Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City Review

Hard Rock Hotel Sioux City

Officially known as Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City, Hard Rock Sioux City is one of many fine gems in the Sioux City, Iowa, region. A smaller casino, you’re looking at just 45,000 square feet of gaming space.

But if you’re looking for a fun night life full of events and an array of slot and table gaming, look no further. Sioux City itself is a fine place for a vacation and trust me, they have tons of fun attractions you can immerse yourself in.

But render your time in the area incomplete unless you came to the primary attraction in the region: Hard Rock Sioux City. And today’s post will cover everything about what you can expect when you venture to the casino.

Ready to go inside?

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What Are You Looking For

The casino comprises of slot machines, table games, and even a sportsbook. This gives you a solid variety of real money gaming options, and you can bet that you will find the latest and greatest games along with traditional casino classics.

Hard Rock Sioux City also has 3 restaurants to go with 3 bars. Whether it’s food, drinks, or both you’re looking for during your time at the casino, you don’t need to venture into Sioux City, Iowa, to find them. Everything is right at your disposal.

Their promotions and events are 2 of many reasons you see huge crowds here at the casino. Plus, if you become a member of Rock Star Rewards, or if you are already a member, brace yourself for exciting perks and benefits that you won’t find at many casinos.

Also, the nightlife is always thriving and if you need a place to crash after a fun event or night of partying, the hotel will have you covered. And don’t forget to explore Sioux City if you’re interested in discovering what lays beyond the casino.

Multitude of Casino Gaming Options

As mentioned in the overview, Hard Rock Sioux City has gaming options ranging from your favorite traditional and modern-day slot machines to table games.

They feature 850 of the finest slots in the area. And yes, they feature multiple denominations. So whether you’re a high roller or a casual player, Hard Rock Sioux City has it.

They also have real money video poker machines. This gives you a fantastic alternative to the live table gaming if the setting isn’t for you. So play at your own pace, learn the game, and practice your skill before heading to the tables.

Casino Table Games in Casino

But if you’re up for live table gaming action, head over to one of the 25 tables on the floor and get in on your favorite game. Featured games include Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Cajun Stud. You will also find Free Bet Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, and Texas Hold ‘em.

Choose your favorite table game or find a new game and see if you can become the next legend at the casino.

The Hard Rock Casino Sportsbook is live and if you’re looking to wager on your favorite sport, head on over and make the big game more interesting. Note that the State of Iowa does not accept credit card wagers, so make sure you have an alternative means of spending before you head over.

Bet on any sport that suits your tastes and don’t forget to download the app so you can start betting in an online setting.

Best Place to Wine and Dine

Looking for fine food and drink options?

Hard Rock Sioux City’s dining options include 3 dynamic restaurants and 3 bars.

Every restaurant in the casino includes an award-winning menu, so eat like a champion when you frequent the venues. They are the best in Sioux City, so if you’ve tried the rest, brace yourself for the best.

It starts with the World Tour Buffet. And you’re getting a true world tour here with foods featured from around the world. It’s a potluck you don’t want to miss out on. And for an affordable price, be sure to try it when you venture into the casino.

Main + Abbey brings a local atmosphere. This place is fantastic if you’re coming in from out of town. Indulge in local fare made from scratch, beverages, and more. It’s a fantastic place to frequent if you’re interested in learning more about the area.

And the Fuel American Grill features American-inspired fare. So if you’re looking for the finest burgers, sandwiches, salads, coffee, and lattes in the area, look no further than Fuel American Grill.

Each of the 3 bars at Hard Rock Sioux City are more than just your average outlets. Anthem features a vibrant atmosphere, and it’s a fantastic place to catch the big game or a concert featuring the hottest local bands around.

Alcohol Bottles on Bar Stand

Lobby Bar is the first place you’ll see upon entering Hard Rock. So if you’re looking for a place to warm up or unwind, Lobby Bar is where it’s at. Better yet, you’re looking at a three-story bar. How’s that for a night of fun after a day of gaming?

And if you’re looking for the perfect blend of cocktails to go along with gaming, head over to The Yards and you will find it. Sip your favorite cocktails while you indulge in your favorite games. The atmosphere can’t get any better when you frequent The Yard.

Promotions and Events

Hard Rock Sioux City’s casino promotions are a thing regardless of when you come into the casino. They offer slot tournaments, cash giveaways, free gifts, plus table and sportsbook promotions on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis.

Whether it’s the middle of June or December, you will find fine promotions at Hard Rock Sioux City.

If you’re a member of Rock Star Rewards, you have even more reason to head into the casino to play your favorite games and take full advantage of the casino promos.

What is Rock Star Rewards?

The perfect loyalty program that allows you to earn points for the time and effort you put into your favorite casino games. Whether you love the slots or if you’re spending money at the retail outlets, sign up for Rock Star Rewards for free and start earning points the next time you head into Hard Rock Sioux City.

The Tier Earning Period lasts from January 1st to December 31st. Once the new Calendar Year begins, your tier points will revert to zero. Start off as a Rock Star Member. And once you earn enough Tier Points, work your way toward the Hall of Fame, Legend, and Double Platinum Member.

The more you play, the better the perks and benefits you will earn through your Tier Points that include food credit, free slot play, and more. The higher your tier, the closer you are to earn even more illustrious benefits that may even include your own personal casino host.

Not bad for playing your favorite games at the casino, right?

And if you’re looking to enhance the nightlife, check the event calendar at Hard Rock Sioux City and see who’s frequenting the area when you make your next trip. Events take place at Anthem, and they’re a great way to kick off a night of partying.

Accommodations and Nearby Attractions

Hard Rock Sioux City’s hotel offers rooms and suites that will fit your budget and level of comfort. These award-winning rooms and suites have been recognized by  AAA, TripAdvisor, and even Hotels.com.

These rooms are so modern and luxurious that the second you check in, you will have a tough time leaving. They literally look like the top floor of someone’s mansion, and you have to see them for yourself to believe the high-class treatment.

And if you’re looking to explore Sioux City from Hard Rock, the area boasts several attractions. You will find several museums and memorials downtown or throughout the city, itself.

Hard Rock Sioux City has also partnered with several downtown partners that include churches, government listings, parks, arts and entertainment centers, and so much more. Professional services, spa and beauty, health organizations, the list goes on.

And other fine attractions in the area include the Tyson Events Center and the Orpheum Theatre. So if the entertainment isn’t doing it for you at Hard Rock Sioux City, you have plenty of options from which to choose in the area.

Summarizing Our Thoughts on Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock Sioux City is one of the finest primary attractions in the Sioux City, Iowa, area. It boasts a smaller casino floor with 850 slot machines and 25 tables. But it’s small size still means you’re getting your favorite games when you venture out here.

They’re known for their restaurants, accommodations, and nightlife. So if you want fine entertainment for the evening, you know where to find it. Plus, they have partnered with many awesome places downtown, so be sure to ask them about their downtown partners when you venture to the casino.

The party starts the second you enter Lobby Bar, and it’s so full that you will never want to leave.

Have you been to Hard Rock Sioux City? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to hearing your tales.