Here Are Quick Ways to up Your Gambling Bankroll

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In many ways, your gambling bankroll is like the gas tank in your car. If you keep it full, you’re free to enjoy endless amounts of fun and adventure.

However, let it get to empty, and you’re suddenly stranded. Except in gambling, there’s no AAA to call for assistance.

Here are five quick ways to up your gambling bankroll and avoid being stranded high and dry.

Why Your Casino Bankroll Is Vital

Far too many gamblers pay little to no attention to their casino gambling bankroll until it’s gone.

Remember that your casino gambling bankroll is money you have specifically set aside for gambling. You should never use money that’s needed for bills or living expenses on gambling.

By growing a bankroll properly, you’ll treat it with the necessary amount of attention and respect to grow a successful bankroll.

After all, the larger the bankroll you have will dictate two key factors for all casino gamblers.

The first being how much time you’re able to spend gambling. Everyone wants to spend as much time as possible at the slot machines or blackjack tables.

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The more you’ve stashed away in your bankroll, the longer you can have your fun on the casino floor.

Secondly, and of paramount importance to most gamblers, it determines how much you can theoretically win.

It would be best if you only were betting about 1% of your bankroll on any wager. So, if you have $500 in your casino gambling bankroll, you shouldn’t be playing for more than $5 per bet.

Yet, if you have a $2000 bankroll, you can suddenly bet $20 per hand. It’s clear to see that you’re far more likely to make any significant gains by betting $20 per hand, opposed to $5.

So. now that we’re in agreement that having a healthy casino bankroll is not only advantageous, it’s vital. Let’s look at how you can quickly up your gambling bankroll.

Create a Gambling Routine

I’ve found that one of the quickest ways to up my gambling bankroll is by creating a strict routine. You need to establish your own routine and remain disciplined enough to follow it thoroughly.

That probably looks slightly different for everybody, but I’ll give you a few suggestions on where to start. Obviously, factors like how much you make and when you’re paid will greatly impact how you approach this.

Let’s assume that you’re paid every two weeks. The optimum routine here would be to add a specific percentage or dollar amount of your income to your gambling bankroll every two weeks. It’s important here to set an amount that fits comfortably into your budget. You don’t want to skip multiple contributions because you have bills to pay. Of course, your bills and living expenses should always take priority. My point is that you need to decide on a contribution that you can easily manage.

Sometimes it’s easy to skip one week because you want to see a concert and then two months later your bankroll hasn’t grown a penny.

Gambling discipline is a vital characteristic of upping your gambling bankroll. You’ll be much better off by making a solid plan to contribute once a month if you’re more likely to stick to your plan.

How much you make has a large impact on your bankroll because it largely determines how much you can add to the pot each month. Expenses are another key metric in determining the size of your contribution.

If you’re clearing $8,000 per month and you’re spending $7,990, you’ve got a long road ahead. Eventually, the $10 each month will add up, but it’ll take some time.

Conversely, if you make $4,000 per month and only have $2,200 going out, you’re in a prime position to build an impressive bankroll.

Most importantly, try to create a sustainable routine, and you’ll quickly watch your gambling bankroll grow exponentially.

Have a Casino Plan

Having a plan for your gambling bankroll is among the most commonly overlooked aspects of quickly upping your bankroll.

Having a well thought out plan for how you’ll use your bankroll doesn’t ring alarm bells for most gamblers. This is probably because they are focused on the simple act of piling as much cash as they can into it.

However, knowing how to manage a gambling bankroll properly is every bit as important as just throwing money at it.

Are you gambling purely out of entertainment? Are you looking to try your hand at serious sports betting for profit? Do you want to be the next Daniel Negreanu? These are all important questions to answer.

If your focus is on saving up a large enough gambling bankroll to not worry about landing on “E” at the casino, you need to decide what that’s going to cost.

When planning a casino trip, you’ll need to budget for each day. Keep in mind that you’ll only want to wager 1-2% of your bankroll on each bet.

Look at your games RTP and the amount of time you’ll be spending on the casino floor each day. Armed with the games RTP, your bet size, and how long you’ll be playing, you can formulate a plan.

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Obviously, if you’re in the market to make a sustainable income, you’re planning will be much more involved.

I cringe every time I’m sitting at the tables and see a player quickly lose their entire stack of chips because of poor bankroll management.

Instead of spending hours playing at a table with a smaller minimum, they jump up and start playing for $25 per hand.

If you sit down and start playing blackjack for $25 per hand with a $200 bankroll, you’re probably going to be spending most of the day wishing you had found a $5 table.

Knowing what you are trying to do with your gambling bankroll will make it abundantly clear what you’re unable to do in the casino. Make a plan and stick to it; your bankroll will benefit tremendously.

Hone Your Craft

Getting better at your chosen discipline will fast track your gambling bankroll. It makes perfect sense that the better you play, the better off your bankroll will be.

Whether it’s poker, blackjack, or sports betting, honing your skill set is one of the best ways to increase your bankroll.

Poker players may choose to read books or watch videos on the best poker strategies. Blackjack players can practice using the basic strategy on every single hand. Sports bettors can pour over data and analytics, learning how to spot trends.

A great way to improve quickly is by playing online. There are dozens of options to play games online for free, and you can make a move to real money online casinos when your bankroll is ready.

There are obvious ways to get better at games like the ones above, but what about slots players or roulette fans. You can’t influence where the reels or the ball lands.

Yet, there are still significant ways to improve your gameplay. For starters, you can research the slot machines with the highest RTP.

Roulette players can research the best roulette strategies and even employ some variation of betting systems like the Martingale.

Regardless of your favorite game, if you put in the hours to improve, the results will speak for themself.

Be a Consistent Gambler

Consistency has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my gambling career. By wagering the same amount on each game or every hand, I eliminate the terrible loss.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a player make several bets within their bankroll’s parameters and then make one huge bet on a “sure thing” and cancel out any wins and then some. Don’t fall into gambling pitfalls such as chasing losses or getting greedy. Play the same percentage on every bet, every time.

Not only will you avoid any unnecessary stress, but your bankroll will show much better long term success.

Earn Extra Betting Income

Earning extra income is pretty obvious, right?

However, it’s easier to accomplish than you think.

I had a friend that was having a difficult time allocating funds for his gambling bankroll. He had a mortgage, car payments, college tuition, and other expenses each month.

He didn’t want to take a hiatus from his favorite pastime of sports betting. So, he had a garage sale to earn some funds.

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He did so well that he was able to gamble through the entire NFL season from his take.

You may not be positioned to earn a thousand dollars from a garage sale. Perhaps you get a second job working nights and weekends.

I’m not suggesting you get a second full-time job, but working 20-30 hours a week can take your gambling bankroll to the next level. It may not be for everyone, but it’s a quick way to increase your gambling bankroll.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these five quick ways to up your gambling bankroll. Remember that it doesn’t matter how much money you throw into your bankroll if you don’t take care of it.

However, with these five quick ways to up your gambling bankroll and proper bankroll management, you’ll be able to gamble to your heart’s content for years to come.