Guide to Getting the Perfect Casino Selfie

Gamblers Taking a Selfie at a Poker Table

Selfies let you capture yourself and companions in the perfect moment. For example, you may be visiting Niagara Falls and want to get a picture of yourself with the raging waters behind you.

Casinos offer interesting selfie opportunities as well. You might feel like getting a pic of yourself alongside a big slots win, or just take a cool picture somewhere amidst the action.

The problem, though, is that not all casinos like you snapping pics in their establishments. In fact, some downright ban the practice.

Luckily, you can still take fun selfies inside of casinos. You just need to know the rules and tips for doing so.

What’s the General Rule on Casino Selfies?

For decades, land based casinos had a common policy on taking pictures: don’t do it!

Of course, snapping pics inside of a casino isn’t illegal by law. But gambling establishments want their clientele to feel welcome and comfortable. Therefore, they don’t normally allow any practices that would violate customers’ privacy.

Of course, gaming isn’t the huge taboo that it once was. Most states and countries feature multiple casinos. As a result, some people aren’t as terrified of being photographed in gambling venues.

A growing number of casinos have relaxed their position on pictures inside of their establishments. The average casino still doesn’t want you snapping photos, but more and more are loosening restrictions on this matter.

Of course, you should always ensure that you’re allowed to take pictures before automatically assuming that you can do so.

If you do snap pics when you’re not supposed to, the casino will ask you to stop. By ignoring their request, you risk being thrown out on the next warning.

What Happens If You Violate the Rules on Pictures?

You might think that it’s unfair when casinos don’t allow you to take fun pictures. If so, though, you also need to realize that these are private businesses that can make their own rules within reason.

Casinos exercise their rights to throw out advantage gamblers, such as card counters and hole carders. They can extend these rights to deny gamblers the chance to take pictures as well.

Again, an employee will ask you to quit snapping pics if that’s their casino’s policy. You simply need to stop and abide by their rules if you want to remain inside.

As for the gambling establishments that do allow selfies, they typically only have two rules on the matter:

  • Don’t disrupt any other gamblers or cause distractions.
  • Take photos within a designated area.

The latter refers to how many casinos section off specific areas where you can get pictures. They usually feature posted signs indicating that you’re allowed to take a photo in that section.

As long as you’re within the provided area, you won’t be violating any rules when getting pictures. The casino may even provide certain props that make for great backgrounds in your photos.

Tips to Making Sure that You Take Approved Casino Selfies

The key to getting great gambling selfies is that you do so within the given establishment’s rules. Here are some tips to ensure that you stay within the guidelines when capturing the moment.

Know Which Casinos Allow Pictures

The archaic policy regarding casino photos is that you shouldn’t take them. After all, you could accidentally, or purposely, violate somebody else’s privacy.

Fortunately, many gaming establishments have lightened up in this regard. But you should still make sure that you’re only getting pictures in casinos that allow them.

Some venues even encourage you to snap and share selfies. They want you sharing and tagging these moments on social media so that you bring them free publicity.

The STRAT in Las Vegas, for example, plasters #STRATselfie and @STRATvegas on gaming tables. They see allowing pictures at baccarat, blackjack, and craps tables as part of the experience.

People Playing on Slot Machines

Rampart Casino, located in suburban Vegas, also encourages selfies. Their only request is that those taking pics not interrupt any other guests.

Four Queens Resort in downtown Vegas is another advocate of pictures. They even feature a sign on the property that states: “Please feel free to take photos in the Four Queens. We want you to remember your visit.”

Certain other Sin City casinos don’t invite smartphone photography. Caesars properties, such as Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, and Linq, ban taking pictures near table games and slots.

MGM properties, including Aria, MGM Grand, and Bellagio, adopt the same policy. They nix selfies on the gaming floor to avoid annoying other gamblers.

Look for Designated Picture Zones

Some photo-friendly casinos don’t want you running around their gaming floor and taking pictures wherever you please. Instead, they want you to stay within confined areas.

They designate specific sections where photo opportunities are available. You want to find and look for these zones to abide by each casino’s rules.

Most gambling establishments post their picture policy in one or multiple locations on the floor. They may even provide backgrounds that are specifically designed for Instagram and Facebook-friendly photos.

For instance, Park MGM offers an ivy wall next to the gambling area. The wall features the hashtag #parkmgm and notes that this area is available just for pictures.

If You Don’t Know, Then Ask

You may have trouble locating a sign that explains a casino’s policy on pictures. After all, gambling venues don’t post this information on every wall and pillar.

Of course, you could go on a casino’s website and try to find information there. But even this route can be time-consuming and possibly turn up nothing.

The easiest way to handle this matter when you can’t locate a sign or website info is to ask a nearby employee. You simply need to inquire if you’re allowed to take pictures anywhere on the floor.

They’ll let you know whether there’s a designated area for this or if they don’t allow any photos. Either way, you can save yourself the headache of walking around looking for signs.

Don’t Make a Spectacle

Not even selfie-friendly casinos want you drawing a bunch of attention to your pics. They don’t, for example, want you putting your arm around a dealer who’s working.

Some establishments, like the STRAT, are more liberal about letting you take pictures at slot machines and tables. But every gambling venue draws the line when you distract other guests and employees.

Here are simple ways to ensure that you don’t bother others when getting social-ready photos:

  • Snap quick pictures and don’t go for multiple takes and poses.
  • Turn the flash off on your phone’s camera.
  • Look for empty tables and slots—or at least those that are sparsely populated.
  • Don’t bring professional-grade equipment, such as a tripod and lights—smartphones only.
  • Leave employees and unwilling strangers out of your pics.
  • Avoid capturing sensitive areas, such as the cage or security area (you could look like you’re casing the joint for a robbery).

Avoid Live Streaming Without Permission

You might see YouTubers sharing their real money slots experiences inside of casinos. However, these same YouTubers must get permission ahead of time before doing so.

Casinos don’t allow random customers to live stream play. Even establishments that invite selfies don’t generally allow live streaming.

Pictures are seen as less disruptive than a stream. After all, gamblers can quickly capture a memorable moment and move on.

Two Women Taking a Selfie Photo

Streams, on the other hand, have a greater potential to annoy or invade the privacy of other guests. Most people don’t appreciate being in somebody else’s video for any measurable amount of time.

Don’t Be Rude to Employees or Security

Assume, for a moment, that you do get in trouble for taking pics where you’re not supposed to and/or disrupting other players. In this case, an employee or security will greet you.

This situation isn’t the time to protest and claim that you have the right to snap pictures anywhere. Instead, you should be cordial while speaking with the employees.

They’ll most likely ask you to stop taking photos and that’ll be it. In such cases, you just need to comply and move on.

If security has seen you snapping unusual pictures, like anything dealing with the cage, they may ask you to delete them. Of course, they don’t possess any legal power to make you do so.

In such cases, you could simply state that your photos are for personal use. You also have the right to protest and leave the property (or be escorted out) under these circumstances.

Generally, though, you won’t have any heated confrontations with employees/security so long as you’re friendly and follow casino etiquette. You should avoid immediately getting hostile just because you’re asked not to take pictures.


Casinos offer exciting experiences that you may want to capture and share on social media. Luckily, you have more opportunities to do this than ever before.

Many gambling venues realize that allowing pictures is to their benefit. Therefore, certain casinos now allow selfies in designated areas or even throughout the gaming floor.

You should always check beforehand, though, to ensure that selfies are allowed. Additionally, you want to see if there’s a designated area for doing so too.

Assuming a casino doesn’t permit pics anywhere in the gambling area, you can vote with your feet and go elsewhere. More gaming establishments are allowing selfies than ever before.