Online casinos are built to work around your schedule as opposed to the other way around. Need an hour at the baccarat tables to unwind after a long week?

The online casinos can provide you an hour of gaming anytime you’ve got 60 minutes to spare. The sheer convenience of online casinos has already made them popular with gamblers around the globe.

Get the Opportunity to Learn New Games With Online Casinos

It’s far easier to learn games from home with your strategy charts in front of you than on a busy casino floor.

I’ve seen veteran gamblers become flustered as they try to make the perfect play with fellow players and the dealer all waiting for them to make their move.

For newbie gamblers and players trying to learn a new game, the task can be terrifying. Nobody wants to look like a noob, so many gamblers rely on what they’ve managed to commit to memory to carry them through a session.

Online casinos foster a much better environment for learning how to play casino games. Players may use their strategy charts at the tables without any fear of being judged by others.

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Additionally, many games will give you ample time to consult these strategy guides before making your next move. So, you’re getting real-world experience while you learn the best approach to your favorite game.

Basically, allowing you to appear to be the casino genius you’re working hard to become.

Another fantastic benefit of online casinos is the ability to play many of the games for free. These free casino games don’t use any real currency and is a super safe option for novice gamblers to get their feet wet.

New gamblers across the US will flock to the online casinos to learn games they’ve never been able to muster the required courage to try in land-based casinos.

Online Casinos Make the Casino Experience Far Less Stressful

The simple act of walking into a casino will raise stress levels for most casino gamblers. However, these same gamblers will feel more relaxed in the comfort of their own home.

Then there is the additional stress brought on by the massive crowds of people. Even those of us that thrive in casinos will experience lower levels of stress in online casinos.

Then there are all of the ancillary pieces that come with casino gambling. The costs of travel, meals, side quests, and hotel will provide an added level of stress for casino visitors.

Online casinos won’t require any additional costs, which will dramatically cut the financial stresses facing gamblers.

Travel can also be stressful for casino visitors. Whether you’re driving a few hundred miles or flying across the country, travel can be stressful.

Online casinos cut out all of the above stress and leave you with a simple and amazing casino product without any of the unnecessary fluff.

Online Casinos Provide Gamblers With Better Odds

Hardcore casino gamblers will immediately fall in love with the lower house edge in online casinos.

The most obvious manifestation of this lies in the slot machines where return to player or RTP is much higher than their land-based counterparts. For most Las Vegas casinos, RTP averages around 90%.

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In online casinos, this number shoots to well above 96%. That’s a tremendous difference that will be felt profoundly by casino gamblers.

The higher RTP will result in more wins and significantly extend the lifetime of your bankroll. So, playing in online casinos will cost Americans far less money.

Online casinos can afford to payout much better on slot machines because their operating costs are much lower than brick-and-mortar casinos. I don’t want you to get the impression that online casinos are any less greedy than land-based operations; they are both businesses, and turning a profit is their goal.

Still, they provide a superb entertainment venue for gamblers and do their best to give fair returns.

Most table games can’t have the house edge changed much because they’re built-in by how the games are played. The rules of the game can move the needle one way or another, though.

So, blackjack remains blackjack, but typically rules are player-friendly. This will keep the house edge as low as possible, another great reason for playing in online casinos.

In Summary

Suppose you’ve ever wondered about the comparison between real money online casinos and land-based casinos. In that case, you now see why online casinos are poised to dominate the US gambling market.

Now, the challenge becomes waiting for legal online gambling to become more widespread throughout the United States. For those currently enjoying legal online gambling, There are just a few more excellent benefits of online casinos.