Habits and Character Traits That Can Lead to Disaster at Casinos

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Some people simply aren’t born to be gamblers. But, that doesn’t stop certain people who have no business stepping inside a casino from trying.

When it comes to gambling, a person must possess certain character traits and practice particular habits. A successful gambler is typically emotionally balanced, good with money, and quick to exercise self-control when it’s necessary.

Gamblers who can do so typically position themselves for long, enjoyable, and even profitable gambling careers.

On the other hand, those who aren’t capable of behaving responsibly typically fare poorly at casinos. Certain personality traits and bad habits are more detrimental than others.

But, if you’re concerned that aspects of your personality will interfere when gambling for real money, it’s better to know before you head to the casino. Here are seven gambling habits and personality traits that can result in disastrous experiences.

Complete Lack of Self Control

Above all else, a gambler must be able to practice self-control. In fact, almost everything that makes up a decent gambler falls under the umbrella of self-control.

Those who lack discipline or accountability often struggle while gambling. That’s because casinos are essentially designed to profit off of poor gambling habits and excessive, ill-advised spending.

Casinos can be a wonderful and inviting form of entertainment for some, but cruel and unforgiving to others.

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Unless you’re a professional gambler, your primary goal at a casino should be to have fun gambling. Winning money is nice, but the success of your gambling trip shouldn’t necessarily depend on the amount of money you won.

Disciplined, yet less experienced gamblers typically come to this realization on their own. They realize that once a preset amount of money is gone, or they had one too many drinks it’s time to wrap up the trip.

Conversely, those who aren’t disciplined or responsible can easily dig themselves into a hole. Once again, casinos aren’t non-profits; they will annihilate irresponsible gamblers and punish bad habits.

Inability to Admit Defeat

In most cases, a never-say-die attitude is worthy of praise. Life often calls for people to rise above their failures, learn from them, and persevere.

That’s not always the case when it comes to casinos.

To be clear, gambling mistakes will occur and you must learn from them instead of being deterred. However, when it comes to addressing gambling defeats, there are intelligent methods, and those that are completely inadvisable.

At some point in a gambling career, there’s a very good chance one will run out of funds in a casino. Once all the chips are gone, or the slot machine alerts you to a lack of credit, there’s a decision to be made about when to stop gambling.

Some will take this as a clear sign that a particular adventure has run its course. Others might take it as a challenge and attempt to win it all back.

If you fall into the second category, there are a few things you should remember if you’re ever facing a scenario similar to the one described above.

  • It’s nothing personal: most gamblers lose money
  • The house always wins
  • You’re more than likely not in the best state of mind
  • You can always try to win your money back next time

Reckless Spending Habits

People who aren’t capable of making responsible financial decisions will likely struggle to win money at casinos.

Whether they are winning or losing truly doesn’t matter. Financial incompetence is often caused by a person’s inability to value money and weigh the implications of spending habits.

Someone who understands the value of a dollar will approach gambling differently.

Say they start out with $100, go on a heater, and double their money. Frugal gamblers will likely feel content with a 100% return on their investment and stop while they’re ahead.

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A more aggressive, yet somewhat responsible gambler might lose their winnings but stop once they’re back to even. Obviously, that’s a disappointing result, but by no means is it catastrophic.

Gamblers who lack any sort of money management skills will often ignore the fact that they are back to even. Instead, they will often chase losses and try to reverse their fortunes.

As you might know, chasing losses isn’t an effective gambling strategy. More often than not, an irresponsible gambler will lose both their winnings and their initial investment.

Struggling to Handle Alcohol Responsibly

It might not always be the case, but some undisciplined gamblers tend to overindulge in the free alcohol casinos provide. As I said in the introduction, most bad habits and character defects are a direct result of a lack of self-control.

Gamblers who lack self-control and an ability to moderate their drinking habits are a casino’s best friend.

To some, free alcohol is a nice amenity casinos offer to their paying customers. If you’re able to drink responsibly, free drinks shouldn’t be an issue for you.

However, irresponsible gambler’s bad habits can easily be amplified when drinking in a casino. That’s especially true if the alcohol is free and readily available.

A Tendency to Escalate Sticky Situations

It’s safe to say that most gambling trips are pleasant experiences. But, sometimes things can get out of hand and turn a fun evening into a disaster.

These disturbances and unfortunate situations are often caused by a number of factors:

  • Someone losing a tremendous amount of money
  • Gamblers who are aggressive, inebriated, or sometimes both
  • Gambling near someone who is combative and demeaning to other gamblers
  • Encountering a person who is disrespectful to casino employees

Most of these situations have one thing in common: a single gambler who ruins everyone’s good time.

These gamblers might be few and far between, but they are present in casinos all across the United States. Gambling is tense, competitive, and unpredictable.

Gamblers who aren’t able to handle adversity well are often problematic and disruptive. Running into one inside a casino is essentially inevitable.

If you’re unable to de-escalate situations, and prefer to fight fire with fire, it’s only a matter of time until drama finds you.

Struggling to Take Responsibility for Actions

Losing money is an unfortunate, but likely outcome for gamblers.

It’s always possible to win money, but inexperienced or unskilled gamblers will struggle. That is, until they learn how to gamble effectively and confidently.

Still, gamblers are almost always going to be at a slight disadvantage. The sooner you acknowledge and accept that the better off you’ll be.

Gamblers should know the risks that come with gambling before they sit down at a table. More importantly: losses should be taken in stride and handled with dignity.

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Unfortunately, some gamblers don’t know how to handle losing at a casino. Instead, they deflect blame to other players and even card dealers.

Before you start gambling it’s important to always keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, casino games are not rigged. Second, most dealers don’t enjoy watching people lose money because more wins result in more tips.

Finally, virtually every significant loss is your fault: it’s called gambling, not winning, for a reason.

Any Type of Addictive Personalities

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that millions of people deal with daily.

If you have an addictive personality, you might find that gambling is indeed, addicting. The thrill of victory is a high that many gambling addicts chase at any cost.

No matter how much money they have lost, in their mind, the next hand can get them back on the right track. To make matters worse, casinos make it very easy to get sucked into the gambling experience.

Many gamblers struggle to pull themselves away from tables. In the most unfortunate cases: some gamblers stay around until the casino has taken every last penny.

For those who fear becoming addicted to gambling, there are some things you can take care of before you gamble. Make sure to bring cash instead of credit cards, and try to set a strict spending limit.

Recognize Bad Gambling Habits and Traits

Some character traits are better suited for casinos than others.

Responsible spending habits, self-discipline, moderation, and even a touch of humility will suit any gambler well. While it’s possible to overcome some long-standing bad habits, irresponsible gamblers are often at a disadvantage when gambling.

It’s important to practice smart gambling habits and always bet responsibly.

Casinos are truly a fantastic environment for anyone who loves to gamble. But, always remember that choices made inside a casino will follow you out the door once you’re done gambling.