Here’s How to Find a Great Blackjack Game

Two Dealt Blackjack Tables

When it comes to playing real money blackjack, all blackjack tables are not created equal. The standard rules for casino blackjack have shifted over the years.

There are several factors that drive the changes casinos make to the blackjack tables. Some of the changes are merely the casino looking to make up for revenue lost due to the rising costs of operating a casino.

The other important factor bringing about changes to casino blackjack games is the advantage gambler. Advantage gamblers use techniques like card counting to erase the house advantage and cement their ability to earn a profit playing blackjack.

Settling on the best blackjack game can prove challenging for players that don’t know what to look for at a table. Luckily, you have come to the right place.

Here’s how to find a great blackjack game. Following these guidelines will give you the best chance of leaving the casino a winner.

What Makes a Great Blackjack Game?

You must distinguish whether you’ll be playing online or in a land-based casino early in your planning phase. While the games are mainly played the same, there are some significant differences between the two.

Land-based casinos have a tremendous emphasis on security. This eye in the sky ensures that all guests remain safe and aren’t targeted by thieves while simultaneously helping the casino catch cheaters and spot advantage gamblers.

All of this costs the casino money, and it’s money that needs to be made back at the tables.

Online casinos place their emphasis on cybersecurity, ensuring that all games are on the level and personal data isn’t compromised. The cost is still substantial. But with less total overhead, online casinos generally have looser rules than land-based casino games.

Plus, online casinos have the luxury of being virtually immune to card counters; this means players will often experience better rules in online casinos.

Finding the suitable games at the casino you’re playing in can raise or lower the casinos by twofold. So, any time spent finding the best possible game will be well worth your investment.

Research the Casinos Before You Leave Home

The time to begin searching the casino for the best game is not when you arrive at the casino. The process of researching the best games should start before you ever leave your house or register an account with an online casino.

Start by logging on to the website and browse the casino for different games offered. Some critical factors like the number of decks and payout for naturals may be left out.

That’s nothing surprising, as casinos aren’t in any hurry to air all of their secrets publicly. However, this should give you a decent baseline of what to expect when you arrive at your destination.

I suggest following up on this step by looking at online reviews and gambling forums. It’s imperative that you take any individual reviews with a grain of salt.

Casino Blackjack

One sore loser or scorned lover could write a scathing online review that has little merit. However, by looking at the reviews as a whole, you should get a solid picture of how the blackjack games truly measure up to the others.

Online casinos are far more manageable because you can virtually tour the casino and check out any games from the comfort of your living room.

Start your quest for the best blackjack game before you spend the time traveling to the casino. Most of us are very limited on time, so you need to make the most of it.

Table Rules Are Paramount

The table rules will have a tremendous impact on your blackjack experience. You’ll need to find a game with rules that allow the player to slide the house edge as low as possible.

You may be sitting there with no idea what to look for or where to start. So, let’s cover some of the easy ones to get you started.

The most significant factor to consider is how the game plays for a natural blackjack. The casino standard for blackjack is a payout of 3:2. For example, if you’re playing for $100 per hand, a blackjack pays you $150 in addition to your original wager.

Most casinos still have a majority of tables that pay 3:2. Unfortunately, many games have begun to pay a much worse 6:5 for a natural.

That means players betting $100 per hand only receive $120 for a blackjack. This disparity launches the casino’s advantage to nearly double.

Most players fail to pay attention to this slight difference that can significantly impact your session.

Other rules that benefit the player are:

  • Doubling down on any two cards
  • Splitting any pair
  • Doubling down after a split
  • Dealer stands on any 17
  • Surrender allowed

There are many others, but knowing these will put you miles ahead of most of your fellow blackjack players, and our ultimate blackjack strategy guide will help with that.

Find the Right Dealer

Looking for the correct dealers is key to finding an excellent blackjack game. The dealer is steering the ship when it comes to blackjack, and any boat is only as good as its captain.

If you have a sloppy dealer that appears unkempt, then there’s a good chance the game will be messy and a total wreck.

Find a dealer that’s more concerned about other distractions, and the game will feel undisciplined and a bit amateurish. Land on a table with a grumpy dealer that treats you like an inconvenience.

Casino Dealer at Blackjack Table, Blackjack Cards Spread Out, Icon of White Playing Cards

However, find yourself a squared-away dealer that at least appears to enjoy what they’re doing, and you’re on the right track.

The proper dealer can add a ton of enjoyment to your total blackjack experience. A smooth game will allow you to fall into a rhythm.

That can be just as fundamentally appeasing to the casual blackjack player as it is to the card counter.

Scope Out the Players

It stands to reason that the other players will have a considerable impact on the blackjack game—not in the way many players believe, though.

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m referring to, good. That means you’re not in the habit of blaming other players for your poor decision-making or pure bad luck.

It’s important to scope out the players and get a feel for the table vibe. It can be exhausting playing at a table full of newbies when you’re looking to have a severe session at the blackjack table.

You can also feel like a fish out of water if you’re there to relax with a few cocktails and the table is as somber as a funeral. It can suck the fun right out of the game.

Try finding a table with players that you’d sit down next to in the bar or by the pool. Being surrounded by fellow like-minded gamblers can make the entire process more enjoyable.

How Table Location Plays a Role

Where you decide to take a seat in the casino is as important of a factor as who you’re seated with at live dealer blackjack games.

Some tables situated in high traffic areas are prone to the constant up and down from players taking a seat to play a quick hand before moving on to other games.

You’ll also catch the frustrated gamblers that are taking one last angered swing at the casino before heading out the door. The latter may be frustrating for players with the wrong temperament.

Two People Sitting at Blackjack Table Grabbing Casino Chips

Either way, the constant up and down will have the unappealing effect of slowing down the game. Players on a time crunch may grow weary of the slow-paced action and begin raising their average bet amount to offset the fewer total hands being played.

Take the blackjack tables location into account on your hunt for a great blackjack game.

Pick the Best Game and Win More Often

The entire purpose of finding the perfect blackjack game is futile because the ideal game doesn’t exist. Still, locating the best game possible will have the two most significant rewards you could hope for in the casino.

Primarily, you’ll have the most fun possible and get the maximum entertainment for your money. Next, you’ll give yourself the best chances to win.

Okay, those may be out of order for many of you, but you’re seeing the picture. Too often, players stroll into the casino without any prior investigation and blindly sit at the first table they come across.

This aloofness may be costing you real money in the long run. Instead, focus on every aspect of your blackjack gaming to receive the best returns.

In Summary

So, that’s how to find a great blackjack game. I know this can be a lot to process for newer casino gamblers, but you should practice progress, not perfection.

Putting the time in before you get to the casino can make the process far less stressful and save valuable time on the casino floor.

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