Here Are the 8 Coolest Things to Do Near the St. Louis Casinos

Attractions Near the St. Louis Casinos

The St. Louis Casinos are some of the state of Missouri’s best and odds are, you’re in for a full getaway when you visit them. But if you’re in The Lou, you will probably look to tour the area as opposed to staying at the resort.

Today’s post will cover some of the coolest things to do near the St. Louis Casinos when you’re looking to break from the action, or if you’d just like to take a day to go exploring.

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1 – Missouri Botanical Garden

Head over to 4344 Shaw Boulevard in St. Louis and you will treat the eyes to a masterpiece that is the Missouri Botanical Garden. Founded by Harry Shaw, you can trace the garden’s roots to 1859 and since then, it has served as a primary attraction in the city of St. Louis.

Beyond its breathtaking horticultural display, the Missouri Botanical Garden holds National Historic Landmark status, and it’s also a prime spot to learn about conservation, agriculture, and natural science.

If you’re just vacationing in the region, odds are you’re here for horticulture, given its routine consideration as one of the top three displays in the world across 79 acres of land.

Even during inclement weather, it’s a good idea to visit the Botanical Garden since it also contains indoor conservatories. And for an even greater display, don’t forget to check out the International Gardens right on the property.

2 – St. Louis Zoo

You will find the St. Louis Zoo at 1 Government Drive in St. Louis. This zoo is one of the nation’s largest, featuring over 6,600 animals and 15 exhibits. And if you’re looking for a solid family-friendly outing, the St. Louis Zoo is a prime place, along with the Botanical Gardens listed above.

A recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2021 Traveler’s Choice Award, you will also stumble across many interactive exhibits. For example, the Stingray Exhibit allows you to get up close with the zoo’s rays and even feed them after a demonstration.

St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis Missouri

Some will say that the zoo is low on animals compared to others. But what completes this place is its entertainment setting. You will find a train at the site, plus a shark petting exhibit, 4D movies, and even Dinosaur Land, which the youngest in your travel group will probably love.

It’s also free admission (unless you count the $15 parking cost) but if you’re looking for the Adventure Pass, you will pay a little more. However, reviewers highly recommend the adventure pass and they say it’s more than worth paying for. Again, it’s good to consider when you have kids traveling with you.

3 – City Museum

Over at 750 N. 16th Street in St. Louis, you will find the City Museum. But don’t fret on the name, as they tell you upfront. it’s not like those quiet museums full of white, brick walls that contain exhibits every 15 yards. Think of this one as an eclectic small town museum situated in the middle of a big city.

Once again, it’s a great place for the kids given the museum’s energetic vibe. So, go ahead and let them climb around and explore. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, they’re more than cool with you climbing around too and unleashing your inner child.

However, they warn that if you scare easily, you should avoid the place. This is because they contain a full cave system within their four floors; sort of like secret passageways if you think about it. Plus, they have 30 gut-wrenching slides, clown exhibits, climbing space, an art area, and more.

And if you’d just like the youngest in your travel group to get in on the fun, you can go to the cabin and immerse yourself in your favorite adult beverage while you wait. And who knows? Maybe they’ll have those St. Louis Cardinals or Blues on the big-screen? Or the Rams, since many in St.L still follow them.

4 – The Gateway Arch

What, did you think we forgot about arguably St. Louis’ most popular attraction?

When you think about St. Louis, the Gateway Arch is the first thing that comes to most of our minds. Although some may think they’re only venturing to take a pic of the arch, there is much more to the Gateway to the West’s most prominent attraction.

From the arch’s history to the significance that it continues to hold here in the present day, the Gateway Arch has dozens of attractions within the attraction. If you’re looking for an overview, for example, take that tram ride to the top of the arch and look out below.

Gateway to the West St. Louis

They also have a museum on the site called the Museum at the Gateway, a documentary that will teach you about the arch’s construction and opening, the Arch Store, and when you’re looking to grab a bite, the Arch Cafe.

You can also take a riverboat cruise called the Riverboat(s) at the Gateway Arch. However, they stress you to buy tickets early because they often sell out fast.

If you’re looking to visit not just St. Louis’ but one of America’s most popular attractions, you will find the Gateway Arch at 11 N 4th Gateway Arch National Park.

5 – Grant’s Farm

Head over to 10501 Gravois Road in St. Louis and you will find a forested pasture full of animals that allow you to get up close and personal with them.

Hop onto the Tram Ride and take a ride through Deer Park, but sometimes, the resident bison will block the access ways so you’re getting a solid look at one of America’s most prominent animals.

And once again, if you have kids with you, they will love having the opportunity to feed some of the smaller animals at this attraction. Of course, it will cost a little to let them feed the animals, but it’s well worth the money.

Overall, reviewers have stated Grant’s Farm has just enough attractions within the attraction to spend a good two to three hours. However, they don’t have so much to offer that you would need to make a return trip, which makes Grant Farm one of the area’s ideal vacation destinations.

6 – St. Louis Art Museum

You will find the St. Louis Art Museum at 1 Fine Arts Dr., quite an easy-to-remember address, right?

Anyway, the art enthusiasts in your travel group will love you when you venture out here. But so will the nature enthusiasts, given its location within the scenic Forest Park.

And this art museum also teaches a phenomenal history lesson given the five millennia that their collection spans. Given the fact America is almost 250 years old, you’re getting borderline prehistoric works of arts, crafts, and artifacts in this popular outlet.

St. Louis Art Museum in St Louis Missouri

Also, the collection expands across 6 continents, so everywhere except for Antarctica. That said, you’re getting more than a history lesson; you’re also getting a diverse collection of cultures from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North, and South America, and all the islands in between.

7 – Busch Stadium

Since you will find the St. Louis Casinos in a large city, today’s post will highlight an MLB stadium as opposed to the usual minor league stadiums. And since the St. Louis Cardinals are arguably one of the MLB’s most popular teams, it’s a must to visit a Cardinals game.

Not only will you have a blast if you love baseball; the stadium’s classic architecture and city skyline are also reasons to get excited. Whether the Cardinals are playing against your favorite MLB team or someone else, coming out to enjoy the game or the city skyline from the outfield is rewarding within itself.

If you’re looking to catch the game, head over to 700 Clark Avenue in St. Louis between the months of April and October.

8 – Forest Park

Forest Park is arguably the most scenic experience in St. Louis. And the second you step inside the park, you can see why it once hosted a World Fair. It’s America’s second-largest urban park and some may even consider Forest Park to be even more popular than the Gateway Arch itself.

Forest Park in St Louis Missouri

The only real downside per reviewers on TripAdvisor is the park’s tendency to draw major crowds, providing it difficult for some to find personal space throughout the park along with finding parking. So, if you’re here during a clear day or a non-holiday, prepare for some crowds.

However, reviewers have also said if you venture over during a not-so-clear day or holiday, you will see predictably sparser crowds.

But if you’re looking to get out in the sun and check out the attractions within this attraction regardless of the crowd size, come over to Concourse Drive in St. Louis.

In Summary

Overall, you’re going to have a good time in St. Louis, and the above cool things to do near the St. Louis Casinos provide only a snippet of all there is to do in the area. St. Louis is so big that you can easily add another dozen cool attractions to visit or things to do, so use today’s post as a starting point.

Have you visited the St. Louis Casinos? How about any casinos in Missouri? If so, did you visit any of the above attractions? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We are looking forward to reading your stories.